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  1. Marsha Roberts Marsha Roberts says:

    I started reading Forever Young as individual parts of the series By the time I got to Part 3 the book had come out in its entirety and I purchased it right away Ms Nougat certainly had me hooked and I was so glad to find out what happened to everyone The book begins two hundred years in the future as a beautiful woman hears the alarm go off on her watch But this is no ordinary watch it's her Life Watch and it just informed her that at 122 years old she is programmed to die that night She looks in the mirror and can hardly believe it's true because she appears just as young as she did the day she joined the Age Preserving Program APP She is what is known as a One Percenter but how her life suddenly comes to an end is startling and sets up an intriguing storyThe dilemma everyone faces is the decaying of the earth from pollution The uality of life for 99% of the population is deplorable which makes it understandable why people would risk so much for a chance to be part of the APP where you have the assurance of complete health until your time is suddenly up This dispensing of APP memberships when members die bring the destiny of three people together Alice Jamie and Lizzie The fate of these three mirrors the fate of the world It's uite a roller coaster ride as those who are determined to stay forever young become desperate to find a solution Should they leave the planet or is there another way out? There are subtle and not so subtle predictions as to where our world is heading as the rich get richer and the middle class disappears into endless struggle The author explores the international predicament in a very thought provoking way However smart this book might be it's also extremely entertaining thanks to a cast of characters Nougat has created that range from fascinating to despicable She places each in a situation where there is no simple answer no easy way out and gets the reader trying to guess what choice they will make until the very end I highly recommend this book it's a great read and am so pleased to find out that she has a seuel planned for next year

  2. Claude Forthomme Claude Forthomme says:

    There's no point in my reviewing my own book it's up to the readers and I hope some will be moved enough to write down what they thinkI just wanted to point out that while this book is meant as entertainment it is also like most climate fiction novels intended as a wake up call if we don't do something now to reverse the trends that drive our civilization industrialization the population explosion with attendant pollution and global warming we are headed for disaster That's why FOREVER YOUNG is set just 200 years from now a world that is much advanced than ours but still recognizableit's the world of our great great grandchildren or should I add another great to that? GrinIs that the world we want for them?

  3. Emma Calin Emma Calin says:

    Sometimes you arrive at a book where you glance up from the page and look around to check out what your actual reality is This is such a book Yes it is a story of greed selfishness love sex ambition goodness et al It is all the things that we are What is different is that it is just a little closer to the horizon of future than us right now But not so far that we are disconnected I felt that I was in the back carriage of a speeding train If I chose I could just walk along the corridor and be there Why bother we're all going to the same place? The premise is of a world divided into a fabulously rich elite class of ever beautiful people and the rest the merely mortal poor majority Does this sound familiar guys? Yes this is our train We are on it Our world is choking itself with its industrial pollution Well what else makes the wealth? The narrative follows a number of characters as the elite seek ways to use their wealth to cheat the reaper's scythe This story makes a thumping good read as if it were a detective tale or a romance Beyond this framework of human foible lurks the cold interrogator of reason What is the morality of wealth? What is the nature of time individualized consciousness and the universe? The clever thing in this book is that the author offers no didactic guide She shrugs because this is how it is You decide In the story the elite are remarkably shallow Those beneath them are of little account In their blisstopian bubble their own desires and ambitions are paramount They represent a class of man one can only think of as an hereditary meritocracy Who needs Kant when you have golf?This is a stimulating book that can be addressed on many levels Once you have read it the digestion begins with the next News bulletin celebrity sports interview medical breakthrough IMF pronouncement and on and on This is a book from an old style intellectual writer a painter and poet She's on the same train and looking up the tracks where we're all headed

