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A Good Wife ➸ [Reading] ➺ A Good Wife By Kenya Moss-Dyme ➭ – Thomashillier.co.uk Alesha prided herself on being everything that her husband Malcolm wanted or needed With two young children they still had a wildly passionate sex life So when Malcolm challenged her to make one of hi Alesha prided herself on being everything that her husband Malcolm wanted or needed With two young children they still had a wildly passionate sex life So when Malcolm challenged her to make one of his fantasies come true she turned to her best friend Traci for help Traci was sexy and uninhibited and it didn't take much coaxing to get her to agree to help Alesha with her dilemma What started out as an innocent adventure uickly turned into a suffocating web of secrets and betrayals that threaten to destroy not only their A Good ePUB ½ marriage but Alesha's life.

10 thoughts on “A Good Wife

  1. Brittney Green Brittney Green says:

    Good readI thoroughly enjoyed this read The main character made me so mad at times I literally wanted to jump through the book lol Ladies please know your worth

  2. Cf Cf says:

    This book depicts women who have no identity power self worth or common sense It is a very sad read Alesha was gullible and easily manipulated by her husband She degraded herself in every way to please Malcolm Who is the epitome of a self centered flea infested mutt Who didn't give a damn about his wife or destroying his familyHis control over Alesha is scary Their relationship was one sided with Alesha being humiliated at every turnThe I read books like this really highlight how desperate women are to have a man even at the risk to their healthThe sad part is she has a daughter who than likely will continue this unhealthy pattern of dating

  3. Ebony EyeCU Evans Ebony EyeCU Evans says:

    WOW JUST DIRTYThis is my first read of Kenya Moss Dyme and although I would have appreciated a different ending I absolutely LOVED this fast paced erotically twisted readWith Alesha being the so called Good Wife there is little to nothing she won't do to please her husband Malcolm Including inviting her BFF Traci into their bed Just when they ALL thought they had a well planned HAPPY THREESOME it uickly snowballs into a love triangle from hellBravoCan't wait to read part 2 and pick Kenya's brain for discussionEyeCU Reading Approved Recommended

  4. Dee Cherry Dee Cherry says:

    This book drew me in from the beginning as Alesha's story unfoldedWell written with an intense storyline Alesha went above beyond in her attempt to satisfy Malcolm Malcolm had a hold control like no other Traci was a character I couldn't help but to dislike what a best friend Looking forward to reading Traci's story This was a great pearl clutching read

  5. Katara Johnson Katara Johnson says:

    AleeshaAleesha was a good wife to Malcolm and a great best friend to Tracy so she never saw a betrayal coming or did she? I love how the author sets this story up for the reader Can't wait to read what happens next

  6. Mahogany Law Mahogany Law says:

    I was totally surprised when I started reading and surprised in a good way The title caught my eye and after reading the synopsis I was sold I started reading thinking it would have been a story about a wife who did everything for her husband only to catch him cheating and the wife would have harmed him It was definitely great to read something different from what I originally thought and a story that was so intriguing Once I started reading I could not stop and finished it in one dayAfter I got into the story there were a couple things I saw coming but it was definitely a great story

  7. Vanetia Singleton Vanetia Singleton says:

    This is the first book I have read from Kenya Moss Dyme and this fast paced sexually charged book didn't disappointAlesha the Good Wife would stop at nothing to please her husband Malcom including inviting another woman to their martial bed Not just any woman her best friend Traci As this story unfolds you realize that Malcolm had ulterior motives from the word goAsk yourself what lengths would you go to keep your man satisfied?

  8. Barbara Barbara says:

    This was a excellent bookI loved the characters and the story line were very well developedThe story will capture your interest from the beginning and hold it until the endThe author did an excellent job with the story lineI highly recommend that you add this book to your list of books to read this year

  9. Michelle Burke Michelle Burke says:

    Great ReadMalcolm had my blood boiling OMG It took a while but I'm glad Alesha realized what the heck was going on I need Part 2 ASAP I need to see that her best friend and husband get what's coming to them two trifling behinds Ugh Loved it Got my blood pressure up

  10. Lizzie Winns Lizzie Winns says:

    This was a really good book the story flowed well lots of sex scenes my only concern is I wasn't sure what type of job the led character had it was never elaborated in the story The message I feel I received while reading this book was to never trust your husband around your good looking friends I will definitely recommend this book to others

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