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Anonymous File Sharing & Darknet - How to be a Ghost in the Machine BOOKS Anonymous File Sharing Darknet How To Be A Ghost In The Machine Author Lance Henderson Freeboooks.com Trust, But Verify That Has Been The Adage Online As Well As Off, But Do You Really Know How To Protect Yourself Against Identity Thieves, Government Snoops, And Other Misfits Nosing Into Your Online Affairs What You Do Online Is Your Business, And No One Else Does The Concept Of Encrypting Your Hard Drive, Using Truecrypt, Tor, Freenet, Drivecrypt And The Like Send Your Head Spinning In Confusion No Longer.This Book Makes It Ridiculously Simple To Live A Life Free Of The Tracking Mechanisms Put In Place By Google, Facebook And Twitter, Along With A Host Of Other Sites That Care Nothing About Your Online Privacy Concerns In Fact, As Far As They Re Concerned, The Less Privacy You Have, The Higher Their Profitsat Your Expense Learn How To Keep Everyone, Even Corrupt Governments, Out Of Yourcomputer, Even If It Is Confiscated Learn When To Engage The Fifth Amendment To Protect YOUR Rights From Those That Wish To Turn Your Own Words Against You Discover Why Facebook Profits Exponentially When You Encourage Your Family And Friends To Sign Up And Tag Photos Learn Why Anonymous Systems Like Tor And Freenet Are The Antithesis Of Privacy Destroying Corporate Giants Like Facebook, Google LinkedIn Learn Why Google, Facebook Other Social Media Giants Will Lobby Against Anonymous Networks In The Coming Years Darknet What Is It And Why It Is A Threat To Facebook, Google And Other Ad Networks Who Stand To Lose Millions In Ad Revenue As And People Opt OutYou Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain By Teaching Yourself The Basics Start Now And Sleep At Night With Peace Of Mind Excerpt Freenet Vulnerabilities Unlike Most Other P2P Systems, It Actually Matters What You Say On Freenet Boards Like Tor, You Can Quite Easily Give Away Your Geographical Location If You Are Not Careful Geographical Spellings Like Colour And Labour Can Reveal That You Are Either In The UK Or Canada This Is Mostly A Problem Only In Conjunction With Other Leaks Of Personal Information, Such As A List Of Your Favorite Sports Team Or Local Restaurant Node Reference If You Give Anyone Your Node Reference, They Can Link Your IP Address With Your Nick And Reveal Your True Identity You Should Only Reveal This To Sources That You Trust 100%, Such As Those On Your Friends List If You Let Slip Your Node Reference On A Message Board In Frost, It Will Be Viewable By Thousands Of Freenet Users Across The Globe, And There Is Absolutely No Deleting It From The Boards There Are No Moderators Or Administrators On Freenet In The Sense That They Can Remove Inserts From The Network Needless To Say, Having This Level Of Free Speech Has Some Drawbacks, In That Spammers And Trolls Like To Target The Network.System Time Make Certain That Your System Time In Your BIOS For Your Motherboard Is Set Correctly It Can Be Used To Correlate An Attack And Reveal Your Freenet Identity If It Is Not While This Method Might Not Stand Up To Jury Scrutiny In The US, It Would Certainly Be Disastrous For A Chinese Or Iranian Dissident Wanting To Keep His Identity Secret There Are A Multitude Of Places Online Where You Can Synchronize Your System Time The Default Tray Icon In Windows Is Insufficient In This Regard Restart Your Pc, Then Hit Delete To See What Timestamp Your System Is Really Relaying To The World.