  4. Annis Pratt Annis Pratt says:

    Concern about the environment fear of the impact of climate change — even on uiet nights when our neighborhoods are not being assaulted by violent storms catastrophic winds floods of rain and killing heat a lot of us can’t sleep for worry Is it already too late? What will the world be like for our grandchildren? Our hearts are filled with dread that our species along with so many others will become extinct In those long nights we sometimes turn to novels for comfort or at the least for the company of the like minded The plot of John Grisham’s Grey Mountain to give just one example is constructed on the conflict between Appalachian lawyers who love their mountain landscape and Big Coal with its strip mining the mountains into dust; think too of Barbara Kinsolver’s Flight Behavior also set in Appalachia about the fate of Monarch butterfliesSci Fi’s projection of future worlds has recently developed a new sub genre specifically concerned with climate change Climate Fiction or Cli Fi imagines what our world will be like as global warming worsens Claude Nougat’s Gateway to Forever is a good example of the genre With the extinction of all living things on earth close at hand Nougat projects the 1% of richest and most powerful inhabitants as an uber class planning evacuation to the “Forever Planet” leaving the 99% behind to go extinct with every other species Although they acknowledge that they have wrecked the earth they look forward to populating “a world exactly like ours used to be before we messed it up A virgin planet of the right size about the same as Earth the way it was before industrialization” There is also a brutal dictator lurking in Antarctica where he is putting himself and several thousand people into hibernation His plan is that when the earth is entirely empty of living beings he and his minions will wake up and seize powerNougat describes engaging new techie gizmos like an ultimate fitbit watch that gives the 1% life spans of over a century; and a “Holo” by which you can project a hologram of yourself to attend meetings you can’t get to She develops a love triangle to rivet your attention and chills you to the bone by her portrayal of ordinary characters going about their lives on our rapidly degrading planetAnd exactly how is this supposed to cheer us up? Like Orwell’s 1984 Gateway to Forever is a dystopia showing you the worst of all possible worlds in order to nudge your conscience to denounce its ways and work for better ways of being On the way you learn that there is someone out there who sees things the same way that you do Or as Nougat defines the genre elsewhere Cli Fi is a positive development for writers of speculative fiction with a passion for environmental themes And for those of us who also feel impassioned about environmental causes it’s a win win I believe fiction can communicate messages like ‘we’re mortgaging our planet’s future for short term economic gain’ in ways that are visceral than nonfiction books addressing similar concerns”by Annis Pratt wwwannisprattcom

  5. Alana Woods Alana Woods says:

    Some time ago I read Nougat’s short story compilation Death on Facebook Short Stories for the Digital Age and was impressed with the range of stories and the skill with which they were presented One that caught my imagination was I will not leave you behind the futuristic story of a 122 year old woman who is part of an elite program that keeps you young until you die In FOREVER YOUNG Nougat has taken that short story and woven its premise into a four part series of short novels I enjoyed reading very muchThe over arching theme is the approaching doom of Earth from climate change The story is set 200 years into the future and what becomes apparent very uickly is that humankind never did learn the lessons of what it would take to save the planet Everyone including big business is still only concerned with the present and what they can get out of it for themselves People are still divided into the have’s and have not’s only now the have’s—called the OnePercenters—can afford to have old age and illness permanently eliminated right up until death whereas the have not’s—the 99PerCenters—continue to struggle as we struggle in this day and ageThe story and struggle is told through three characters who all aspire to be a OnePercenter highlighting the fact that even in Earth’s extremis we’re still only concerned with what advantages we can garner for ourselvesYou can come away from reading this series feeling a great despair for where we’re heading The alternatives that the author presents that of leaving Earth to inhabit a new planet and starting again or remaining and hoping Earth regenerates itself are stark contrastsA thought provoking confronting read

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Forever Young, Omnibus Edition (Parts 1-4) [BOOKS] ✴ Forever Young, Omnibus Edition (Parts 1-4) ✻ Claude Forthomme – 200 years from now the world in the grip of global warming is eerily like ours only much worse The ultra rich aka the One Percenters live in protected areas while the rest of humanity faces pollution years from now the world in the grip of global warming is eerily like ours only much worse The ultra rich aka the One Percenters live in protected areas while the rest of humanity faces pollution plagues and early Forever Young, Epub / death The One Percenters are the only ones who can afford all the advances of technology in particular the exclusive Age Prevention Program APP that lets them live their whole life span looking forever young till the day they drop deadThree friends struggling for survival Lizzie a young California golf champion Jamie an investigative journalist for the World and US Post and Alice a lovely Swiss nurse try to enter the APP Meanwhile Lizzie's uncle a determined and ruthless Percenter retired from the military lurks around hell bent on carving a place for himself in the APPOnly two options are open to escape extinction one fly to another planet a thousand light years away pristine and green much like Earth before industrialization but the so called “Immortality Trip” is reserved to One Percenters; the other retreat to Antarctica the last virgin continent but it is in the hands of Gary Trude XIII a Hitlerian style autocrat Can Lizzie Jamie and Alice escape from Gary Trude and join the Immortality TripNOTE TO THE READERThis book first published under the title Forever Young followed the model of serialized novels and was originally published in four separate parts The separate parts are still available on all e platforms except But carries the revised version of this book now in the form of a self standing novel under the new title Gateway to Forever.