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10 thoughts on “The Uninvited

  1. Pauline Pauline says:

    OOOOH Spooky I was terrified when I read this book Scary We are not alone

  2. Anci Sköld Anci Sköld says:

    I´ve read this book several times throughout the years and I think it´s such a scary bookI´m from Sweden and many years ago my father had a job that meant he was spending a lot of time in UK and he and I spent two of his vacations in and around LondonOne one trip we met with one of his colleagues in UK Helen and my father later told me that she had her family in the area where The Uninvited took placeAnd my father bought this book after he met with Helens familyallright my dad and Helen were lovers for a while DMy father told me some of the things that he was told by Helens family but I don´t remember them but this bookIt´s impossible to forget the true story that Clive Harold tells in this bookAlthough I´ve read this book several times I know I will read it againAnd again

  3. Amy Amy says:

    I've read this book many times in my life and every time I thoroughly enjoy it I hate that this book is not known by many people but at the same time I feel that it may not be appreciated The Uninvited tells the story of the Coombs family and the unexplainable events that occur on their farm in the 1970's From blown up television sets to vanishing cows nobody can explain the goings on This book almost reads like an essay but we are also shown Pauline's thoughts throughout the book There are beautiful descriptions with a twist of eeriness that makes you understand the Coombs to a very good level This book was introduced to me by a family member as she knew the author and we also live a few miles away from where this true story took place Love it

  4. Magickalelf Magickalelf says:

    I read this book as a teenager shortly after it was first published in the late 1970s It was fascinating re visiting the book than 30 years later An excellent uick and intriguing read Looking forward to visiting the area this supposedly true story was set Three Stacks as it is an awe inspiring location both in beauty and now in history

  5. Suvi Suvi says:

    Horror sci fi whatever you want to call it but the main point to know about The Uninvited is that it's all supposedly true In the 1970s Broadhaven in Wales became a place for several UFO sightings In addition to schoolchildren seeing an alien dressed in a silver suit the Coombs family encountered several unexplained phenomena teleporting cows constantly breaking cars and televisions strange lights etc Well unexplained until years after the publication of The Uninvited several people came forward and claimed some of it was just a hoax You don't say?This is one of those cases rare ones thankfully where I was blinded by all the good reviews and the deceptively interesting blurb What made me even have a strong gut feeling about this is baffling because UFOs aren't really my thing I may have a mild interest for the 1940s UFO incident but that's mainly because I love history strange things and I want to visit Roswell sometime you know all the fun alien lamp posts and signs etc Even in The X Files almost all my favorite episodes are monster of the weekHarold is a completely adeuate writer and the book as a whole isn't bad per se but it's very dull The sightings follow one after another There's no real story in this monotony because we just follow the family and their daily lives with some extra terrestrials in the mix Usually my gut feeling is right but I should probably re calibrate it when buying vintage horror paperbacks

