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Le bouclier Arverne ❮KINDLE❯ ❀ Le bouclier Arverne Author René Goscinny – Thomashillier.co.uk ¡La Gran Colección sigue creciendo En esta ocasión Astérix y Obélix encontrarán un escudo perdido durante mucho tiempo y muy importante para el orgullo galo ue dará al traste con los planes de ¡La Gran Colección sigue creciendo En esta ocasión Astérix y Obélix Le bouclier PDF or encontrarán un escudo perdido durante mucho tiempo y muy importante para el orgullo galo ue dará al traste con los planes de Julio César ¡El mismo Astérix de siempre pero con una calidad insuperable.

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  1. Dirk Grobbelaar Dirk Grobbelaar says:

    I’ve always found Asterix and the Chieftain’s Shield to be a bit of a serious entry in the series And no I’m not referring to the effects of overindulgence on the human liverThere’s a bit of a melancholic streak in this story which is difficult to ualify in an Asterix book It references the defeat of the Gauls at the hands of the Romans at the Battle of Alesia and the title refers to the shield Vercingetorix “threw at Caesar’s feet” after the battle Now I don’t want to go into detail here because it’s out of place in an Asterix review but if you were to go read up what happened to Vercingetorix afterward it will likely leave a bad taste in your mouth This theme is underscored in the book with the Gaulish people and especially the veterans of the Battle of Alesia getting all riled up when the affair is mentioned ”What do you mean Alesia? I don’t even know where Alesia is Nobody knows where Alesia is” Chief VitalstatistixSomething funny pertaining to that last uote it seems that this was intended literally than I initially suspected Apparently scholars have been speculating about the location of Alesia for many years until finally settling on a location near Dijon in the 1990s This book was published in 1967 You do the mathAnyway serious matters aside this is still an Asterix book with all the comedic trappings we have come to expect I appreciate the main plot thread of this story since it is a good reflection of the never say die attitude of the little Gaulish village In a nutshell Caesar wants to be carried on the shield of Vercingetorix to rub the Gauls’ faces in it The Gauls aren’t having any of it The shield has gone missing of course so the race is on to find it before the Romans doExpect the usual antics and a whole lot of funBonus this one also contains a really nice twist at the end

  2. Gavin Gavin says:

    This one features Asterix Obelix and Chief Vitalstatistix on an adventure our heroes take their beloved chief to a Hydro Spa in the countryside near Gergovia as he's got some intestinal issuesWhile touring they meet a Roman envoy who gets smacked and a coal merchant named Winesandspirix There's a connection between the new friend and their chief but not known to anyone yetMeanwhile the envoy meets with Caesar who decides he doesn't like the natives of that particular area getting restless check your history and demands the Shield of Vercingetorix which he was presented after defeating the Great GaulishCeltic chiefThis sets off a long chain of events a race to find where the shield is who has it and of course it should transpire that the shield belongs to One other than Chief Vitalstatistix who was given it by a young Winesandspirix after the Battle of Alessia and defeat of Vercingetorix to help the young warrior lift his spirits In fact it's the same shield our chief is already paraded around on by his long suffering shield bearersThis leads to the humiliation of the Roman garrison at Gergovia and Caesar punishes them all after seeing Vitalstatistix triumph on the shield of VercingetorixAlthough it features Caesar he's not the main antagonist and though he's embarrassed as usual he doesn't punish or attack the Gauls Goscinny and Uderzo didn't seem to hate Caesar and there is a begrudging respect between our Heroes and Julius which developed over the series This makes him a far interesting characterNot toforget our chief and his health issues when he arrives back from treatment at Winesandspirix place he's skinny as heck which is how the coal merchant recognized him from all the years back Of course things are what they are and by the time they return to our village the chief is back to his robust self and even though the compulsory feast is held his wife refuses to allow his attendance

  3. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield Asterix #11 René Goscinny

  4. Gary Gary says:

    Yet another rollicking Asterix adventure taking place in the provinces of Gaul When Chief Vitalstatistix takes ill Druid Getafix suggests that he go to a health spa at Aua Calidae in the Arvenian countrysideWhile leaving Vitalstatistix at the spa our friends decide to tour the Arvenian countryside and in the process deal a humiliating blow to Julius Caesar's special envoy Tribune Noxius VapusWhen Vapus goes to Rome to report his defeat to Caesar he is ordered to find the famous shield of Gaullish national hero VercingetorixThe result a race against time with Asterix and Obelix searching for the shield and the Romans searching for the shield as well as our heroesOnce Asterix and Obelix get up to some fantastic escapades and as always this adventure is filled with wit puns and double puns including a reference to Lug the Gd of Business and Industry

