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高校デビュー 1 [Reading] ➾ 高校デビュー 1 Author Kazune Kawahara – When Haruna Nagashima was in junior high her life consisted of playing softball and reading comics But now that she's going to high school Haruna decides to put all of her energy towards getting a boy When Haruna Nagashima was in junior high her life consisted of playing softball and reading comics But now that she's going to high school Haruna decides to put all of her energy towards getting a boyfriend and having the high school romance of a lifetime To help in her uest she enlists cute upperclassman Yoh Komiyama to coach her as she eschews her jock tendencies and turns herself into the kind of girl who can catch a guy Yoh agrees with one catch Haruna had better not fall for him.

About the Author: Kazune Kawahara

河原和音• Birth Date March th • Blood Type A• Zodiac PiscesKazune Kawahara made her manga debut at age with Kare no Ichiban Sukina Hito His Most Favorite Person Also while thinking of her manga she often spaces out and brings grocery baskets home Adores her nieces.

10 thoughts on “高校デビュー 1

  1. Ju Ju says:

    Probably one of my favorite shoujo mangas out there All the characters are lovable despite their many flaws particularly the main crazy duo Haruna who is just a ball of sunshine and Yoh the most adorable easily embarrassed kitten that can morph into a sexy mysterious man in like 2 pages He's really multifaceted and that's pretty rare in shoujo love interestsThe story had moments that broke my heart and moments that made me laugh out loud I'd say the plot has enough twists to keep you reading late into the night although it does take a while to become its own uniue story Recommended to anyone who hasn't read uite a lot of shoujo manga and wants to read something relatively short

  2. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    Haruna Nagashima was a softball player and comic reader in middle school not the recipe for popularity with guys she figures New to high school she has set out on a uest to get a boyfriend But she needs to be feminine and way cooler obviously She tries a number of silly makeovers that fail—she’s Clueless so she enlists the help of a boyfriend coach upperclassman Yoh who will help her as long as she doesn’t fall in love with HIM He’s had enough with love been hurt before and so on But they are a cute duo in this uest Thanks Rod for the rec of one of his fave shoujo mangas

  3. Michelle. D. Michelle. D. says:

    I am writing about the overall series I finsihed reading the entire series on January 7 2011The overal series was pretty great I gave it a 4 star rating Let's talk about some things nowI Love Yoh I just love him He is so adorable Andd I hate that I have to say that But I can't help myself he is SO ADORABLE ANd cool and awesome and hotlol and all those other wors to descibe him I love his personality and I love how he is easily embarrassed He is just so ADORABLE I want him And for all of you who think this is creepywhich it kinda is I tend to fall for awesome fictional male characters I LOVE YOH And you would too if you ever read the mangaHaruna In the beginning of the manga I thought she was realy really stupid REALLY STUPID And then later on I thought she was realy really annoying and too much of a perfectionist In the end I ended up liking her Maybe not in the ending because I didn't know my feelings for her in the end She kinda made me have this weird angry nice weird awkward vibe towards her Her character is really thought out though But overall she's all rightIn the beginning of the book I thought the whole concept was really kinda dumb I mean a love coach That's just kinda ridiculous and desperate which Haruna was but pathetic Though that whole concept fades later n it was just really ridiculous Ri dic u lous RidiculousTHere are many parts that made me laugh or gag when I was reading this manga Let's look back in my brain and take a moment to laugh at them HAHAHAHHA LOL LAWLS OMG OMG HUH FUNNY AHHHAHAHHA LMAOAHHAHAHHhhohohohohohoho omg HILARIOUS Sigh Huh FunnyOverall the series was really great and funny and entertaining and sweet and sad and I recommend it to everyone I know and don't know Though the guys out there might now like itPS I really hate Assa I like Fumi I love Asaoka ♥♥♥

  4. Anya (~on a semi-hiatus~) Anya (~on a semi-hiatus~) says:

    Pre review thought Is it just me or does anyone else feel like a pedo for crushing on 17 year boys?

