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  1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    Awesome price drop to 099 at US 121114Topher is a hot mess Self destructive? CheckPenchant for attracting trouble? CheckStabs best friend in the back? Check see blurbLife is not easy for a bi racial gay college student with a racist narcissistic family an alcoholic mom and a major case of the save mes Don't be fooled by the cover readers This is not a light beach read This is angst to the max with lots of touchy uestionable situations that will alternatively make you want to smack and hug Topher But it is also incredibly engaging and rich with realism I think this is some of Amelia Gormley's best work It is a long book long enough for readers to really get the full picture of Topher's life and see his complete story arc This isn't a rushed tale; it takes its sweet angsty time I liked that the characters were multidimensional There are no bad guys per say only really flawed people Some like Topher's sister are flawed than others but I could see each character from multiple perspectives For me the most interesting subplot was for sure with his best friend's father Their relationship was a study in screwedupness and I was hooked to the drama of that storyline I think it made each of the characters grow and realize something about themselves for better or for worse Jace was an interesting character At times I wasn't sure what exactly made him so devoted to his tenuous relationship with Topher He seemed doggedly determined to fix or save Topher in his own way though I'm sure some readers would disagree with me and it struck me as a little Cinder fella However I liked the whole backstory of Jace's character and his chemistry with Topher was electric And that scene in the bath house I mean no words I could read that over and over again Just scorching hotIf you are into angsty reads that involve some seriously damaged characters give this one a go PS Dear Amelia Gormley I'd love some details about Robin and Geoff That sounds like a veeeerrrry hot story in the making Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  2. *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time says:

    45 Angsty But Not Too Angsty Stars LOVED this one And Liliwithout you both I might not have survived I went in to this one prepared for lots of angst how could I not with a blurb like that but it wasn't nearly as bad as I was anticipating At times this one got the heart pumping and the anxiety flowingbut underneath all of that was an awesome story of moving on from your past finding yourself making mistakes and learning to forgive yourself growing up and falling in love Saugatuck Summer is Topher's story Poor sweet damaged broken TopherTopher is spending the summer in Saugatuck with his BFF Mo and Mo's father at their beach house Mo spends most of her time working at a summer camp leaving Topher alone with Mo's married dad Brendan Topher swims he job hunts he goes out He spends a fleeting moment with a sexy boy named Jace A boy who makes him feel who makes him wanta boy he thinks he'll never see againTopher's past has done a number on him He has virtually no self worth Spending the summer in Saugatuck Brendan and Topher become friends They talk they share and for the first time in Topher's life an adult sees something in Topher My conscience said no but my body and perhaps some confused part of my heart that wanted to take all the kindness and understanding he'd offered me these last few weeks and make it into something said yes Topher and Brendan spend the next few weeks immersed in each other Buried in the feelings they bring out in each other despite how wrong they may be Brendan exploring a part of himself that he kept hidden and Topher finally feeling acceptance and understanding for the first time in his life But it was never meant to be When Jace returns to town Topher is trying to move on from his affair with Brendan Topher never thought he would see Jace again Jace sees inside Topher Beyond his past Beyond the pain Beyond the hurt I don't know your story and I'm not going to ask for any than you want to give But I know I can just tell from the way you act that people tried to take things from you tried to take you from you They tried to take away something amazing something that deserves something that wants to shine I see it I see the part they never managed to steal no matter how hard they tried With the help of Jace Topher growshe learns from his mistakes he faces his past he stands up for who he is and what he wants He learns to let go to walk beside someone to be better to be and above all else he learns what it's really like to be loved Truly lovedTwo final thoughtsFirst alpha Jace was absolutely delicious And secondly and it goes without saying but that bathhouse sceneholy hotness batman Highly recommend this onemy of my favorite MM reads to date

