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  • Her Dom (Dominic Powers, #1)
  • A.D. Justice
  • English
  • 14 May 2014

10 thoughts on “Her Dom (Dominic Powers, #1)

  1. A.M. Madden A.M. Madden says:

    I've had the privilege of reading this marvelous book as a Beta reader AD Justice tortured me one chapter at a time Even with knowing the main plot and the details of the storyline I was still captivated at every turn My Dom I mean Her Dom was a super steamy suspenseful hot as hell could not put down read I need book two ASAP The world of DomSub relationships is realistically portrayed in this book A must must must read I absolutely loved it More please

  2. Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥ Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥ says:

    ↓↓↓↓↓▼▼▼▼▼↓↓↓↓↓↓His name is Dominic Powers and by jove he had power the power to piss me right offI absolutely did not gel with Dom Dominic Powers at all Firstly no do not call me Sir or Master 'call me Dom' WHAT? then every time she spoke she added Dom it did my friggin head in Then everytime he spoke to her it was My Angel this also did my head inThe content for this book has not been researched properly at all I can see lovely fluffy cloud loving romanticising utter gooey eyed loved up bunnies loving this and even historical lovers I could so imagine Dom Dominic wearing lacy frilly shirts with bulbous cuffs and intricate embroidered waistcoasts and a skirt oh no sorry why did I say skirt Well he did come across completely and utterly of a woman's mind and mannerisms He had no male in him whatsoever his inner Dom was gay as far as I am concerned and I bloody hated every time he had a thought process so that was pretty much all of the words I read He procastinated than any women I knowOh my he needed to grow a pair of balls and have an air of arrogance not rude or agressive just an air of dominance and control that this bloke wouldn't know if it smacked him in the faceAlso if I read one friggin sex scene about a bloody cupcake I was going to puke I actually was waiting for a scene for him to say can I put my flake in your frosting See what I mean he's a Dom and he constantly references sex to bloody cupcakes and tasting her frosting yes it really does that say How friggin sexy is that NOT OH PULLEEEASEOoooh one thing Sophia is a woman made in heaven to the perfect specs actually as was Dom people like this just do not exist She's 23 and cleverer than anybody else can take over discussions as though she owns them and then is a uivering wreck in the bedroom I don't think soAnyway if you like your Dom completely soft and mushy and not dominant at all and talks rather colourfully gentile then you'll love this if you want your Dom to be masterful dominating and his air of arrogance then you might want to avoid thisSadly this book just wasn't for me at all No offence meant towards the author at all but this book really got on my last nerve and absolutely ticked no boxes of satisfaction anywhere sorryedited 14th Oct 520pm to add This review has upset the author who as you can see was not bashed within personally at all and I in no way had any kind of intentions to throw upset towards anyone reader blogger or including the authorSo I didn't like this book I am allowed to not like a book and say so but let me add the author writes well enough goes over same ground a few times with different words so does contain waffle but for the most part I just didn't like the characters in this book at all neither of them unfortunately But for the most part the writing skills of Angel Justice were good it's in this instance how her characters were created and their personalities I didn't get along with at all Cupcake sex is so not my thing now nor ever will it be As to are wishy washy Doms that don't like being called Sir or Master and a girl that is hard to like from the get go in MY OPINION Sadly my review has extremely upset the author immensely so much so that she has done a video review really blasting bloggers and bad reviews and she even uses my name in said video she also mentions abouts bloggers receiving ARC's and doing bad reviews also aimed at me she should have checked out the facts first as I would like to reiterate I DID NOT RECEIVE AN ARC OF THIS BOOK

  3. Michelle Dodd Michelle Dodd says:

    I'll be honest this type of book is not really my thing but I have heard good things about this series I've also loved her previous books so I went into it with an open mindI was pleasantly surprised I loved this book I Wasn't expecting it to end the way it did poor Dom can't wait to start the next book

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    ARC Given to Blog for Honest ReviewDNF1 KissI’ve said this before and I will say it a million times I hate when I don’t click with a book I know it’s nothing I should take personally but being the book lover I am it hurts my heart when I’m just not into a bookit makes me feel like I failed as silly as it sounds I was intrigued by the synopsis for Her Domplus with a title like that who could resist Unfortunately it just didn’t add up for meI knew pretty early on that this book wasn’t my cup of tea when I was raising my eyebrows so much We’re in Dominic’s POV andI’m sorry none of it sounded like a male’s POV I know it’s hard to write a convincing male POVand it’s not that I’m super picky about the male POV’s that I love but when that combined with the other things that were bothering me it made it that much worseI noticed it The way Dominic was portrayed and then his thoughtsweren’t matching up It’s something possibly small but it happened too many times early on for me not to start rolling my eyesI wasn’t really gelling with the writing eitherit was a bit clichéd and it started to wear on me It just seemed very generic and I was waiting for the uniuenessbut it never came I want to be hanging on every word desperate to turn the pageand when I started skimming – I knew that was bad I don’t skimI never skimI might accidently read too fast when I’m super excited but if I’m skimmingthen that means I’m not interested I tried forcing a few chapters but the further I got the worse I felt I can’t force a bookif I do then I’ll just end up resenting it and possibly hating it so I had to make the decision to stopIt seems like I’m in the minority with this bookwhich makes me sad I wish I had seen what others did You win someyou lose some

