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Secrets from the Afterlife ❮Reading❯ ➿ Secrets from the Afterlife Author Colin Fry – Colin Fry is the acclaimed star of '6ixth Sense' and 'Psychic Private Eyes' and is UK TV's leading psychic medium Not only are his viewing figures huge he also tours the country speaking to massive au Colin Fry is the acclaimed star of 'ixth Sense' and 'Psychic Private Eyes' and is UK TV's leading psychic medium Not only are his viewing figures huge he also tours Secrets from ePUB ½ the country speaking to massive audiences So many people want to see him because he's the keeper of remarkable secrets When loved ones pass over where do they go How do you know if they're ok Are they still aware of us Can they do anything to help Is there a way to keep in touch with them What's it like on the Other Side In this extraordinary book Colin explains how understanding the spirit world has made his own life so much easier And he also describes how many many people ask him to connect with their loved ones who have passed over The stories of these encounters make incredible reading You will not be surprised by the amount of comfort he can bring to others but you will be amazed by the secrets he discovers from the afterlife and how hearing them can change your perspective forever.

About the Author: Colin Fry

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8 thoughts on “Secrets from the Afterlife

  1. Ann York Ann York says:

    I really loved reading this book and about other peoples stories about the afterlife and seeing their loved ones again when they have passed i really do beleive in this kind of stuff it's about when loved ones pass over and where they go? and how do you know they are ok and are they still aware of us and can they do anything to help and is there a way to keep in touch with them and what's it like on the other side it's a really good read if you are into this sort of stuff

  2. Liesbeth Liesbeth says:

    Not everyone is going to enjoy this or get something out of it it's got to be your thingI have encountered a lot of death in my life both personally and professionally and my personal belief is that there is to life than we can see and our spirit continues in a certain way after we pass awayColin has got an easy writing style and is likeable and believableHence if you're interested in spirituality this is good reading materialIf you're not I'd leave it well alone

  3. Lucy Dowen Lucy Dowen says:

    Very good readExtremly hard to put downgives a massive insight into the world of mediumship and met my expectations head onbrilliant read

  4. belinda belinda says:

    Enjoyed reading this it did offer some comfort

  5. Sally Lovelock Sally Lovelock says:

    Nice book but not very riveting

  6. Aileen Aileen says:

    6ixth Sense TV medium Colin Fry shares some of his memorable readings adding his thoughts as to what the messages mean for the sitters and for us all in generalI have a lot of time for Colin I've been to a couple of his live shows and he always comes across as one of the nicest people you could meet so honest and genuinly interested in helping everyone This book reinforces my opinion and brought tears to my eyes several times whilst reading it

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    Such a brilliant book started reading it last Sunday evening and finished it Thursday didn't take long to read and was a book you could really get your teeth it to Would definitely recommend it to anyone would have an interest in Psychic Mediums the Paranormal etc

  8. Sharon Hall Sharon Hall says:

    Loved this book 100% recommend if you like Colin Fry this will not disappoint

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