  3. Bev Bev says:

    Don’t let the pretty cover lull you into a false sense of security readers Inside there lurks a powerful somewhat angsty utterly thought provoking sometimes heart breaking but ultimately positive sensuous hot I’ll just say bath house phew and completely uplifting piece of fiction And dare I say it it will be following its predecessor Strain straight into my top 5 books of 2014 so far and as with Strain all and any superlatives applied to the writing are totally justified IMHO 5 Golden Shimmering Stars from me for a story which left me with a big soppy grin on my face and lasting memories of a bowed but unbeaten young man who has taken all the st that life has thrown at him and triumphed over that adversityTopher isa beautiful man physically but mentally?? Well it's a different kettle of fish He’s a student on a swimming scholarship which is not what he wanted to do but hey beggars can’t be choosershe wanted to sing but that chance went begging a long time ago thanks to his family AND talking of his family let’s have a chat about them shall we his own personal users and abusers Mum a major attention seeker and all round show off 😕 whether it be getting drunk or taking drugs sleeping with anyone that shows interest and oh yes let’s not forget the suicide attempts where she blames everyone else but herself for the life she’s led she’s definitely her own pity party She’s a really piss poor version of anyone’s mum but unfortunately she’s already got her claws into Topher and always guilt trips him into comforting her and making her feel better Eventually Social Services sit up and take notice of Topher and his sisters Colleen bitch and Tonya after they’re found wandering the streets or less starving and the kids are taken away and placed with relatives Now anyone with the slightest knowledge of how the brain works must know that the kids will be basically scarred for life after the upbringing they’ve had but no it’s not enough that they’ve had the rubbish start in life that they have they’re put in the care of their grandfather and here things take a much sinister turn and there’s no pretty way to say it; Topher is sexually abused by his grandfathereveryone knows what’s going on but no one does a damn thing about it until his aunt and uncle step in some time later and Topher is then subjected by them to really nasty verbal abuse and humiliation he gets bullied at school and things are forever on a downward spiralNeedless to say after that childhood it’s no wonder that Topher is in therapy and on meds for a long time and as Topher himself says “I figured that if my family was going to accuse me of being a drama ueen – which they’d done pretty much from the time I was able to talk – I might as well actually be one” However I digressat last things seem to be going his way he’s got a wonderful BFF Morgan or Mo as she’s known and she’s bringing Topher with her to spend the summer at her parent’s summer house on the beach in Saugatuck Mo comes and goes and her father Brendan also comes to stay at the house and alarm bells gradually start going offall of a sudden we have Topher fighting his attraction to Mo’s father cos a he’s Mo’s father and b he’s not even gaybut never fear there’s plenty to tell there folksOn his 21st birthday rather than spend the day by himself at the beach house ignoring his attraction to Brendan Topher goes down to the beach and is soon being checked out by a really hot guy who comes on to him and Jace enters the story Jace has his own horrifying story to tellnow come on it wouldn’t be mm fiction if there wasn’t a little bit of angst would it I’ll just mention those words ‘straight camp’ and leave you to draw your own conclusionsTopher and Jace are broken men ripped apart by the very people that gave them life and are supposedly there to protect them – their own families BUT they are also survivors and finding each other at the beach that day looked like fate to me and the very best thing that could have happened to either of them This was another outstanding story from AmeliaLady you are one helluva writer and there are loads of uotes I want to include here and far too many I can’t “I don’t know if I’ll ever go through with it I’m just too much of a perfectionist I guess I’d rather be nothing than be middle of the road”She hugged me tightly “You’re not middle of the road Topher You’re fast lane all the way You just you know need to find the right car” Mo didn’t press me to talk She knew I’d open up in my own time I wasn’t even close to manly enough to stuff down my feelings about shit I wore them on my sleeve and yes that did get me my ass kicked regularly throughout my school years thanks for asking Finally she said softly “What do you think your mom will do if you go see her?”I scrubbed my hands down my face “Same thing she’s always done Try to make me as sick as she is” I personally don’t care that you’re gay; Aunt Blythe had said when I accused her of being homophobic It’s that you act so effeminate We live in a society that has rules about how people should and shouldn’t behave and present themselves When you break them you’re not the only one who faces the conseuences You embarrass us allI shrugged off the memory“They think I draw too much attention to myself being well me By not conforming They think it makes them look bad So my choices are to try to pretend I’m not who I am or find a way not to be answerable to them And sorry” I gave him a cheeky grin pleased that he was being so cool about it “I just can’t help it that I’m fabulous” “I don’t know your story and I’m not going to ask for any than you want to give But I know I can just tell from the way you act that people have tried to take things from you tried to take YOU from you They tried to take away something amazing something that deserves something that wants to shine I see it I see the part they never managed to steal no matter how hard they triedYour soul” he whispered answering the unspoken inuiry” If we’d been asking permission before this time we were stating intent A little rougher a little less patient a little demanding Our tongues stroked eagerly our hands grasping and pulling at each other“May I take your picture?”Like a needle scratching along a record I zipped to a halt“What?”He licked his lips smiling at my sudden unease his eyes dancing again “I swear to God it’s not as sleazy as it sounds I think I might like to paint you sometime but obviously you won’t be able to model for me So I wondered if I could take some photos to use as references”“I’d like to do two sets if you don’t mind One nude before we fuck and another when we’re done” He pressed close brushing his lips along my jaw until I turned to welcomed the kiss His voice dropped to a sexy murmur “I want to capture the look in your eyes before and after Hungry then satisfied”I shuddered clearing my throat “Okay I just umHey look I know some scary ass leather daddies you hear me? If these end up on some internet porn site I’m sending them after you” “Don’t you see angel?” His arms tightened around me “You’re still on your feet You may hate yourself for every little mistake you make but the fact that you’ve survived means you’ve come out on top It might not be a perfect victory but those are really really rare Every day you stand up and face life again is a win” ARC provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

