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Lullaby Town [Reading] ➿ Lullaby Town By Robert Crais – Hollywood's newest wunderkind is Peter Alan Nelson the brilliant erratic director known as the King of Adventure His films make billions but his manners make enemies What the boy king wants he gets an Hollywood's newest wunderkind is Peter Alan Nelson the brilliant erratic director known as the King of Adventure His films make billions but his manners make enemies What the boy king wants he gets and what Nelson wants is for Elvis Cole to comb the country for the airhead wife and infant child the film school flunkout dumped en route to becoming the third biggest filmmaker in AmericaIt's the kind of case Cole can handle in his sleep until it turns out to be a nightmare For when Cole finds Nelson's wife in a small Conneticut town she's nothing like what he expects The lady has some unwanted and very nasty mob connections which means Elvis could be opening the East Coast branch of his PI officeat the bottom of the Hudson River.

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  1. carol. carol. says:

    Finally I found a new detective series that manages to entertain without offending Fabulous I don't mean that the book is fabulous; I was starting to despair that I could find a private eye series that didn't involve cats or serial killers Seriously people does is have to be one or the other? I mean honestly cats are kind of serial killers right?I started with this one based on friends' reviews thanks friends Published in 1992 there's definitely an aspect that feels very period to me but its done well enough so forgetaboutitThe story has a two part structure so there isn't much to say about the second without spoiling the first Our hero is Elvis Cole a private eye with a smart mouth no style sense unless you call a sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse a style and extensive martial arts training A good friend asks him to meet with a ridiculously famous Hollywood director who wants him to find his ex wife and son who he hasn't had contact with in over ten years Cole doesn't ask enough uestions of course but who can blame him? Mr Hollywood Director got on my last nerve as well Of course not everyone appreciates Elvis' humorDonnie Brewster made the nervous frown 'Stop with the humor okay? I tell him you're brilliant and gifted you make with the humor he's gonna know that you're not'Elvis is not in the least a tortured soul and as for his bestie Joe Pike well who knows? He's a man of few wordsPike didn't answer'You know the director Peter Alan Nelsen? He's our client'Pike didn't answer some Trying to talk with Pike is like carrying on a fill in the blank conversationThe writing is interesting with thoughtful bits interwoven Crais' style is occasionally deceptively simple with a reliance on 'and' that would have had my English teacher reaching for the red penI closed the toilet lid and sat on the seat and felt myself living I felt the blood move and the lungs work and the muscles pull against bone I hurt but it was better than being in the hospital and better than being deadThe plotting managed to surprise me with a deviation from the traditional missing persons format and then a couple of twists based on actions that were completely logical within character context just not within the mystery plot format I appreciated that the missing woman was given a great deal of agency respect and self awareness Kudos to Crais for being ahead of his timeAs far as I can tell the only downside is that Elvis does indeed own a cat who probably a closet serial killer I'll have to learn to tolerate it Humor decent writing a general lack of overt sexism and an absence of torture means this is easily a four star genre read and a series I'll continue

  2. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I only recently discovered this series but it's really growing on me I think it's set around the early 1980s in LA as PI Elvis Cole is watching VCRs using phone books to find people and with no mobile phone needs a fistful of coins to use a public phone when he's out on the job Elvis is a tough no nonsense Vietnam vet with a uirky sense of humour and his own sense of justice He also has a secret weapon in his colleague the enigmatic Joe Pike an even tougher Vietnam vet and silent killer who comes with his own personal arsenal Together they make uite a teamThe plot opens with Elvis being asked by the famous egotistical and extremely annoying Hollywood film director Peter Alan Nelsen to find his ex wife Karen and the son he has never met However when Elvis eventually tracks them down to their new life in a small town near New York he discovers that Karen doesn't want to be found as she has got herself deeply involved with an organised crime figure The action soon ramps up as Elvis tries to help extract her from her situation and has to call in Joe Pike to help him deal with the thugs he has attracted who are now determined to kill him I liked this episode better than the opening pair with a good balance between an interesting plot and some high octane action Elvis shows his compassionate side by trying to help Karen and her son out of a bad situation and is less of a snarky smartass than usual although he still has some great one liners He also does a good job managing the self absorbed director's tantrums and even helps him find his his human side So yes I will be back for Elvis Cole and especially Joe Pike

