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A World Apart ☃ A World Apart PDF / Epub ✑ Author Nora Roberts – Thomashillier.co.uk Kadra é uma exterminadora de demónios à caça de uma criatura perigosa ue transforma homens em monstros Ao descobrir ue a sua presa foi parar à Nova Iorue do séc XX é forçada a viajar a esse mu Kadra é uma exterminadora de demónios à caça de uma criatura perigosa ue transforma homens em monstros Ao descobrir ue a sua presa foi parar à Nova Iorue do séc XX é forçada a viajar a esse mundo onde trava uma amizade improvável com Harper Doyle Sem ele mal consegue compreender e sobreviver num mundo tão estranho Mais estranho ainda são os sentimentos ue sente nascer por Harper Mas a não ser ue impeça o demónio ambos os mundos – bem como a relação entre os A World PDF \ dois – podem não sobreviver à destruição.

10 thoughts on “A World Apart

  1. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    A World Apart is the story of Kadra and HarperA feisty medieval vampire slayer travels through time to meet the man who would help her slay the master vampire soon realizing he is a human PI They war love and soon have their happy ending after much angst and almost tragedySafe35

  2. Paraphrodite Paraphrodite says:

    35 starsRe listened in 2020 Frankly I don't remember listening to this before but I did like the role reversal of a female demon slayer jumping dimensions to New York where she's helped by a PI in eliminating the demon king who wanted to consume the cityOf courseview spoiler when the PI was being transformed by the demon's kiss it only took a kiss from our heroine to save him as hide spoiler

  3. Lyndi W. Lyndi W. says:

    I loved this one Kadra is a medieval demon slayer from an alternate dimension who goes to modern day New York City to hunt the demon king And she is hilariously literal Her reaction to a television had me rolling with laughter I also liked how Harper rolled with the punches I would have really enjoyed this story as a full length novel

  4. Kari Kari says:

    A World Apart was a very different story than I am used to from this author I have read some of her other fantasy tales but this one was a bit gruesome The scenes in subway were reminiscent of any creepy vampire demon movie The evil demon in this case is changing the homeless into his minions by giving them a nasty kiss Gross Cadre has come from another world to try to defeat this demon and stop him from destroying both worldsThe love story was a bit rushed but what else would you expect from a novella? I loved Harper and how he was so accepting of Cadre Cadre took me a bit longer to warm up to It was also amusing to watch her discover the technology of this world I love these uick older stories by Nora because they are great when I need something short and sweet in between heavier books It's only 3 CDs long so if you have a long work commute it's perfect This story was originally published in the anthology Once Upon a Kiss The book also includes stories by Jill Gregory Ruth Ryan Langan and Marianne Willman If you are looking for just the Nora story try out the audio The narrator Angela Dawe was great

  5. Roos Roos says:

    Short but good story building She did good with the time travel between multiple dimensions Time travel is hard to get right and usually there are plot holes the size of Canada Thank you Nora Roberts for writing so much

  6. Helio Helio says:

    Although I don't usually care for zombie stories here a kiss converts rather than a bite I enjoyed the telling I liked the continual amazement of encountering the various aspects of the different cultures Other such time travel tales usually dispense with the puzzlement early One uote by a character was a puzzle for me I must leave you I will always be with you Kind of like the end of a book you finish it but the story stay in your mind This one will stay longer than Montana Sky

  7. Becky Becky says:

    A good short story by Nora Roberts Filled with romance magic good guys bad guys sorceresses and demons and humor Kendra is thrown into another portal to slay the evil Bok and lands literally on Hunter who was chosen to be her helper Harper is living in today's world and finds it hard to accept this attractive pixy who can kick anyone's ass I really enjoyed how the two worlds come together and how Kendra learns all about Hunter's world The only thing that kept me from 5 stars is Hunters dialogue He spoke sometimes like out of a historical romance novel than a PI from New York Other than that I really enjoyed the whole story line and great characters

  8. Karen Joc Karen Joc says:

    There is no original concept with this book it's a mish mash of snow white meets time travel meets slayer Except for the role reversal its hers kiss that saves him meets time travel uite boring unrealistic and really not one of my favourites

  9. Waverly Nyx Waverly Nyx says:

    Booktube a thon book 3 has been completed There wasn't a specific challenge for this book as I added it onto the end as the last challenge which is read 7 books so I technically haven't passed this challenge but I'm one step closer P395

  10. Danthony74 Danthony74 says:

    I didn't care for this story of passing thru portals to different worlds I just couldn't get my imagination to wrap around that possibility

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