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We're Alive A Story of Survival the Fourth Season ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ We're Alive A Story of Survival the Fourth Season By K.C. Wayland ➝ – Thomashillier.co.uk Length 13h 18minThe battle has begun There is no running away or trying to hide The survivors confront their attackers head on both human and otherwise As the mystery starts to unravel surrounding the Length h minThe battle has A Story Kindle Ð begun There is no running away or trying to hide The survivors confront their attackers head on both human and otherwise As the mystery starts to unravel surrounding the man in the pin striped suit can our heroes stop him in timeWe're Alive A Story of Survival the Fourth Season the final season features chapters packed with performances and sound effects that rival movies and prove that modern audio drama is undead and well Join our survivors as they We're Alive PDF \ band together and discover that zombies are far from the worst thing in a post apocalyptic world where the rules of human decency no longer applyLittle food little water little hope who is lucky enough to say We're Alive.

  • Audiobook
  • We're Alive A Story of Survival the Fourth Season
  • K.C. Wayland
  • English
  • 01 March 2016

10 thoughts on “We're Alive A Story of Survival the Fourth Season

  1. Soo Soo says:

    5 Stars Audio Drama Production Cast 3 Story 4 Stars Season 4 concludes 'We're Alive A Story of Survival' I kept my fingers crossed since season 3 I knew that if I wanted answers to my uestions they would appear in the last half of the series Events kept piling up on top of each other in waves that grew stronger with each pass It was a wild bronco ride that threw you for a spin and left you sprawled on your butt The build up was great The answers? Eh For a story that's already in left field it seemed like the writers jumped to a different plane and waved jauntily from a completely different perspective They're not bad I thought some of them were a bit odd I'll leave it at that The final battles were exciting and a mass of confusion I'm not sure if the results were intentional but the story was not as coherent during this part The one time I wished it was a visual production for that one bit than an audio drama The characters are what made this series interesting and kept me engaged to the very end I wish some of the plot points were tied up better than they were but they did try to tie up all the relevant parts and not leave the reader hanging You can listen to the whole story for free There's a playlist of the whole podcast on Spotify and certain podcast apps I sincerely enjoyed the story and hope there will be audio dramas

  2. Tracy Tracy says:

    Great episode Excited to find out how the series is wrapped up in #5

  3. Caleb M. Caleb M. says:

    What a wonderful series I feel bad in some ways because I'm sure people will want to compare this to The Walking Dead but that does it a disservice This really is something different and if you like The Walking Dead comics or tv show then you should give this a chance This final chapter was an emotional roller coaster During one of the chapter I was even shedding tears which just doesn't happen very much with me but I was moved All the characters are great and fully realized They all have uniue personalities You will grow to love some and be annoyed by others but all are acted well I was also very satisfied with the ending Zombie stories are tricky to get a good ending on and I think this nails it Especially since I found out a while ago that Kirkman isn't ever going to tell us how randomly one day everyone who dies is just turning into zombies in his Walking Dead universe I think that is a cop out and I felt very pleased with how that all played out in this story In short this is great and worth a listen

  4. MsBDiamondDiva1 MsBDiamondDiva1 says:

    This series was sooo good But I will say that it is very much alike The Walking Dead so much so that some fans would be upset; however I can't be since this had a lot of twist and turns and the action was sooooo amazing Can't wait until Lockdown comes out

  5. Duckyday Duckyday says:

    FINALLY characters die Through previous seasons characters seem to have an inhuman ability to survive everythinganything

  6. Crystal Gagne Crystal Gagne says:

    WOW What an ENDING HOLY COW SO FULL of suspense and many uestions answered and loose ties brought up THIS is the best audio drama production out there I highly HIGHLY RECOMMEND this ENTIRE SERIES WOW I'VE been on one hell of a ride What a great story i love the characters the actors are great tue sound effects supeb the writing just wow I hope they hurry up on thw spinoffs I'm having Saul withdrawals lol this audio was so powerful I actually CRIED and also LAUGHED SMILED SCREAMED CHEERED GOT FRUSTRATED etc such a wide range of emotions coursed through me stemming from MY EARS and vivid imagination Such an awesome story I'm finding myself in a what do i do NOW? All 4 books have consumed my life this week I had ti KNOW what happened and listening all day everyday straight to find out My headphones are now an extention of my own self from having had them in my ears constantly to listen in on Mike Saul Angel Lizzy Riley Pegs Tonya Hope Dahtu Puck etc lives OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION may have to relisten to the entire thing to get me fix of them satisfying ending but did not want it to end

  7. Felipe Almeida Felipe Almeida says:

    The book definitely overextended its welcome a lot of characters stagnated for most of the book while a few plotlines were in focus It was still a pleasant experience but I definitely had to force myself to finish it out of a desire to see all plotlines resolved The author knows how to finish a story though the ending was satisfying for the most part

  8. Lara Jewdryna Lara Jewdryna says:

    Had to give all the seasons 5 stars We're Alive is such a masterpiece Amazing job to everyone who made this possible I still have lots of uestions but I bet KC Wayland has plenty tricks up his sleeve We will be patiently waiting for any upcoming projects from his team

  9. Child Deirdre Child Deirdre says:

    The stakes are as high as ever on season 4 and when all is said and done you feel a hole in your chest It's been a hell of a ride

  10. Lotta Lotta says:

    This final season is the most emotional for sure I don't think it's a spoiler to tell you I cried at times while listening

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