  3. Manuel Antão Manuel Antão says:

    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewWe Are Silent Killers Lullaby Town by Robert CraisLullaby Town a dark drive down somerockspotted track We are silent KillersWith gloves from the farmer’s wife we trudgeto a cold outbuilding strip lit and greyMachines and men turn in the shed next doorProtests and filthy jokes from the doomed birds

  4. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    A Hollywood director hires Elvis Cole to track down a wife and son he abandoned a decade earlier Cole tracks down the ex wife and uickly finds out that she's under the thumb of the mob Can Cole save her and re unite her with her former husband?Elvis Cole sure got in over his head in this one Crazy mobsters secret deals between crime families and a Hollywood director that is a colossal asshole make for a great story As always Crais let the tension build until a great firefight at the endKaren Lloyd the ex wife was far than a damsel in distress and my favorite member of the supporting cast Peter Alan Nelson was a douche bag of epic proportions and I have to think Crais drew from his own Hollywood experiences when creating him The ever changing dynamic between Karen Peter and their son Toby was one of the memorable parts of the novel Crais gave us of a look into the psyche of Elvis Cole as well as a tiny glimpse behind Joe Pike's sunglassesThe Robert Crais books I read the convinced I am that he is the real deal With this volume any thoughts of Elvis Cole being a Spenser ripoff have vanished Lullaby Town would be a worthy addition to any crimemystery fan's book shelf

  5. Tim Tim says:

    I generally like Robert Crais but this story was lame beginning to end 1 of 10 starsGlad I decided to listen to this again now that I have a better understanding of the main character This story is well crafted and worthy of 9 of 10 stars

  6. Kemper Kemper says:

    Now that’s like itI’d been hoping that I’d enjoy this series to give me some fresh detective stories but the results had been mixed so far The Monkey's Raincoat and Stalking the Angel had a lot I liked but Elvis Cole and his bad ass friend Joe Pike were seeming like pale imitations of Robert B Parker’s Spenser Hawk to me Plus the over the top uirkiness of Elvis’s character and his constant smart ass comments got on my nerves I’m now thinking that Crais needed a few books to find his own rhythm and I enjoyed the hell out of this third book in the seriesElvis gets hired by famous action move director Peter Alan Nelson to locate the son he had from a brief marriage ten years earlier Nelson is a self centered prick and supreme asshole enabled by the movie studio and a suad of sycophants He’s like a less charming version of Brett Ratner Elvis uickly tracks down the ex wife Karen to a small town in Connecticut where she’s built a good life for her and her son but she’s having some issues with being tangled up with the Mafia and a psychotic gangster Elvis wants to help Karen out but dealing with the mob will be easy compared to trying to cope with Peter Alan Nelson and his gigantic egoI got to meet Robert Crais and watch him on a couple of panels at Bouchercon in St Louis and after listening to the guy my opinion of him improved tremendously See Dan’s write up about our Bouchercon adventure and watching an interview with Crais for detailsThere were several things that impressed me about Crais He seemed to take his writing very seriously while still obviously enjoying the hell out of his success and having a great sense of humor I was surprised at the amount of work he said he put into the books because I think a lot of us tend to imagine that popular thriller writers churn these books out with a minimum of effort while checking their bank accounts but per Crais he goes through some long hours in front of the computer and is than a little frustrated that it hasn’t gotten easier over the years like he once thought it would I also liked that Crais can admit when he’s made mistakes and then corrects them One of my biggest complaints about the first couple of Cole novels was that Elvis was just such a relentless smart ass I like a wise cracking detective as much as the next crime fiction fan but if the hero responds with snark to every situation it gets old in a hurry Crais said that he realized early in the series that you can’t use humor to respond to things like serious crimes and he scaled that back It was evident in this book because when things get ugly Elvis doesn’t react with a parade of one liners like he did in the previous booksI think I’m on my way to becoming a big fan of Robert Crais You can check out some of the Bouchercon interview I mentioned here