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    Charming makeover story a manga Clueless Kind of Until now Haruna has dedicated her life to softball Now in high school she has decided to dedicate her life to the pursuit of love But she's hopeless Not one single person will hit on her So she gets a coach the brooding popular Yoh As long as she doesn't fall for him he will coach her Typical manga plot here the brother sister type relationship that could become a boyfriend girlfriend relationship at any time a cozy way to look at boys though as platonic friends who can give clothing advice Feminist message too mocks the advice given from girls' magazines to pander to what girls think boys want The message is to be yourself Haruna is a fan of girls' comics Eventually can see that Haruna and Yoh will learn from each other Yoh is closed off afraid of love after being hurt Haruna is yearning to experience it for the first time Great characters fun story A girls' romance comic with a self referential self mocking twist And no sketchy panty shots in this volume Stylish illustrations nice layouts heighten drama and Haruna's emotions

  6. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    An excellent manga plenty of humor heartfelt dialogue and overall a highly recommended title

  7. Mir Mir says:

    High school or how wanting to be cute and liked by boys and fit into gender norms can transform a happy confident athletic girl into a depressed insecure one who is still badly dressed and doesn't have a boyfriendYoh is kind of a sucky makeover coach actually I wish I thought that was the point I'm sure he'll end up with the girl although Fumi seems much nicer

  8. Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer says:

    I loved this volume because of Yoh than Haruna The art really made the difference especially how Yoh is drawn so full of character Love all his expressions Also how his character used so much dialogue it defined his character to me His friends were really great and helped define Yoh even he's critical so would make a good coach Really though its all about the words he used We do get a hint about his back story Basically a stellar scene is words coming out of Yoh's mouthHaruna's problem is cute now in high school she wants to leave behind her sporty roots and find a boyfriend I liked the premise she's a go getter that pursues a way to learn to be approachableThis is setup well slowly building up and nothing too rushed with plenty of road blocks I'm not bonded to Haruna except that she's developing a relationship with Yohand this smacks as a big problem for me I'm assuming the point is to put yourself in her place hence the lack of specificity in her character but I prefer to at least like her reactions to others and feel she's just a vehicle to experience the plot BOTTOM LINE I didn't really think about it that deeply Perfect dialogue