  6. Simon Simon says:

    When people worldwide think of UFO sightings in the United Kingdom they might think of the crop circles in Wiltshire They might think of the Rendlesham Forest incident where a UFO landed on a joint RAFUSAF airbase at the height of the Cold War resulting in the famous newspaper headline UFO LANDS IN SUFFOLK AND THAT'S OFFICIAL If they are somewhat well read in UFO lore they might even have heard of the Warminster Thing case which attracted hordes of George Adamski esue hippie contactees to rural Wiltshire in the midlate 1960s 10 years later than Warminster Wales went through a massive wave of often very strange cases which remain comparably obscure The one of the Welsh cases to be well known is the Berwyn Mountain case probably on account of being one of the few where a clear mundane explanation was foundThe Uninvited by Clive Harold follows one of the weirdest and most disturbing of the Welsh UFO cases In 1977 the Coombs family did not just see several UFO landings near their farm but also experienced interruptions and malfunctions striking the electric appliances in their home stalking by very tall men wearing silver spacesuits and sickly looking Men In Black whose physiognomy matched that of no ethnicity on the planet as well as repeated incidents where the livestock on their farm disappeared from their stables only to return on the nearby farmer's field All that despite the Coombs having locked the stables and nothing having been done to remove the padlocks by their unearthly assailants The aforementioned MIBs were also described as driving a futuristic silver car whose bodywork did not resemble any production car that had existed at the time All decidedly uncanny and Harold writes the story like a captivating and disturbing horror novel with no clear answers except happening in real lifeHowever there are some things about this book that look suspicious the you think about them There are no primary sources listed no photographs or even maps of the farm where everything took place I cannot tell for sure how much of it happened exactly as the author describes and how much might be embellishment to tell a cracking good yarn Reading the Uninvited I got flashbacks to Charles Berlitz' books about the Roswell UFO Crash and the Bermuda Triangle which came across as convincing until you find out about all the deliberate omissions of key information that make mundane explanations appealing if not downright misrepresentations of the facts of the cases at hand I wonder how much the story of the Coombs' experiences turns out to be similar with Clive Harold functioning as an across the pond Charles Berlitz here?After having seen the documentary film Mirage Men and read the book by Mark Pilkington that inspired it both of which revolve around how the USAF cultivated much of the American UFO mythology to distract from its own secret test flights I suspect the Royal Air Force and the MI5 might have been engaging in something similar here Imagine the RAF testing prototype VTOL aircraft that locals mistook for flying saucers euipped with ahead of their time electronic jamming euipment designed for disrupting communication systems The RAF could also have unusually tall personnel dress up in spacesuits and stalk the family and done others up to look sickly while modifying a car to look like something from the future in order to give the MIB a convincingly unearthly transportation method There are no hard evidence yet for this theory but I can't help but ask cui bono? After all Harold describes the Royal Air Force at first claiming to the Coombses that they were investigating the incidents as well but then turn around and deny they could do anything about it If Harold didn't make turn of events up this suggesting the RAF knew than it let on at the time Having learned from Mirage Men what the USAF went up to at the same time I would not be surprised if such a game of smoke and mirrors was at play here

  7. Mike Mike says:

    The Uninvited is based on interviews with the Coombs family of western Wales who were caught up in what has become known as the 1977 Welsh Triangle UFO Flap Hundreds of UFO sightings were reported that year in Wales but the Coombs' dairy farm was particularly affected with family members seeing multiple large lights in the nighttime sky and encountering large glowing figures described as spacemen in silver suits and helmets They reported other unexplained phenomena such as cows mysteriously vanishing and reappearing at other locations Author Clive Harold prefaces the book with a statement of his own skepticism and in fact years after this book was published hoaxers came forward and confessed to being behind some of the alien sightings And yet the Coombs seem to genuinely have experiencedsomething Even allowing for the author's inclination to compose the story for maximum dramatic effect I still wonder what was going on at that farm Like so many of these sorts of stories I doubt there can ever be a complete explanation but it's interesting to read and speculate about

  8. Stefan Dziewanowski Stefan Dziewanowski says:

    A scary fascinating book that often rings true emotionally Even knowing that the silver men were probably pranksters doesn't take away from some of the weirdness The inclusion of so much seemingly paranormal activity adds to the overall authenticity for me I do wonder whether the classifying it as UFO activity came from the silver men prankster events and the rest then becomes much closer to strange lights and spooky goings on However thats complicated by the seemingly authentic sighting by a number of children at the local school which I don't think has ever been debunked convincingly Great book if you liked Communion or similar accounts of close encounters

  9. Jeffrey Martin Jeffrey Martin says:

    Took me forever to get through Found it very dull

  10. Ben Ben says:

    Although dated I found this book unnerving than I thought I would

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The Uninvited➭ [Ebook] ➨ The Uninvited By Clive Harold ➹ – First published in 1979 – The Uninvited is the true story of an ordinary family living in South Wales who found themselves entangled in a series of unearthly encounters in 1977 At first the manifest First published in – The Uninvited is the true story of an ordinary family living in South Wales who found themselves entangled in a series of unearthly encounters in At first the manifestations were minor UFOs were sighted in the area huge burnt patches were found in the fields television sets and cars blew all of their wiringbut before long the Coombs family was visited by weird lights huge white figures and a glowing disembodied hand Their lives were disrupted and they were terrified by something unidentifiable and unimaginable They were a focus for The Uninvited For the first time in decades the book has been revised and renewed with all new additional content and digitally enhanced photographs.