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Flawless (Final Choices Book 1) ➵ [Reading] ➷ Flawless (Final Choices Book 1) By Dawn M. Garcia ➪ – Kathryn Bradford is determined to give her daughter a life of happiness and security When her husband dies in a car accident she is haunted by her past failures Kathryn's icy heart protects her and ke Kathryn Bradford is determined to give her daughter a life of happiness and security When her husband dies in a car accident she is haunted by her past failures Kathryn's icy heart protects her and keeps her alone One day a mysterious yet familiar man saves her from a vicious dog He spins her world even when she tries to stop the rotation Jared Williamson is handsome strong protective and gentle towards Kathryn Confused by the power in his touch and the sense of familiarity he sparks within her Kathryn’s heart begins to melt As he breaks through her resistance he triggers a release of memories causing the secrets buried deep inside Kathryn’s fragile mind to storm to the surface Secrets she worked hard to hide forever taunt her Layer by layer the truth reveals itself Can she bear to know everything that happened in her past and how the mysterious stranger fits into her life When an old enemy threatens to steal everything Kathryn values and loves Jared reminds her of the power inside her that time trauma and evil sources stole from her She must decide will she use the force within her to fight the biggest battle of her life or will she give in to the evil taunting her To win she will gain freedom from the chains that bind her and win the man she loves— the man who is the key that unravels her past restores her present and defines her future To lose it will cost her everything— including her destiny and her soul.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 420 pages
  • Flawless (Final Choices Book 1)
  • Dawn M. Garcia
  • English
  • 21 August 2015

About the Author: Dawn M. Garcia

DAWN M GARCIA wrote her first mystery short story in fifth grade and her first thriller short story in seventh grade An avid reader since Nancy Drew captured her attention when she was eight Dawn has thousands of books that she has read over the years Flawless Perfection has a Price is her first Novel She was raised in the church so she doesn't have an exact date for when she accepted Jesu.

4 thoughts on “Flawless (Final Choices Book 1)

  1. Erin W Erin W says:

    No spoilers hereThis book is about love Love lost Love found God's love and mans The struggles that one faces to keep love pure and to find what you have always dreamt of I couldn't put the book down There was no place in the book that you think can this just be done with already In fact once I started reading I didn't want the book to endDawn M Garcia paints the most vivid picture that captivates the reader and keeps their attention She places you as the main character and you really experience what Kathryn is going through and how she is struggling You laugh cry and get a little steamy with them Beautifully doneI highly recommend this book to others

  2. Ian Moore Ian Moore says:

    Firstly let me stress that I am not of the religious disposition having an open mind and an eual regard for all religions When I first started this book I was greeted by many a psalm and uote from the good book which is a nice touch The story centers around a seemingly very unlucky lady in the form of Kat who appears to have stepped from the path of God and belief in her faith Events in her life converge which sends her life spiraling downwards to the point of destruction until a mysterious man comes into her life in the form of Jared Now from the start Jared had me a little puzzled as to his true identity being the sceptical person that I am when it comes to stories The character is a professional SEAL soldier capable of ruthless tactics and yet seemingly with every best intention for Kat and daughter Kayli As the story unfolds we see a string relationship develop between the two lead characters the twist being that Jared had a twin brother killed in action that Kat had thought was him the man she fell in love with many years beforeThroughout the story we are given glimpses into the strong christian religious beliefs of both the characters and indeed the author along with the ability to paint detailed scenes and personas of each individual The oddity of the book is the satanic rottweiler who seems to keep coming back for He's a character that we have to wait almost until the end to find out about A good suspense element I thought The general storyline is very well written and despite the sometimes strong religious implications I found the book to be easy to read and at times totally enthralling The professional attributes of the lead character are very well portrayed based I suspect upon the professional attributes of the author herself Always a good idea to have first hand knowledge of what you're writing as this makes it a lot believable This book has been a great insight into a genre the religion based author books that I probably wouldn't ordinarily go for given that I don't generally like ANY religion forced into my world With that in mind I hold an eual respect for anyone irrespective of their beliefs who has the ability to tell a good story In my opinion Dawn M Garcia certainly knows how to do that with this book and I really enjoyed it I have given it a well deserved 5 stars as I think it is very well formulated with good plot lines and very well written characters Congratulations on this first work Dawn it sets a high bar for the future

  3. Natasha House Natasha House says:

    This book really surprised me in so many ways I expected just a “typical” romance book but what I got was amazingly so much Romance and action go hand and hand with this novel It will suck you in as you go places with Kathryn into her past that is filled with a lot of intense moments There are tons and tons of supernatural occurrences which really added to this story leaving you feeling breathless at moments There are some steamy parts with Kathryn and Jared that will make your jaw drop just a bit I kept saying to my sister “Wow risky” But it is still a clean romance which I’m thankful about If you want a uniue romance this is it The dialogue in this book is really really amazing Some flat out hilarious parts that actually made me laugh right out loud I love the banter between the two main characters The author really does well to make you love her characters I really think this new author will go far if she keeps up this type of work Pick this book up You won’t be disappointed

  4. Dawn Garcia Dawn Garcia says:

    I'm excited to release the first book of a trilogy that I wrote My desire is for this book to reach many It has a powerful message in it for women who have suffered through relationship disasters I didn't want this to be a typical Christian romance I wanted action spice a bit of the supernatural and suspense; I believe I deliver on this Warning it is a bit steamy in a couple parts If you are a religious person you may not like it I want the emotions of my characters to be real and in real life let's admit it when a man and a woman have chemistry the flesh is difficult to control I hope that this novel touches the hearts of many and helps the healing process to take place reminding us all that there is a God who loves us and who has an excellent plan for us even when we screw it up

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