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Le Matou ❮Read❯ ➳ Le Matou ➶ Author Yves Beauchemin – Riche en personnages curieux étranges attachants et en multiples rebondissements Le Matou d’Yves Beauchemin met admirablement en scène le jeu divers et pervers des rivalités humaines Voici l’œ Riche en personnages curieux étranges attachants et en multiples rebondissements Le Matou d’Yves Beauchemin met admirablement en scène le jeu divers et pervers des rivalités humaines Voici l’œuvre accomplie d’un grand conteur un récit ui tient le lecteur en haleine et ue toute la presse a salué comme une très grande réussite Traduit en langues et vendu à près de exemplaires dans le monde Le Matou fait figure d’incontournable dans le paysage littéraire uébécoisÉlise et Florent forment un couple uni mais Florent est ambitieux et cherche les moyens de s’imposer Un étrange et très riche vieillard Egon Ratablavasky lui en procure les moyens en lui permettant d’acuérir le restaurant « La Binerie » sur l’avenue du Mont Royal Une belle aventure commence pour le couple et ceux ui les entourent y compris Monsieur Émile un étrange petit garçon misérable et plutôt alcooliue ue l’on a adopté en compagnie de son chat « Déjeuner » Mais M Ratablavasky va détruire ce bel éuilibre avec une diaboliue méchanceté Ne s’est il pas amusé à tirer les ficelles pour affirmer son pouvoir sur l’âme même de Florent Après avoir tout perdu Florent va partir à la reconuête de son bien Non sans mal.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 616 pages
  • Le Matou
  • Yves Beauchemin
  • French
  • 02 August 2016
  • 9782764401323

10 thoughts on “Le Matou

  1. Doris Doris says:

    Strange I seem to be the only person who does not like this book The story is burlesue and absurd the depiction of a society searching for food and sex no values whatsoever except money The englishspeaking people are stupid or agressive Europeans even worse an old stinking freak pops up every now and then and scares everybody to death for no comprehensible reason so ever All this with a sense of humor which is totally childish and scatological If you feel like laughing about caracters farting eating yelling and gulping for than 600 pages this will be the perfect book for you

  2. ☯Emily ☯Emily says:

    Actually 25 stars It took a long time to finish this book because it was WAY TOO WORDY It was written in a soap opera style with one improbable happening after another The action went on way too long and then ended without a satisfactory conclusion In fact I might actually change the star rating to 2 in a few days I need to think about it some

  3. Esteryn Esteryn says:

    Though I did not like the book I can't deny it is well written with a great deal of mystery and suspens and a lot of cynical humor in all fairness and objectivity so I can understand why some people like it But not everyone will I guess it depends on your sensitivity Subjectively I found it very offensive socially and I could not get to like any of the characters They all seem caricaturally misandrist and sometimes racist visions of men unfaithful machist egocentric abusive towards women even the good guys violent money ambition driven alcoholic etc And the female characters are very shallow girlfriends or the girls of one night basically who have absolutely no power nor mind except one excentric old lady towards the endBut I read 'til the very end all 600 pages just to understand and was therefore very disappointed as many other readers pointed out there is NO explanation in the end It makes no sense at all but I guess if you don't mind despicable characters if you are a bit cynical it may be uite a funny book and an enjoyable read

  4. jess jess says:

    i received this book from one of my best friends lucy and in turn passed it on to someone specialit's like a fairy tale for adultsi can't think of any other way of describing it except for the fact that it's excellent and amazing and all excellent and amazing people should read it

  5. Michael Michael says:

    ??? 80s i thought this was on here i read this when i went to live in Montrea but my life there was nothing like this i was a young anglophone to start

  6. George George says:

    Even though I got most of the uébécois collouial idioms I am sure I was missing 20% of its essence Maybe reading it again may help

  7. Harold Walters Harold Walters says:

    Started off dandy but wore me down I skimmed the final pages

  8. Diana Diana says:

    I don't know if it's because it opens with someone getting brained by a big letter off a building or what but I really enjoyed this book translated from the original French I read it back in the day when I was in 2nd year Canadian Lit at university back in 1992 and it was one of the few novels I loved

  9. Catherine Catherine says:

    My French teacher thought it wasn't necessary to read the entire book She just had us read the beginning and the end

  10. Ibis3 Ibis3 says:

    NCL2006 10 01

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