  4. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    This was close to a DNF I never connected with Topher and his first person POV was like watching a video on fast forward Topher was immature selfish and defensive He had reasons to be considering his family and childhood but I hated watching the train veer ever closer to the inevitable wreck The choices Topher made during the summer of the title were incredibly self destructiveThere was too much family angst here and the book was way too long almost 400 pages of ramblings and events filtered through Topher’s brain on speed I never saw much introspection out of him and for all Topher calling Jace judgmental I thought Topher was eually so Jace was never a fully realized character; why did he sacrifice so much for Topher? I never felt the chemistry between these two MCsThe ending was at best a HFN I never felt real closure I’m giving this book 2 stars because I realize that some of this is my own subjective reaction to a book I found unfocused and overly melodramatic The writing was fine The story was uniue in a way a twist on the coming of age tale but it served to irritate than entertain

  5. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    Reviewed for Welcome to the world of a dysfunctional twenty one year old Grab some popcorn It gets a little bumpy “What do you do when you discover you’re not the person you thought you were when you realize you’re far far worse? Horrible even?” Saugatuck Summer is Topher’s story Topher is a blunderbuss and an emotional black hole He’s survived an abusive chaotic and neglectful childhood He’s got a truckload of baggage his family is chock a block with pessimists and naysayers and he has a tendency to verbal vomit about it all over anyone who shows even an inkling of interest I certainly empathize with him but I didn’t like him Not at all As a matter of fact I disconnected from him and went straight into diagnostician mode It’s a defense mechanism of mine since I’ve heard this story only a thousand times worse repeatedly I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing but I can uneuivocally tell you Ms Gormley nailed this character She crawled inside him and showed us all the ugly the memories the impulsiveness the insecurities the tantrums everything No I didn’t like him but I understood him and what motivates him and so does Ms GormleyI’m not as averse to cheating as some I’m of the opinion that people make mistakes and characters that are realistic are fallible as well Brendan and Topher are both culpable and eually deserving of their fair share of the blame for betraying not only Brendan’s wife but Topher’s best friend Everything about this relationship had train wreck written all over it from the get go The dichotomy of the situation and really the book as a whole is what Ms Gormley does best As I said I didn’t like Topher I didn’t like that he was having an affair with his best friend’s father but I understood it and maybe even empathized with them both a bit I’d even go so far as to say that I think both characters’ reactions to the whole situation and its demise were pitch perfect relative to their characterizationsJace is like the dawn breaking after this stormy night He’s not perfect but he’s perfect for Topher The whole second half of Saugatuck Summer is the evolution of their relationship from hook up to a possible HEAHFN and was my favorite part of the book Their chemistry is white hot There is a seuence with them in a bathhouse with a bear and some exhibitionism that had me panting I’m a sucker for dirty talk and DA YUM Jace has got a filthy mouth The whole book is worth it for that seuence alone No lie Their relationship could uite possibly give Topher the strength to become the person he’s capable of becoming And who doesn’t need a little help every now and then?The end gets heavy on the feels and I felt like it was extended beyond what was necessary but I won’t deny being affected by it I was reminded of a famous line in an old rom com ”even people who hate their mothers love their mothers” So true especially for Topher This is an ARC and I’m becoming accustomed to the wonky formatting but it still needs an edit I had to read several sentences than once because they didn’t make sense Other than these two issues one of which is entirely subjective the other of which could uite possibly be addressed prior to its actual release it was an emotional and engaging read filled with some very interesting secondary characters I’m hopeful the next installment will involve Geoff and Robin trying to juggle being new parents and their kinky shenanigans I’ll beg if need be And ps Robin has LOTS O TATTOOS There’s got to be some piercings in there too right? RIGHT?? I would like to thank Riptide for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review

