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His Human Omega (His Human Omega #1) ❧ [KINDLE] ❀ His Human Omega (His Human Omega #1) By Kady Stewart ➠ – Thomashillier.co.uk Please note This is book one of a multi volume dark romance serial The second part will be published on June 24 2014Jace is eighteen and handsome but socially awkward and fearful His constant anxiety Please note This is book one of a multi volume dark romance serial The second part will be published on June Jace is eighteen and handsome but socially awkward and fearful His constant anxiety and obsession with werewolves doesn’t win him many friends but it doesn't deter a stalker Gavin is the son of the only werewolf slaver in the States and when he reaches thirty lonely and unmated he decides that if he cannot find a companion he'll make one instead From the moment he first sees Jace he knows that no other human will do His Human PDF or but when he takes the boy from his home it sparks a series of events that neither of them could have ever anticipated Book One is approximately words or book pages It is considered a dark erotic romance and contains themes of kidnapping slavery and dubious consent This book has explicit sexual content and is not suitable for those under the age of eighteen.

10 thoughts on “His Human Omega (His Human Omega #1)

  1. Vivian Vivian says:

    No strength as a slave fic or a shifter story Strongest aspect was the awakening from the abduction Head hopping mid paragraph and none of the characters were particularly engaging Though there was some sympathy for Jace Overall lukewarm Stockholm Syndrome with awkward dialogue and POV shifting

  2. Rose Rose says:

    I purchased this entire series at the same timeBIG MISTAKE In this short story Gavin decides he wants Jace as his human slave Therefore he drugs and kidnaps him from his home then starves and rapes him I was so disgusted after reading this that I immediately returned the other books in this series Don't waste your time or money You're not missing anything

  3. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    35 stars I was ambivalent going into this after reading other reviews especially the use of starving and isolation tactics I wondered if love and romance could ever come out of a relationship that starts like this Some authors don't do it so well Ms Stewart managed it At least for me I didn't always like Gavin but if you take it within the context of the paranormal storyline and the world building this was not unexpected of Gavin's personality Though he is following in the footsteps of generations of his family he isn't going at this as the villain but in the expected course of his families business Jace also isn't intended for training and then sale but as a companion for Gavin himself So from the very beginning Gavin has a vested interest in Jace's well being comparatively speaking The darkness of this romance comes in the early stages of Jace's training and though it is clearly a reprehensible situation there is a gentleness and warmth beneath Gavin's intentions and determination This is not something out of the ordinary for Gavin he grew up around it it's a matter of expectation I found the coldness comes once he begins to suspect that Jace is a true Omega and is possibly his mate There are clear rules as to how these people are treated within his society and yet he fights to ignore his suspicions at which point his treatment of Jace becomes purposely cruel and demeaning and Jace realizes this The story slowly changes as Gavin comes to grips with Jaces new station in his life as mate and an Omega and not slave I liked that even though their relationship changes Jace still isn't sure how he feels about Gavin He's attracted to him feels settled with him but isn't sure if what he's feeling is real or forced because he had to rely on GavinIn the end I really enjoyed the story despite the head hopping and first person POV I'd recommend the story if you can get past the beginnings dubious consent

  4. Syvannah Tewes Syvannah Tewes says:

    I was enjoying itI was enjoying His Human Omega I really was They're interesting characters It's a good plot But why does it have to be broken into a serial That kills my interest Nothing is worse than becoming invested in a bookAnd a set of characters and discovering you have to pay a couple bucks for 10 minutes of reading material If it were a full length novel it would totally be five stars But broken into small pieces it's not worth getting emotionally invested into it

  5. M& M& says:

    I couldn't get through the Present Tense and a messy writing DNF ing at 25% Tagging and rating that part only Jace is total cliche a poor 18 year old who takes care of his little sister in lieu of his parents He is also being abused by his i dont give a fuck barely there mother and bullied by his classmates All the other issues from the meager 25% are too numerous to mention I am afraid I will exceed the page count of the story itself if I decide to list them

  6. Ayanna Ayanna says:

    Eh Pretty standard slave fic fare I suppose Here's some stuff I typed while readingWow That mom man I hope Macey's okay without Jace DAnd eh I like the name Jace I don't so much like the name Jay Similarly with Gabe vs Gavin Gavin is like a potato sound ETA Don't ask me what that means I don't know either

  7. TT TT says:

    This was a rather tough book to read; I knew going in there was a strong chance I wouldn’t agree with a lot of the storyline but I was intrigued enough to read it Since I knew what I was getting into going in it wouldn’t be fair to rate this less than a 3 but my feelings are this book deserves a lower rating And yet strangely I’m curious and sort of want to see where this goes I know sex slaves are a real thing and while this book tries to downplay the methods used by Gavin the ‘good slave owner it’s still uncomfortable and a little too realistic for me Especially when he father is in the picture and his own slaves are treated even worse I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that Jace is kidnapped or that he’s so young that makes me uncomfortable because I’ve certainly read other slave type books that sort of ease you in so that it’s palatable but a lot of this book was just rough and it’s only a short book and just an introduction really After reading a second book by this author I see that she isn’t afraid to be realistic with her angst so I’m guessing it’s her writing style I’m not sure yet if I’ll pursue this series but I don’t think I can in good conscience recommend it

  8. Elsa Carrion Elsa Carrion says:

    The story is 56 pages long and deals with bulling and slavery as well as wolves Jace and Gavin are the MC Jace is 18 and still in HS Gavin is a 30 year old businessman and unmated Found the story free on and was still being offered free as of 12315 No errors that I was able to pick up First time I read anything from this author that I can recall It read smoothly and introduced Gavin crazy world and Jace lonely sad life It is for mature audience There are a total of 4 books If they are offered free I would download them and read them Although I kind of see what's going to happen in the rest of the books I kind of like the MC and would love to read the rest

  9. Sanet Sanet says:

    Interesting start and twist to a serial that is soooo overprices I was thoroughly put off by it Its has a interesting twist to it and I can see how a plot like this could be done well and be enjoyable but in the end it disappointed me I'm not at a stage to purchase the entire series and I refuse to pay just under 6 for a 50 page short that I might or might not enjoy

  10. Hazel M Bear Hazel M Bear says:

    Short first part captured slave youth fantasy is sexy but rushed Please read my full review on my blog

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