  5. Kavita Kavita says:

    Chief Vitalstatistix has been overindulging himself and developed a sort of liver trouble The druid send him off to a health spa for a cure; Asterix and Obelix drag along Meanwhile Ceasar decides to show the rebellious Gauls who's boss by being carried on the shield of the lost Gaulish king Vercingetorix Of course the shield has disappeared and it is now a race between the Ceasar's men and our duo to find it I thought this was rather weak in the laughs department There were few puns of uality and some of the regular characters were missed especially the pirates I found that the storytelling draggedThere were interesting references to French history which is probably the only appeal of this book Though the plot was pretty well developed and had interesting twists I found my attention wandering in places practically impossible with these comics otherwise It's not a bad comic just not up to the standard one has come to expect with Asterix

  6. Joseph R. Joseph R. says:

    Chief Vitalstatistix has had one too many banuets so the druid orders him off to a spa for a healthy dose of exercise and boiled vegetables Asterix and Obelix go for the journey if not for the treatment They run into a Roman envoy whom they beat up The envoy reports that the Gauls are as rebellious as ever Julius Caesar decides to come show who's boss especially by showing off the Shield of Vercingetorix the Gaulish chieftain who was the last to surrender thus completing the conuest of Gaul never mind Asterix's village But the shield is missing The envoy is sent in search of it When Asterix and Obelix get wind of the scheme they also search for the shieldThe plot runs around in a great big circle with plenty of comedy along the way This particular volume has lots of Latin puns one drunk fellow is always going Hic haec hoc It's a lot of funRecommended

  7. Vanja Antonijevic Vanja Antonijevic says:

    An excellent comic at #11 One of the historically involved Asterix additions The Wiki summaryThe book is inspired by the battle of Alesia where the Gaulish warrior chief Vercingetorix surrendered to Julius Caesar However only the very end of the actual battle appears in the book the main plot concerns what happened after the battleThe book begins with Vercingetorix conceding his defeat to Julius Caesar He throws his weapons at Caesar's feet or rather on Caesar's feet In pain Caesar hops away to the infirmary while Vercingetorix is arrested The weapons remain where they were thrown for several hours until a curious somewhat greedy Roman legionary sees that no one's looking and nicks Vercingetorix's famous shield He then loses the shield in a game of dice to another legionary who is himself out of camp without a pass He is spotted by a drunken centurion who confiscates the shield The centurion himself uses the shield to pay for a jar of wine at a nearby Gaulish inn; later on the shield is given by the innkeeper to a survivor of the Battle of Alesia who wanders off into the nightThen begins the actual storyMore Wiki points A running gag in this book is various Gaulish people claiming “I don't know where Alesia is No one knows where Alesia is” The reason for this seems to be their Gaulish pride preventing them from mentioning Vercingetorix's defeat Actually knowledge of where Alesia has been lost for a long period of time and its likely location has only been rediscovered in the 20th century This book establishes the origin of Vitalstatistix' famous round blue shield with a white five pointed star pattern as being Vercingetorix' This is one among a minority of Asterix books where the bard Cacofonix is not tied up and gagged at the feast In the Asterix books there is a map of Gaul with the caption that by 50 BC all Gaul was occupied by the Romans but it does not necessarily mean that the Asterix stories themselves are set at that time The historical battle of Aleria took place in about the year 52 BC

  8. Dominick Dominick says:

    The plotting of this one may be a big weighed down by coincidence but I balance that against the sly narrative circling involved with it as Asterix and Obelix set out to recover the shield of Vercingetorix before Caesar can get his mitts on it Lots of great comic bits notably Obelix diving into a pool still one of my faovourite visual gags in Asterix and finely individuated characters designed by Uderzo Odd in that this book features neither the usual encounter with the pirates nor Cacofonix being bound and gagged rather than attending the final feast

  9. Joyce Joyce says:

    I had a hunch how this adventure would end but what I didn't know was the exclusive look I'd get into Gaulish methods for treating liver damage from excessive food and drink Very insightful and educational

  10. Christine Christine says:

    Another wonderful funny adventure with Asterix and Co Watch hiding out Watch bathing Watch boar huntingLove those names

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