  6. Sara Sara says:

    Oh wow This book I am not going to lie; it hits you and it hits you hard There is so much to it that hit home with me at times too close to home that I had to take as step back but couldn't because no matter what I couldn't stop readingSo I have this story about our boy Topher Last year I read the short story from the mm romance group The Field of Someone Else's Dreams As I read the story of Matt and Chris a side character caught my eye; Topher Carlisle Upon following the author I had noticed her tweeting about Topher and his story I had an “ah ha” moment and decided to ask her if that Toper was THE Toper who is friends with Matt and Chris To my wonderful surprise it was and from that moment I became a bit obsessed with the boy I can’t tell you why it just happened Well now after meeting him I know that as odd as it sounds I was destined to meet Topher Carlise To read his story and not only feel for himThere was an extreme personal and emotional connection for me with this book So much of Topher could be me in many ways No I am not a young bi racial boy struggling with the screwed up dynamics of his family while having an affair with his BFF’s marriedcloseted father all why trying to figure his life out But the way Topher relates to music and parts of his past hit me hard and yes did affect my reading experience of this storyI adored the hell out of Topher yes I clung to his name after I read it in a very short story but the boy stole my heart I loved watching him as he struggled as he grew and even as he failed Topher’s back story was heart breaking and the strength that he gains from it was gorgeous Nothing is black and white life isn’t made that way and for many of us we have to fight each day to be what other’s refer to as normal Did Topher make the best decisions? Ehprobably not but he only did what he couldI won’t go into great detail about this book I honestly think it is one to be read and I will shout my love for it off the rooftops to let everyone know to do so I will say that the affair with the BFF’s dad not a spoiler it’s in the blurb was done so well It was not the best thing for these men to get into and though I know it had to end it still choked me up to watch it happen More to watch what happened to Topher because of itConfession; this author is one of my favorites I have read everything but one story by her and I love her storytelling but this this is by far my favorite of all The beauty and rawness of Topher’s story still months after reading it hits my so hard that I cannot go over my notes from it I just can’t It’s still so strong with me that I can sit her feeling it without looking at a single word from the pages I was lost in That is a mark of talent for meThere is something I took from this book a cause and effect lesson if you will There is saying in the Master Student class of “I create it all” and oh boy was it ever present in Saugatuck Summer Topher never ran from the shit that followed him or the shitty situations he got himself into He met them head on and with some help from a set of fabulous side characters he thrived Speaking of side characters um Robin and Geoff really need their own story Just sayingNow I have to talk about JaceOMG Jace This man is amazing I uestioned his want to help Topher the way that he does so truly and so passionately but once you meet him you get lost in him and it’s inevitable that you fall for Jace as he does what he does best take care encourage and love the hell out of Topher To use two words or ‘actions’ to describe Jaceswoon and unfThis book I really can’t go into much without getting spoiliery or emotional I will admit to there being a scene I did not read I completely skipped over it when I knew it was coming and have not gone back to read it I won’t go back and read it and that is strictly for personal reasons Not that there is anything wrong with it I just emotionally cannot read itSaugatuck Summer is one hell of an intense gorgeous and wonderful book I was lost in the tangled weave of Topher and his rocky navigation throughout his summer I loved him than I thought possible when I realized he was getting his story and the boy is so with me it’s insane This is one of those books that I find difficult to review if you can’t tell because it did hit so close to home but if there is one thing I could say about this book; read it Just read it Rating 45 stars

