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砂時計 2 Just When Ann Has Adjusted To Life In The Countryside And Even Has A Boyfriend Her Father Invites Her To Move Back To Tokyo To Live With Him Now She Must Choose Between A Father She Hardly Knows And A Young Man She Is Just Beginning To Know But She Soon Discovers They Aren T The Only Ones Vying For Her Affections

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • 砂時計 2
  • Hinako Ashihara
  • English
  • 28 January 2019
  • 9781421514789

About the Author: Hinako Ashihara

Debut with Sono Hanashi okotowari shimasu in 1994 on Bessatsu Shoujo Comics GenresShoujo 17 Romance 14 Drama 11 School Life 6 Slice of Life 5 Sports 2 Comedy 2 Historical 1 Mystery 1 Mature 1 Gender Bender 1 Japanese name

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    When I began reading manga which was only two months ago , I never expected to read something that was truly touching I thought it would all be fun and cute This series changes my mind completely about the type of manga I like Sure, I enjoy reading funny manga like Special A or cute manga like Fruits Basket, but I enjoy reading manga with a realistic story line and deeper meaning much It s just better that way That s what this series was for me and I can only hope I ll find like it.The artwork is a little muddier than I like I m partial to defined drawing, rather than the scratchy drawing so often found in shoujo manga I think it s meant to give a dreamy quality, but I just find it a bit on the annoying side Since I liked this series so much, I m willing to put that complaint aside.The character development in this series is just unreal I didn t think manga was capable of that kind of thing I couldn t have been wrong in that assumption Ann s development throughout the series is heartbreaking and incredibly realistic, considering her age She goes through so many of the screw ups and indecision that comes with being a girl in her teens or early twenties I felt that I could relate to her throughout most of the series because I have gone through a lot of the same things Daigo has a tendency to be a little hard headed, but it definitely the mature of the two He makes no secret of his complete devotion to Ann, even when she s too messed up to realize what s in front of her He s unwavering and therefore a static character However, this doesn t hurt the series, as it is about Ann growing up, not Daigo The situation Fuji and Shika find themselves in is a little dramatic They too are developing characters and both do a lot of growing up Their search for their true identities is one that gives the series a bit intrigue They both learn a lot they didn t know about themselves along the way.This is certainly the best written manga I ve come across If you re into manga, or are thinking of trying it out I highly recommend this series It s definitely girly shoujo manga, but it s got a great story.

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    Time passes, and relationships change Ann and Diago have yet to find their way properly, when Ann s father shows up and she s faced with hard choices I had a hard time liking Ann s father for the reasons he gave for not being there Where is the grief over his actions shouldn t there have been some But I still love the format, and the depth of emotion that is hinted at This is a gentle manga, soft and slow and beautiful in its own way.

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    We focused on romance in this book which made me like it better I loved it so much and I would really recommend this series to manga romance lovers out there also, they re sixteen now soooooo Fuji s emotions are expressed in this book towards Ann and we now know that he definitely likes Ann We also focus on him throughout this book so yay We learn some dark family history and I feel bad for him and I hope he gets out of the dark hole he s currently stuck in idk that was cringey haha Okay at the end of this book FUJI KISSES ANN She has a boyfriend Daigo but he kisses her I don t know who to ship her with any so please help meeeeOverall, this was a great book and I really enjoyed it After Orange other manga , I couldn t find another good romance manga afternow I ve found it

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    The 2nd volume of The Sand Chronicles breaks the myth that all 2nd books are always the weakest installment I know I can t compare this manga to other volumes yet, but it has set the bar higher In this installment, Miss Hinako Ashihara makes the characters past and future collide in the present What they ve left behind and what they plan in the future seem to give the characters a reason to fall, but Ann, Daigo, Shika, Fuji, and the other side characters show how youth comes with stubbornness And that stubbornness can sometimes be their secret weapon to keep pushing forward despite all storms that fate throws at them I am excited to jump to the third volume.

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    Just as Ann settles down in the countryside with her friends and even a boyfriend, her father comes to give her an offer come move in with him in Tokyo with him Ann struggles to accept or decline her fathers offer Here, she has her boyfriend, her friends, her grandma, but she also has the life lasting memory of her mom s suicide In Tokyo, she won t have her friends, but she will have her dad Decisions, decisions, decisions This book displays and portrays the obstacles throughout life Long distance relationships Complicated relationships It shows us what we someday have to face.

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    4.5 Stars.

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    Interesting story with quite an intricate web I like the illustrations except the character s feet are always disproportionate It s a distraction.

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    I wasn t sure what to expect from this manga series honestly, but I really enjoyed the twist they threw in at the end of this volume Definitely going to continue reading

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    Several years have passed since we last saw Ann and her Shimane pals However, middle school cannot last forever, and high school can bring about some extreme changes, particularly when one of your friends is going to be inheriting quite an empire and will need to be educated properly for it.Ashihara continues to capture the essence of adolescence, with the torn feelings we have when we have to make choices between the people we love romantically and the people we love as family Having to choose between her new life in Shimane and her love of Daigo and her old life in Tokyo and the father that she s learned has sacrificed so much for her in all of his years of absence is a tough choice for anyone Ann isn t exactly self sacrificial her decision is perhaps somewhat based on guilt, but also because she wants to have a family She s willing to put something else important to her on the back burner to get back the security of the love of a parent For those of us who have lost parents, it might be easier to understand that feeling than for those who have always had their parents around.The long distance relationship is also quite well done The challenges of the cost of calls, the cost of visits, and the pain of being apart all you want is one moment of that missing person s voice, a flash of their faceAshihara makes that abundantly clear without making their relationship look like infatuation or obsession someone by the last name of Meyers should take note The yearning felt is well displayed and paced, excellent work Also, I like that we get to see Fuji s life a bit While Ann is the main protagonist, I like that we occasionally see the world through his eyes as well His struggles add another layer, adding a different element of loneliness and feelings of being lost and adrift in the world.The really disjointed dialogue has been toned down in this volume It s still not clear if that s the work of Ashihara or the translator, but it certainly made for a cleaner read, making it even enjoyable.

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    4.5 stars.This was one interesting volume, since Ann s father, who I accidentally forgot about came back into the picture and asked Ann to come back to Tokyo with him What I didn t understand though, was the fact that Ann was totally against going with him since he abandoned her, and she also didn t want to leave Daigo Her mind was all made up, and then Daigo was acting weird Finally when they were walking together, Daigo said something like Don t act like everything s okay You can t decide between me and your dad Which was not true at all, and only after he said that did she start getting second thoughts about staying in Shimane.Then her father fell in the bathroom and went to the hospital because one of his doctor friends told him to, and she had called Ann to come quickly because he was hurt That part cracked me up, especially when I saw Ann s reaction from going all the way to her father basically for a non existent injury It was sweet how this part of the volume showed how much Ann and her father really do love each other, and the father daughter bonding process.The ending was intense, and probably has now stirred up a lot of problems for Ann, and the readers for that matter I think that was a cute way to have a kiss, but in their case it was really one sided This was such a tearful story, it seemed that almost every third or fourth page had either Ann tearing up or crying In a way all the crying showed how immensely heartbreaking the situations were, but as mean as this sounds I almost started getting sick of Ann s face I wish there were just some scenes where they are not chibi, as much as I love my chibi, this has a lot and not crying More scenes like the back cover of this volume might make the 5 stars for me.OFF AND AWAY TO VOLUME 3

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