  9. Mizujin Mizujin says:

    This book got me curious after making my seemingly uninterested friend who happens to devour books of all sorts classics academic essays theories etc shout I WANT A BOYFRIEND after finishing the 13 volume manga of Kazune KawaharaI was uite surprised that the the main characters became a couple only after a few volumes in the manga Since the synopsis tells us that there is an actual love coaching happening between the clueless girl and the surprisingly fabulous on love serious guy I thought the coaching literally would stretch until the middle of the manga revolving around this concept I guess a follow up reading after Kimi ni Todoke I was expecting a push and pull battle of emotions and plots for this title as well Nonetheless I realized that the coaching was actually laid out throughout the whole series uite subtle though At first it was literally coaching Haruna how to be attractive to guys and how to act around guys courtesy of Yoh of course As they became a couple eventually it became clearer that it was Yoh whom was picking up lessons from Haruna's passionate and pure love for him Though having experience in relationships Yoh learned how to properly and sincerely love the person he is in a relationship with Dating a girl whose idea of love were purely based on shojo manga magazine write ups and baseball strategies it's comedy but logical caused him to be expressive of his own intentions and feelings; to act according to how he feels like to get her to understand his own affection to herAs Yoh acknowledged by the end of the series that he might have been interested in Haruna from the very beginning she boldly asked Yoh to be her love coach Yoh who seemed cold to everyone on first impression had a dramatic turn of character He was communicating better to friends family and even strangers Haruna saw through him as he did her from the start Overall I think it is Yoh who was the most rounded of all the characters involvedI simply love Haruna for being the innocent girl she is I admire her I'll do my best attitude because she brings the phrase fully to life She's a typical shojo character that cries a lot Though I can relate to her the most when it comes to fantasies of ideal first loves LOL If there is one side character I want to highlight as well is Yui Asuoka He's a sensitive and witty guy He has a mischievous streak as well He constantly pokes fun at Yoh since he can read the boy's actions so well He tricked Haruna several times and joked around that he was interested in her; constantly dropping hints of choosing him over Yoh if ever they decided to break up Constantly dropping hints only as it was clear as day for him that Yoh and Haruna was too deep into each other to notice anybody else outside their love bubble When one is in this position of Asuoka who actually likes Haruna but has to hide it for his best friend's happiness a rather effective way of saving one's self from heartache is to deny; deny the fact that you feel that way towards that person Make it a joke to them and convince yourself that it is a joke for you too Defense mechanism I guess that in all characters he is one of the most mysterious I'd give it to Takahashi Mami Haruna's best friend for actually pointing this denying attitude of Asaoka for us Speaking of Mami I'd love to have Asaoke and her to be together since they match each other so well Both characters are smart beautiful sensitive and dedicated friends Though they both seem perfect already and doesn't seem to have the dynamics aside from compatibility for a fun romantic story I'm curious about that open ended angle in chapter 46? when Mami seemed so show interest towards Asaoka And so finally this is uite a long review I thought 52 chapters was actually uite short for Koukou Debut uite short because I wanted fluff from Haruna and Yoh They are such a lovely couple seriously They have the common happy story of a high school sweetheart but then it made me realize why we constantly long for this kind of memory from the past at any given point in our life despite the commonness We long for it because it's beautiful in every way I love the fact that by the end of the series when Yoh graduated from high school and was to separate from Haruna and everyone to pursue college in Tokyo it made me feel nostalgic as well of the past 51 chapters of happiness and craziness of their lives As if I was really part of Haruna and Yoh's group of friends experiencing the same love and bitter memories of the last three years of high school life Though the very ending was surprisingly unromantic I'm happy they retained just the right amount of romance and comedy throughout the beginning until the end of the series

  10. Konna Konna says:

    Read full review at I had watched the film the summary of the manga was known to me So when I started reading it I knew what was going to happen or less and some part of me was afraid that it would be just like so many other romantic manga out there But then the fun part begun The story I knew concluded in the third volume Now if you've read manga with many volumes like this one you know that it can take a really long time for the feelings of the protagonists to finally get to one another And here in this one not only they confess to each other they also decide to go out In the third volume And there are still ten volumes to go This fact alone picked my interestAs it turns out if someone asked me about the story of High School Debut I would probably give a different answer from the given summary Ok this is the starting point but this manga has so much Haruna and Yoh do go out but we watch them struggle to make this relationship work There is jealousy there is fighting there are expectations to be met One of my favourite parts is when Haruna tries to plan the perfect date for Christmas and it all goes wrong It's not romantic at all although they do have funBoth of the protagonists in High School Debut are likeable enough I mean Haruna is always trying her best sometimes maybe too hard and she always tries to meet every obstacle with a smile but she is also hopeless She believes everything she reads in women's magazines even though the bits of advice they give don't suit her She could just be herself maybe with a different wardrobe She should embrace the fact that she is athletic and very good at softball Yoh on the other hand plays it cool most of the time He pretends that he doesn't care but he's actually very shy and gets embarrassed pretty easily Although sometimes I feel like he could show his affection to Haruna there are times when he makes up for it But my favourite character is Yoh's friend Yui You never really understand his deal His thoughts are a mystery and his actions are often confused as jokes He's not even sincere to himself about his own feelings But he does help the story to move forward and I would surely miss him if he weren't there All in all High School Debut was a fun read It made me laugh than once it pleasantly surprised me and I didn't realise when I finished thirteen volumes But I wouldn't say that it didn't have its flaws Sometimes it got a little cliche other times the characters were frustrating but my biggest problem was that the art style was somewhat generic I felt like I had seen the same design many times before so the characters weren't memorable to me I would recommend it to those who want to read a pleasant and uite funny romantic manga

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