  7. .Lili. .Lili. says:

    Shoot I never wrote a review Short and sweet on this one Some words to describe it^^^Ok I know the two gifs together are a sentence not a word LolMy advicePS If you're worried about the angst factor it is not that bad and that is coming from someone who doesn't handle angst that well PPS I just want to say JaceI wish you were real

  8. Tina Tina says:

    I'm simply blown away brilliant bookCan a book kill you turn you inside out and make you grieve deeply over a cute guy and his lost youth and make you simultaneously smile with him and jump for joy when you see his burning desire to just live make his music and be happy? Saugatuck Summer made me feel this way it took me on a roller coaster ride of deep misery overwhelming emotions and the blossoming hope that even the most lost souls can find their true love and a happily ever afterWhen you first meet the exotic looking twenty one year old Christopher Carlisle he seems to be pretty confident defiant loud proud and fabulous these are his own words and you actually think that nothing on earth can ever hurt him He is comfortable identifying and presenting himself mostly as male but he definitely floats somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum and he doesn’t mind showing it swinging from mildly flaming to downright campy Openly gay not giving a shit about what anyone thinks and going his own way coming across as independent and full of self confidenceAfter reading a few pages though you realise that Topher’s world is uite different from that His mother is a deadbeat alcoholic and the rest of his family label him as self absorbed screwed up worthless gay trash Abused and neglected he somehow managed to survive his worthless mother and his shitty upbringing even when it has taken hours of therapy and tons of pharmaceuticals to get him to the point where he was able to go on with his lifeOut of money he is close to losing his college swimming scholarship so when his best friend Morgan invites him to stay at her beach house on the shores of Lake Michigan he takes a chance It gives him one summer to make money and figure out what to do with his fucked up life Oh I loved Mo she’s such a tough girl she’s Topher’s lifeline every time he’s on the verge of drowning in his self doubts “I don’t know if I’ll ever go through with it I’m just too much of a perfectionist I guess I’d rather be nothing than be middle of the road”She hugged me tightly “You’re not middle of the road Topher You’re fast lane all the way You just you know need to find the right car” Mo has a job counselling at a summer camp in Traverse City and can’t stay with Topher all the time so he is grateful that her father keeps him company If only Brendan wasn’t so hot and kind and sensitive and if only Topher wasn’t so attracted to the man who persuades him to finally unburden his heart Then there’s Jace wonderful creative insightful and understanding who seems to think Topher doesn’t give himself enough credit But just because he is who he is everything he does has to be wrong or dirty by default right? Or can one summer change everything?Oh Jace gorgeous dark haired sassy Jace covered with hot tattoos and even hotter piercings He’s the only one who sees him in a way Topher never has seen himself He’s exactly what Topher has always needed in his life It seems like his soul the depths of his being is stripped bare in front of Jace “I don’t know your story and I’m not going to ask for any than you want to give But I know I can just tell from the way you act that people have tried to take things from you tried to take you from you They tried to take away something amazing something that deserves something that wants to shine I see it I see the part they never managed to steal no matter how hard they triedYour soul” he whispered answering the unspoken inuiry The chemistry between those two Holy mother of HAWT They just cannot keep their hands of each other and believe me when I tell you it is HOT There’s one scene at a bath house holy hell Amelia you got me thereThe sex is intense tender and passionate the emotion between these two is electric the intensity and rawness of it is definitely cold shower worthy But the passion between them is so much than just the sex and the love they have for each other truly touched me and left me speechless I fell utterly and totally head over heels for Jace and TopherAmelia Gormley’s writing style is powerful gripping and so emotional You don’t feel like watching from the side lines you’re living within the story You suffer with Topher you laugh and smile with him you hug or slap him and make it all better The skill to write like this is a true gift and I’m simply in aweWhat I’d especially like to mention is the wonderful way the book combines and makes connections between the lyrics of the talented musician Casey Stratton Every chapter is introduced with the lyrics of one of his songs Marvellously done Especially his song Cloudbusting which seems to have been just written just for TopherOverall Saugatuck Summer is one brilliantly written book about learning to put a shitty past behind it’s about accepting oneself and not giving up hope It’s about making peace with one’s family getting rid of guilt and embracing life in all it’s glorious colours Andthat was so emotional to watch it’s about making dreams come true finding the perfect guy and building a future with him It’s a true coming of age story Highly recommended I really look forward to reading the next instalment of the Saugatuck universe Scratch that I can’t fucking waitBtw Topher was first mentioned in The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams Amelia’s Love Has No Boundaries freebie for the Goodread’s MM Romance Group’s Don’t Read in the Closet event last year That short story isn’t necessary to read Saugatuck Summer but for those of you who enjoyed Matt and Chris from The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams be aware that Amelia will be continuing the Saugatuck universe and giving them their own novel in the near future so go ahead and check that outI want to finish my review with one my of favourite uotes Did I mention that Jace is my newest book boyfriend crush? Jace dreamy sigh gorgeous dark haired sassy Jace covered with hot tattoos and even hotter piercings Oh girls and boys what a guy “I don’t need you to be perfect I don’t need you to never make mistakes I just need you to let me give you as much of myself as I can and to trust that I will try as hard as possible never to hurt you intentionally Can you do that? Can you just let me love you?”