  7. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    Elvis Cole’s third adventure may be the best so far It’s well plotted exciting with crisp irreverent dialogue just like books #1 and #2 but it has a rather interesting structure there’s no murder to be solved in this one merely a problem to be resolved Merely? The term is misleading for it is certainly a helluva problem Cole is hired by an immature self absorbed Hollywood director to find the wife who left him—taking their infant son with her—ten years ago He finds the mother and son with relative ease but subseuebtlu discovers that the bank manager mother is owned by the DeLuca family compelled to launder money for the mob How Elvis Cole wonders can we break her ties to Delucas so that this woman is free to choose a new life for herself? There’s only one thing clear from the start Elvis is going to need the help of his intimidating partner Joe PikeThose who feel inclined to skip this one given there’s no murder to solve should be aware that there is still plenty of suspense fast action and violence You just have to wait until near the end when the deal with the DeLuca family starts to implodeBest so far of a highly recommended series Give it a try

  8. Eric Eric says:

    Lullaby Town the third book in the Elvis Cole series starts off very slowly The opening chapters serve as a character study of arrogant Hollywood director Peter Allen Nelson followed by a less than inspiring missing person search by Cole for Nelson's estranged ex wife However the story finally starts to pick up momentum when it reaches the East Coast where the mafia and hence all of this book's action isA pattern in this series is starting to emerge beginning with Cole working alone to solve a mystery then bringing in Pike when things start to get out of hand and climaxing with a gunfight with that book's bad guys Cole and Pike have yet to be interrogated by the police for their many albeit justified killings At some point doesn't the body count alone have to get them in trouble?I prefer Cole and Pike in LA as I didn't think Crais got the overall feel of New York City right although to be fair at some points his details were spot on I would also like to see of the enigmatic Joe Pike who is easily the most interesting character in the entire seriesI'll continue reading this series I've heard it gets stronger as it progresses but I won't listen to another audiobook as I didn't care for the narrator's interpretation of Elvis Cole which is important as it is first person narrated Not to say he did a bad job in any objective way but it was like seeing an actor play a character differently than you pictured them in your imagination

  9. Mike Mike says:

    Umpteenth reading I'm only reading this lie because I've started re reading the Will Trent series from Karin Slaughter to read her newest This the 3rd Elvis story is fun with Elvis's Hollywood friend turning him onto the up and coming producer in the land Peter is only trying to find his ex wife and son who's 12 now The dad was never a father too busy being successful but now he thinks he's entitled for them to share his success Hard guy to likeThrow in some New York mafia baddies drug running and money laundering and it's action packed3rd reading Even though I've read this series a few times I still enjoy starting over again Elvis and Joe are involved with a Hollywood wunderkind who's looking for his ex wife and son who's now an adolescent Elvis's problem is that he cares too much and thinks he can fix it but enter the East coast mob and the action skyrocketsA multiple time of reading these novels One of my fav exchanges I looked back at Karen and then at Peter Do itKaren said They're going to kill us aren't they?They're going to try But Joe and I won't let themHer eyes were big and darting She held tight to Toby's arm How can you stop them? There're eight of them and we're trapped here in the middle of nowhere with themPike chambered a round into his shotgun No he said 'They're trapped with usSmart guy Elvis and the enigma Joe battle mobsters and Hollywood elite trying to help a director find the son he never wanted to be a father to

  10. Marty Fried Marty Fried says:

    I'm glad I didn't give up on this series after the first book Monkey's Raincoat I wasn't crazy about that one although it was not bad But after reading a later one featuring Joe Pike I decided to skip to number 3 as others have recommended It didn't disappointThe story was good the humor seemed to fit in better and Joe Pike came through The style is a lot like the Spenser series but I like it better perhaps because it's a little less dated And Elvis Cole is the world's best detective so there's thatOne of the best Joe Pike lines in the book and he doesn't say much is one where they are being chased by 8 mafia guys trying to kill them and the woman they're helping says “How can you stop them? There’re eight of them and we’re trapped here in the middle of nowhere with them”Pike chambered a round into his shotgun “No” he said “They’re trapped with us” I'm looking forward to reading now and may reread one that I read long ago and forgot about

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