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The Snow Patrol ➼ [Reading] ➾ The Snow Patrol By Roz Marshall ➱ – White knights don't always wear shining armour 'Just one run' at the end of a day's skiing almost has deadly conseuences for White Cairns' ski instructor Debbie McNeill It's only a fortunate encounter White knights don't always wear shining armour 'Just one run' at the end of a day's skiing almost has deadly conseuences for White The Snow PDF or Cairns' ski instructor Debbie McNeill It's only a fortunate encounter with the snowy euivalent of a knight in shining armour that averts disaster and when he shares a secret with her she wonders if this knight might become than just her rescuer The Snow Patrol is a 'flash fiction' very short story from the 'White Cairns Ski School' series about a Scottish snowsports school.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 10 pages
  • The Snow Patrol
  • Roz Marshall
  • English
  • 21 December 2016

About the Author: Roz Marshall


10 thoughts on “The Snow Patrol

  1. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    I enjoyed this short while I was reading it but the only trouble was it's too short A girl on ski holiday in Scotland comes a cropper due to a damaged ski and when a Snow Patrol skier arrives she could potentially be out all night on the mountain with visibility dropping fast A frisson of chill runs down my spine as I write so I'll say no Due to this being just a few pages there's a starter chapter of another book in which a wife finds that her joint bank account has run out of money She'd left the bills and finances to her husband who is now in New Zealand for ski work during the Scots summer Ladies do not wait until something goes wrong Get to grips with reading the bills and understanding how they are paid This book is ominously called Winter Arrives Seemed like I would enjoy the read I liked seeing Scotland presented in modern internet using times because most of the Scots books around now are historicals The author describes her setting simply and well characters part of the landscape I also found her style flows easily and is very readable

  2. Timothy Hendricks Timothy Hendricks says:

    It was way to short It was done before you could get into it good I liked it up until it was suddenly finished

  3. Cheryl Joy Szalkowski Cheryl Joy Szalkowski says:

    The first short story is really good The ending really makes you think about things in life

  4. Annette Drewett Annette Drewett says:

    Short but sweet story of a rescue with a twist I enjoyed the story but certainly didn’t expect the ending Well written

  5. K B K B says:

    3 starI purchased The Snow Patrol by Roz Marshall and this review was given freelyThis is a short little tease excerpt where Debbie is saved on the ski slope by a ghost

  6. Nicki Nicki says:

    Too short to be considered a story Felt like a story synopsis

  7. Lynda Lynda says:

    Lost on an off beaten ski trail hoping to be rescue Debbie McNeill’s plight seemed commonplace until she learned otherwise As I read “The Snow Patrol” I kept thinking I wondered what’s going to happen nextit had my interest The word “What” came out of my mouth when I discovered it was a one chapter episode; I was left hanging anticipating so much I know many readers do enjoy short episodic stories however; I am not one of them Despite my joy was short lived I liked what I had read A free e book was the basis for my review

  8. Roz Marshall Roz Marshall says:

    Not a 'review' but some additional info about the story which I hope will be helpful This is a piece I wrote for a Flash Fiction anthology which will be published later this year In the meantime since I made a cover for it featuring a guy I thought you might enjoy seeing I decided I might as well make it available for anyone who was interested It's a slightly different genre from the usual in my Secrets in the Snow novella series about White Cairns ski school in Scotland but I hope you'll enjoy itBy the way it's only 1000 words but it's a complete story with a beginning middle and end In such a short piece every word has to count if you want a plot that works and it took about 4 versions and 8 sets of revisions before I was happy with it and made the word count ; Finally if you join my New Releases mailing list you'll receive a copy of this story for FREE Sign up here

  9. Sue Davis Sue Davis says:

    LOVED THIS IDEAL FOR A STORY 'I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy' Debbie had taken one one run on the Scottish slops to get extra practice for ski instructor exam before joining everyone at the club Only she went alone to an area where there was no one no cell service just beautiful vast wilderness Night coming and her ski breaks all she can do is walk down but while walking down she fell and a ski patrol guy Struan Robertson ask if she needed help He would fix her ski if she would show him how to get back he was lost in the mist When she joined her friends and told what happen she would be surprised at what she learned I sure want to follow this story some what to know what happens next

  10. Margaret Watkins Margaret Watkins says:

    The Snow Patrol is a short story that can be read during your coffee break Despite the fact that I read this story some time ago it has remained in my thoughts with a whole plethora of what if's The danger that Debbie is facing is truly terrifying but when the storm starts to swirl around her Debbie's White Knight appears to give her the assistance she needs However her rescuer appears to need saving as well A beautifully written short story I received a copy of this story for free from the author and this is my voluntary and honest review

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