  9. Vallie Vallie says:

    Blown Away 5 stars and straight to my favorites shelf Review to come Edit 26032014 Ladies and Gents meet Christopher Carlisle aka Topher This book is about him his past his present and his future He is a lovely character and I would happily read 500 pages about him Alas I'll take what I can get There are different aspects of the book that I loved and to save you from an incoherent jumble of thoughts I'll just make a list TOPHER Topher is 21 comes from a truly fucked up dysfunctional family and is struggling to maintain his swimming scholarship in college He is anything but simple He can be a diva wearing outrageous outfits out and proud and loud and what have you He can also be shy withdrawn defensive and vulnerable He is a rare creature one that can let go and indulge in hedonistic pleasures and one that will forcefully remove himself from a chance at trusting someone and being happy Learning about his past was no picnic let me tell you Some of the things he went through were the stuff of nightmares Topher often refers to himself as having a pity party and wallowing in misery but he does anything but The author's writing style is stunning Simply stunning She managed to described painful traumatic events using Topher's voice through and through in a way that made all of it real and so freaking authentic NOT ONCE did I think something was introduced to advance the plot From a psychological point of view Topher's way of thinking is fascinating and truly reflective of a person with his experiences He has had years of therapy which actually show in the way his inner monologues are constructed It was so refreshing to read about a damaged character who's had therapy and does not dismiss the therapeutic benefit of the interactions with his psychologist So often I read about a character who is damaged who might have undergone therapy but nothing in the way the character is described remotely indicates any sort of learning from the experience The character simply eventually gets better This is not the case here The author has clearly done extensive homework and Topher's psychosynthesis is a very good example of what a person with his past is like The Affair Topher's exotic looks get him a lot of attention including his best friend's closeted dad Yes there is an affair and if you are 100% repulsed by cheating do not read this because the event is not glossed over We get a crystal clear view of what Topher is going through throughout the affair his emotional ups and downs his guilt his excitement and the inevitable crash and burn when it's over Not surprisingly the whole process is pivotal to Topher's growth as a character and dare I say necessary to see him escape his scared rabbit emotional persona after it ends It's during this time that Topher meets Jace a talented artist who takes an immediate interest to Topher that actually means something than fcking a beautiful body However Jace doesn't really get his chance until later because Topher is truly messed up with everything that's happening including the affair his fear of losing his best friend over it and his financial stability Topher's family I haven't mentioned anything that's not in the blurb yet but from this point on I don't want to spoiler anyone so I will keep it vague The second part of the book is about Topher's disentanglement from a wrong choice his decision to start something with Jace and his emotional growth His self awareness reaches new levels which are portrayed especially well in the dealings with his family There are certain things that happen which reuire him to interact with family members that he is not close to or feels loved and accepted by and his struggle to rise above the feelings of inadeuacy truly shine I fell in love with Topher during this part because at times he resembled a frightened and sad little boy who just craves a little affection Then the survivor in him would kick in and I would be in awe of his inner