  5. Skye Turner Skye Turner says:

    I was lucky enough to get to read AD Justice's book Her DomI'll be honest this type of book is not really my thing but I've loved her previous books so I went into it with an open mindI was BLOWN awayI loved this book I loved that while the sex was hot the book focused uite a book on the people and their relationship instead of just the sexBoth Dominic and Sophia are well developed charactersDominic is used to life a certain way and Sophia doesn't fit into the box he's carved out for his life but their chemistry is undeniable and explosiveHe's an alpha male with a heart of goldSophia has secrets she's trying to hideTogether they take you on a WILD and thrilling rideDefinite page turner and highly recommendI'd also like a cupcake5 STARS

  6. Kayla Mccoy Kayla Mccoy says:

    Oh Dom That's what you will be yelling after you read this book The storyline is so intriguing It is honestly so different from any book I've read I loved the connection between Dom and Sophia It is instant and explosive There is a lot of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book There are a lot of secrets and past situations that cause a lot of conflict between Dom and Sophia The love scenes are amazing and will leave you begging for I love AD Justice books The way she develops these two characters is amazing Can't wait for from Dom and Sophia

  7. Letty (Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer) Letty (Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer) says:

    The instant connection between Dominic and Sophia is felt through the pages and their scenes together are passionate and very sexy He is very sweet with her and treats her like a ueen but she has a hard time accepting this She is working on getting over her insecurities especially because he lets her call him ‘Dom’ something he never allowed anyone before herThere is much intrigue and secrets surrounding Sophia and her past just seems like a bomb ready to explode at any moment She never wants to talk about her family and you just know that something bad involving them is lurking in the shadows Dom also has a secret that he’s struggling with and can’t seem to figure out how to tell her about it It’s something that causes him nightmares and he’s afraid she’ll want to leave him once she finds outReading ‘Her Dom’ is like watching a good detective movie You know there is a mystery to be solved but you can’t figure out what it is You’re at the edge of your seat waiting for the shoe to drop and anxious for the outcome When the shoe does drop you are left with your mouth hanging open unable to believe what just happenedThat ending left me pulling my hair out and I can’t wait for the next book to see what the hell I got hit with

  8. Ruthie Taylor Ruthie Taylor says:

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThe underlying story here is good but there are some significant inconsistencies which for the stickler in me made me annoyed The main one is Sophia being 23 and yet having so much business experience Later in the book we learn about her past and the beginning of the story seems to have been completely forgotten I won't mention other elements as they could be spoilerish Maybe the truth will become clearer in book 2 but currently it rankles I liked Tucker and Shadow; they brought a lot to the story because they interacted with the main characters but no one else is brought to life The whole story is told from his point of view which means that we know very little of how she is thinking until the very end

  9. D.L. Gallie D.L. Gallie says:

    I was lucky enough to be a beta reader and have just finished Her Dom This book was amazingly brilliant AD had me sucked in from the beginning and with every twist and turn it kept me on the edge of my seat As usual I could not pick where the story was going but I loved how the story played out and I absolutely cannot wait for book #2 in the series

  10. Beth Beth says:

    4 Cupcake StarsPissed off Mad Screaming Me This book sucked me in Spit me out and let me hanging Freakin' hanging Dominic is a powerful software tycoon in Dallas He is looking for a new assistant A right hand person To make decisions for him when he can't be there Wouldn't you move up to this position? But I digress He starts the interview process and meets Sophia He puts her through a tough interview You're a good man Anything else is just icing on the cakeSophia is a young sweet girl who has all the right answers and all the right credentials Plus she's a hottie who blushes Just what Dominic is looking forin an assistant I know there is a great deal I can learn under your guidanceDominic and Sophia of course take their relationship to the next level And the next Dom has secrets he doesn't want to share with her He doesn't think she trusts him enough yet to hear about all of his pastI'm not sure she can handle it I'm not sure I can resist itSophia has a past too Can they make this work? Can they build a real relationship? Trust each other enough? There are some sexy scenes starring Dominic You can see the mental and emotional relationship build There are ruined dinners at the Four Seasons skinny dipping straight talking parents wrecks fires and a couple of security guys I want to hear about I have a Tucker Crush This was a 35 read for me You might notice the 4 stars at the top The last 4 pages or so jumped it up to a 4 I was not totally invested in the characters until the end Now I can't wait for the next book Total cliffhanger Insert me screaming here

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