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Wuvable Oaf Wuvable Oaf Volume 1 ➫ [Ebook] ➦ Wuvable Oaf Wuvable Oaf Volume 1 By Ed Luce ➶ – Thomashillier.co.uk Wuvable Oaf is the first ever collection of the acclaimed self published comic book series by cartoonist Ed Luce Oaf is a large hirsute scary looking ex wrestler who lives in San Francisco with his ad Wuvable Oaf is the first ever Wuvable Oaf PDF/EPUB Ä collection of the acclaimed self published comic book series by cartoonist Ed Luce Oaf is a large hirsute scary looking ex wrestler who lives in San Francisco with his adorable kitties and listens to a lot of Morrissey The Wuvable Oaf eBook ↠ book follows Oaf s search for love in the big city especially his pursuit of Eiffel the lead singer of the black metalueercore progressive disco grindcore band Ejaculoid Luce weaves between the friends associates enemies ex lovers and pasts of both men into the story of Oaf Wuvable Oaf PDF/EPUB è their courtship A romantic comedy at its core Wuvable Oaf recalls elements of comics as diverse as Scott Pilgrim Love and Rockets and Archie set against the background of San Francisco s ueer community and music scene.

10 thoughts on “Wuvable Oaf Wuvable Oaf Volume 1

  1. Ed Luce Ed Luce says:

    UhI made it so I like it

  2. Ije the Devourer of Books Ije the Devourer of Books says:

    This is such a fun comic Oaf is a rather big and hairy guy who runs a home for cats in his own home and makes soft toys from his body hair Oaf is also an ex wrestler charming and kind and a great friend He is also looking for loveThis book consists of a set of stories about wuvable Oaf and his friends family and felines He is just adorable and the stories had me laughing out loud I was not familiar with the artist Ed Luce before I bought it but I am glad I took the riskI only wish there were online comics I could follow but since there isn't I will just re read this volume and hope a second volume of stories will be published some time soonGreat stuff for comic books fans

  3. C.J. Cummings C.J. Cummings says:

    Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce stands alone in a very fluffy room as a one of a kind hilarious weird graphic insane piece of work The black and white and once pink artwork is lovely and mixes the crazy illustrations of Oaf and other characters among cute kitties and some really wild and creatively bizarre creatures and nightmarish visions It's just unlike anything else you will readOaf our lead character is well he's wuvable Cats love him and he loves them and so they crawl all over him and he owns a ton He is super hairy and he makes his own Oaf Dolls which he stuffs with his own shaven body hair It's already out there isn't it? Well it takes to the skies with it's outlandish stories and I loved it There are some stand alone strips in here as well as a long story that makes up the bulk of the book Oaf meets a singer from a band and the story follows his relationship with him as well as Oaf's past his hobbies his love life The stand alone stories are even wilder and peculiar with stories of internal organ staining cat apocalyptic fighting and To explain Wuvable Oaf is to take the fun out of your experience though Just head into this blind and with a sense of humour and you will truly find something completely uniue For me as graphic and adult and messed up as it often was I ate up every last page This was bloody magnificent5 out of 5

  4. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    This is a big hardcover version of Luce's self published comic where he creates this elaborate ueer universe of mostly huge hairy guys A version of one mashup collection of the San Francisco music scene I am told Oaf is very hairy loves cats makes and sells toys he stuffs with his own shaved body hair yes that hairy loves Morrissey is in love with the lead singer Eiffel of some band named Ejaculoid a sort of ueercore band Former professional wrestler This feels like a gay Love and Rockets Hernandez worldstory with a similar sense of humor It's basically a romantic comedy and is pretty funny It creates a pretty complete world I am basically not the target audience for but was still amused by its energy

  5. Marc Marc says:

    I chose this book almost solely by the cover and the title How could I not? It's not like it was a true gamble because the publisher Fantagraphics Books puts out great work it cost me nothing Viva la Library and graphic novels just don't take that long to read But I had no idea just what a treat I was in forLuce creates an entire universe of mostly hirsute bears in San Francisco revolving around the uite wuvable Oaf He's a doll maker who stuffs his creations with his own body hair which he can grow back by force of will aloneHe's also a self proclaimed cat philanthropist Out of dozens of cats he cares for one special needs kitty named Pavel Pavel only calms down when in direct physical contact with Oaf Here is what he is like when left alone in his own private padded roomBut before Oaf became Oaf he grew famous as a professional wrassler known as GotebludOaf is looking for love and acceptance He has a musky scent about him that almost never leaves His first kisses often involve an awkward clashing of teeth He loves hard metal but also Morrissey He falls for a disco grindcore metal singer name Eiffel Eiffel's singing is described as a combination of the following artistsWhat the hell does all this add up to? A truly bizarre and hilarious self contained world complete with beard contests judged by Yukon Jack gay metal band love trapezoids and riffs on all manner of media and culture a celebrity chef's restaurant called Rage Against the Cuisine where diners get to kill their own dinner a pro wrestling subculture various tributes to the '80s and sub universes based on Oaf special or one time issues Fun funny and disgustingly adorable

  6. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    The art is fantastic and a big reason I kept reading though I wasn't really engaged in the story No fault in the writingstorytelling at all In fact I really love Oaf and the other cast of characters The humor especially in the asides about the dating history of the characters was great Over all this felt like a modern ueer and much better uality underground comic book Reminiscent of Crumb and other Zap Magazine staples Only I actually like these characters and the artwork opposed to Crumb who's objectification of women always made me uncomfortable and grossed out That's not to say there's not over the top objectification but it's of men Big bulging hairy men That was down right refreshing and s big part of why I picked up this book I saw Luce speak on a panel about body positivity and representation When he spoke about about big hairy men's bodies and the lack of love and representation for those bodies it resonated with me I am so glad I picked up this book even though I didn't engage with the story I'm a fan of Luce's art and writing style I won't hesitate to picks up a book by him again and I'm buy copies of this to give to friends who deserve to see their bodies represented especially in ueer media Will you like or want to read this? I'm not sure I can tell you Its aggressively ueer Very reminiscent of the 60s 70s art styles of the gay underground scene both in San Francisco and NYC of the time The art is stunning and worth a look no matter if the subject matter is your thing The humor is specific subset of this subculture Like are you a fan of big hairy gay men who love cats wrestling hardcore metal and hyper masculinity? If so this book just might be your flavor of catnip The body hair dolls are creepy and awesome and I'm going to see if Luce is selling real versions of them I want one

  7. howie lemonds howie lemonds says:

    i have never felt seen in my entire life

  8. George K. Ilsley George K. Ilsley says:

    Ha A cat loving bear with magical hair abilities His aroma is irresistible to cats Must love catsThere is humour here and insight and fantasy All in all the Oaf seems like a real character And a fantasy tooThis series has devoted fans

  9. Joseph Gagnon Joseph Gagnon says:

    I have the same problem with this comic i had with Great Expectations It ended way before it should have There is one book but it is a preuel Almost half of this book were side stories The closest Oaf actually gets to wuv in this book is a succession first date with Eiffel And the Pavel stuff ends strange but without enough really Everything about this was great Except the fact that it is all unfinished from a storytelling standpoint

  10. Linda Quinn Linda Quinn says:

    I love this hairy Oaf who tends to kitties and searches for love while making his own dolls with his own hair Some really memorable first dates and some serious backstabbing from all the assorted exes

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