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Janes in Love (Janes, #2) This Graphic Novel For Girls Feels Like A Teen Movie And Teaches Young Women The Joy Of Being Original USA Today On THE PLAIN JANES, Best Graphic Novels Of 2007The Art Attacks Continue In This Sequel To The Acclaimed Graphic Novel THE PLAIN JANES The Coolest Clique Of Misfits Ever Plays Cupid And Becomes Entangled In Affairs Of The Heart P.L.A.I.N People Loving Art In Neighborhoods Goes Global When The Art Gang Procures A Spot In The Metro City Museum Of Modern Art Contest And The Janes Will Discover That In Art And Love, The Normal Rules Don T Always Apply.

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    Highly bored with the concept of vandalizing the town with artwork And that should be a very bad sign, for that s what the main plot is about I m just glad to be done with this and thankful that this only went on for two volumes Wanted to love this, but I found myself bein...

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    The first PLAIN JANES book was in my top three books I read in 2007 and Cecil Castellucci is AWESOME in general I m a huge fan of her BEIGE This book definitely wasn t as magical as the first Then again maybe it s just that I hate sequels AND books with flowers or pink on the cover Luckily there wasn t any glitter involved Phew I also love ambiguous endings, so I didn t feel a sequel was needed at all, though I know many folks were begging for it One of the reasons I loved the fir...

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    Why, Cecil Castellucci Why are there nostories about the Janes Whyyyyyyy

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    Jane likes Damon The problem is her art project P.L.A.I.N landed him in community service, and now he keeps rebuffing her attempts to get close again First, by going around with another girl, then by declining her invitation to a school dance because he d rather go with a friend Should Jane move on There were too many characters, leaving the rest underdeveloped Like a secret admirer that wasn t really addressed Instead, we get Jane and her five friends moping around because they can t fin Jane likes Damon The pr...

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    The Janes are at it again, creating art and beauty on the sly but they finally get caught and must do community service But art cannot be contained and neither can love as several of the Janes seek boyfriends The main Jane must also cope with her mother who s become reclusive after receiving bad news an art grant application process and balancing the attentions of Riswan and Damon The main Jane is wrought with much angst, enough to make me say snap out of it But she is a teenager and tha The Janes are at it again, creating art and beauty on the sly but they finally get caught and must do community service But art can...

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    I REALLY like this series A group of high school misfits all named Jane , commit art attacks around their small town They are lead by a mod hipster who recently moved to town to get away from the memories of being part of a bo...

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    Completely in love with The Plain Janes, I thought this one was good but had difficulty comparing with the beautiful theme and emotional ache of the first book One review mentioned that it seemed cluttered, and I guess I may agree, as I have difficulty remembering the details ...

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    Rating 5I m in love with this series because it is such a good tale of growing up and wanting to make the world a better place I cannot wait to see what comes after this story.

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    This one was generally better than the first book, because I felt like the art installations were less destructive or less desperate to call attention in a negative way Jane going out to seek a grant and do the legal thing was a positive, as were a number of the relationships that got a bitplay ti...

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    Loved this one

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