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Isobel ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Isobel By Jane Parkhurst ➸ – ISOBELRadiant innocent her perfect oval face crowned by a glory of red gold curls Isobel left the Inverness convent a devout servant of God Then ravaged a shocked by a brutal marriage she learned a ne IsobelRadiant innocent her perfect oval face crowned by a glory of red gold curls Isobel left the Inverness convent a devout servant of God Then ravaged a shocked by a brutal marriage she learned a new kind of devotion to evil And a sensuous devotion to the mysterious Frenchman who brought her ecstasyBy day she was a model village wife On moonlit nights when the coven people called and her lover summoned she rode in wild abandon to do demonic mischief And even murder.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 287 pages
  • Isobel
  • Jane Parkhurst
  • English
  • 05 April 2015
  • 9780515043341

10 thoughts on “Isobel

  1. Grady Hendrix Grady Hendrix says:

    Och What’s a firey haired Scots lassie to do when she’s forced into marriage with a man she canna stand? Well if it’s 1630 and you’re Isobel Gowdie the only witch who ever freely confessed to her crimes you don’t have to milk cows then lie on your straw bed thinking of England while your hateful husband churns up some babies in your belly You can be a witch and go dance around at sabbats and have sex with the Devil Wheeeee Based on the real life story of Isobel Gowdie in Jane Parkhurst’s historical novel herb gathering leads to ESP which leads to lucid dreaming which leads to Devil sex Isobel loves scrumping Satan because he is actually her tall dark French lover Etienne de Beauvoisin in disguise The good times come to a screeching halt when for unknown reasons Isobel decides that being reamed by the Dark One isn't much fun and she'd rather go back to grubbing around in the mud 10 for ridiculous Scottish accents

  2. Billy Vazquez Billy Vazquez says:

    The novel is based on a true story of the self proclaimed witch Isobel Gowdie The story begins in 1652 Scotland and it develops as love story between two young people The traditions and courtship of the era are well exposed by Parkhurst The friends and family of Gowdie add to the drama of the hardships that a woman of that era faced The novel is a tragedy so although Parkhurst dedicates one third of the book to the love story it uickly turns sour It becomes dark and tragic with the setting of an abused woman in a new marriage Faith and religion are core to the novel as it was pervasive in everyone's life in Scotland 17th century The fall of Isobel from almost a novice nun to maiden of the Devil is told in detail The witchcraft rituals and ceremonies with explicit satanistic erotica and supernatural powers are well described in the bookIn the end this book delivers a fictional take on the tragic life of Isobel Gowdie and a look at witchcraft and devil worshipers in the 17th century I enjoyed the read for what it is and if you are into tragic love stories with a twist of the occult then this book will be a treat

  3. Norman Van Der Linde Norman Van Der Linde says:

    Inspired by true events the story of the only person to willingly turn themselves in for witchcraft knowing full well that it would lead to torture and death A fascinating look into the the witch trials and the beliefs of the time This is a must read for anyone interested in history supernatural or just a great yarn

  4. Daisy Daisy says:

    LoVe this novel I re read it about 3 times a year

  5. Josh Josh says:

    Like the Amityville Horror Isobel a mass market paperback horror is ‘based’ on a true story – but it doesn’t read that way in fact I wasn’t even aware the events of which this book is based on 1600’s witch trialsdemonic cult worshiping sex with supernatural beings etc were the primary source material Reading Isobel for what it is; b grade horror and a product of the mass market 70’s and 80’s boom makes it all the devilishly deliciousIsobel is a young innocent though not naive attractive and devoted church goer circa 1630 who despite having been paired with her true love to be wed when she comes of age ends up being betrothed to an old and violent man who makes her life miserable – until she secretly has an abortion which then leads her down a path of darkness and debauchery – and copious copulation with the devil himselfThis book is a slow burn but the payoff is there Whilst witchery is on the peripheral Isobel is a cult book with some supernatural elements thrown in to spice up the story I enjoyed every minute Highly recommend

  6. Darius Rosamund Darius Rosamund says:

    Often girlish sometimes kitsch and at its best subtly insightful concise and well researched Loved it

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