strength and ability to adapt to challenges I LOATHE his sister and by God if she was real she would need a restraining order because seriously the girl is a serious case of narcissistic personalitypsychopathy She made me so freaking angry and I wished her character horrible things agh Topher and Jace Holy hotness Batman Topher and Jace Jace and Topher Hot Kinky Emotional Breathtaking Amelia Gormley knows her shit when it comes to erotica and boy does she deliver The sex scenes are beyond hot Seriously Sizzling scorching off the charts hot Did I mention hot? Okay There is one scene in particular that I Can't Even One word for you Steam room You'll know when you get there Besides that though there is such beauty in Topher and Jace's bonding that left me almost in tears Topher is so sensitive and it would take a special kind of person to break through those 10 feet cement walls he's built around himself Jace is that sort of person Topher is stripped bare on a level I haven't read in a while His soul is bared open to Jace and Jace takes great care in the honor to protect it and cherish itThere really isn't I could say without revealing major plot points This is a wonderful book with excellent characterisations and I cannot recommend it highly enough Word of warning Topher's voice sounded a little annoying in the very first few pages but once I got to know him all that went away Should you feel that way stick through it It is so damn worth it ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley for an honest review

  10. Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books says:

    DNF Yeah so blurb stated cheating and it's a hard hard limit for me but I was hoping the book would be good enough for me to push through it or maybe there would be some kind of grey area But nopeno grey area He legit fucked his best friends married father which happened AFTER meeting and fucking the other MC Jace No loyalty man I didn't like the main MC before that occurred and after I definitely didn't like him enough to finish

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Saugatuck Summer [PDF / Epub] ✅ Saugatuck Summer Author Amelia C. Gormley – One summer can change everythingHi I’m Topher Carlisle twenty one pretty and fabulous At least that’s what I keep telling myself But let’s get real Walking the fake it til you make it road to in One summer can change everythingHi I’m Topher Carlisle twenty one pretty and fabulous At least that’s what I keep telling myself But let’s get real Walking the fake it til you make it road to independence and self respect isn’t easy Especially since my mom’s a deadbeat alcoholic and most of my family expects me to turn out just as worthless Oh and I’m close to losing my college swimming scholarship so let’s add “dropout” to the listMy BFF has invited me to stay at her beach house on the shore of Lake Michigan That’ll give me one summer to make money and figure out what I want to do with my life So of course I decide to have an affair with my BFF’s married closeted dad Because that always works outNow I’m homeless friendless jobless Worthless Just like my family expects right Except there’s this great guy Jace who sees it differently He’s got it all together in ways I can only dream of—he’s hot creative insightful understanding He seems to think I don’t give myself enough credit And if I don’t watch out I may start to believe him.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 328 pages
  • Saugatuck Summer
  • Amelia C. Gormley
  • English
  • 15 October 2016

About the Author: Amelia C. Gormley

Amelia C Gormley published her first short story in the school newspaper in the th grade and since then has suffered the persistent delusion that enabling other people to hear the voices in her head might be a worthwhile endeavor She’s even convinced her hapless spouse that it could be a lucrative one as well especially when coupled with her real life interest in angst kink social justice i.