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Me Without You [PDF / Epub] ★ Me Without You By Kelly Rimmer – ‘An unforgettable tale that I couldn't recommend ’ 55 GirlsLovetoReadcom If you enjoyed Me Before You by JoJo Moyes One Day by David Nicholls or The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks – then make time ‘An unforgettable tale that I couldn't recommend ’ GirlsLovetoReadcom If you enjoyed Me Before You by JoJo Moyes One Day by David Nicholls or The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks – then Me Without PDF/EPUB ² make time for Kelly Rimmer’s stunning heartbreaking new novel Me Without You A story of how love can break our hearts – and heal them A year ago I met the love of my life For two people who didn’t believe in love at first sight we came pretty close Lilah MacDonald – beautiful opinionated stubborn and all kinds of wonderful in ways that words could never uite capture The woman who taught me to live again My Lilah who gave me so much and yet kept from me a secret that she knew would break my heart My name is Callum Roberts and this is our story Me Without You is a book to make you smile bring you to tears and remind you to hold on tightly to those you love What people are saying about Me Without You ‘I was hooked right from the start and it was just the most beautiful portrayal of falling in love I've ever read It's the type of love you dream of and want for yourself Kelly Rimmer has done an outstanding job with Me Without You it's engaging it warmed my heart to the very core and then tore it out and stomped all over it uite meanly may I add I knew it was coming I knew the ending was inevitable before the first page but the depth of Rimmer's writing and Callum's narrative slated me and I ended up in tears It was both sad and beautiful at the same time and I admire Lilah for living her entire life on her own terms I will miss Callum and Lilah They stole into my heart their story is one I will long remember and Me Without You is an unforgettable tale that I couldn't recommend ' GirlsLovetoReadcom ‘I fell in love with this amazing book after the first sentence and would read it all over again A wonderful mixture of emotions real love secrets laughter and sadness’ Sky’s Book Corner ‘Me Without You is the beautiful moving story of Callum and Lilah and they turned me into a complete emotional wreck I loved the banter and the chemistry between them both right from the first brilliant chapter and then as the book went on it warmed and broke my heart all at the same time It’s an incredible novel Reviewed the Book ‘It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that made me ‘ugly cry’ You know what I mean big fat tears rolling down your cheeks leaving you with eyes so puffy you look like you’ve had an allergic reaction Think Claire Danes in well pretty much any role she’s ever been in Kelly Rimmer’s Me Without You certainly broke that dry spell Told in alternating points of view from Lilah and Callum Me Without You is a heartbreaker of a book that has great characters and a gut wrenching ending that left me feeling a weird mix of bereft and yet hopeful’ JudgingCoverscouk ‘There's not much I can say without giving the story away other than how much I adore Callum and Lilah.

About the Author: Kelly Rimmer

Kelly Rimmer is the New York Times Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of ten novels including The Secret Daughter and The Things We Cannot Say She’s sold than one Me Without PDF/EPUB ² million books and her novels have been translated into than languages Kelly lives in the Central West of New South Wales with her family and fantastically naughty dogs Sully and Basil.

10 thoughts on “Me Without You

  1. Helene Jeppesen Helene Jeppesen says:

    First 1 star review of the year I kind of want to throw this book out the window but I need to hold on to it at least until I've done a review on my channel which will be up later this month

  2. Kirsty Hoggons Kirsty Hoggons says:

    I received this book from NetGalley and I am so excited to tell people about it It is absolutely incredible I will admit that I did not really read what the book was about before I started reading it which is something I usually do and I was not disappointed I connected with these characters from the very beginning I am a very visual reader and I imagine every detail of what I am reading in my head as if I am watching a movie as I go along This book make it so easy to do that The details were incredible and well thought out and the characters were well developed Normally when I am reading a book if I don't like something about a character the way they dress or look I will change it in my mind as I go along in this book it was not possible to do this Note The thing that I wanted to change was a personal preference and in no way a bad part of the story It added to the character and was necessary for further character development This also proves how well thought out the characters were Every single thing that the author mentions about the characters adds to them and makes them who they are One or two of the things about the female lead in this book were things that might have irritated me in another character but I could find no fault with this one This book made me laugh and cry which also proved how much I had connected with it I definitely think that everyone should read this book Blog post

  3. Claire Robinson Claire Robinson says:

    4 It's the thrill of the ride even when you're holding on for grim death StarsI am not going to write a massive long review for Me Without You well actually I probably will the synopsis sums it up beautifully If you have read Me Before You etc as a reader you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into I can't afford to take the beauty of life for granted because I'm living mine on borrowed timeOnce in a while I have the compulsion to read a book it's a special type of book one that I know will rip me apart and leave me a broken gibbering incoherent mess This is that type of bookCallum is a workaholic with no life outside of that bubble Lilah is a workaholic who lives her life outside of that bubble to the full An innocent meeting on a ferry home brings these two people together in the most remarkable of ways Lilah Pushes Callum pulls Lilah gets worked up Callum chills out Lilah makes a mess Callum tidies up Essentially they are pretty much the Ying to the others Yang Callum on Lilah It's the thrill of the ride even when you know you're holding on for grim death It works and things are progressing well except for that one thing Lilah has been keeping hidden like a huge skeleton in the back of her closet I've moved from a technicolour world into a black and white one and while I never thought to uestion black and white before I realise now what I am missingOnce the cat is out of the bag things progress uickly brace yourself you are going to need tissuesIf you have ten good minutes left I need to have themI want a part of every breath she has until the end whatever that looks likeThis book does exactly what it says on the tin if you are looking to read about living life to the full leaving that life on your own terms and how the people around you deal with it then this is the book for you It is beautifully written the characters uniue likeable and well developed There are a few giggles along the way but this is not one for reading on the busI want to pretend this is the middle of our life together I want to pretend we've had decades and we have decades left I want to pretend that we know everything about each other but we haven't run out of things to talk about because we just like to hear each other speakI love you And I'll always love you forever whether you're sick or well or here or not Gone with the sunriseARC generously provided via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review

  4. Melissa Melissa says:

    45 moment by moment starsThere's not much I can say without giving the story away other than how much I adore Callum and Lilah Their love story is so genuine and heartfelt From the moment they first met a chance encounter on a ferry I was hooked Lilah is a uirky vegan environmental lawyer that tries to live life to the fullest And she does so barefoot whenever possible Callum on the other hand is a workaholic that makes no time for a social life or his family They are total opposites in the way they view the world and live life but they have such an undeniable spark It's so cute how they interact and tease each other She could be barefoot for the rest of our lives and I'd love her disgustingly filthy feet with every bit of strength I had Neither is looking for a commitment so they agree to take their relationship moment by moment But they can't deny what's between them They just fit What I loved most about this story was how Lilah's love and eccentricity totally changed Callum's perspective on life and what really matters Isn't that what true love does? I always wondered if relationships could really be like that where if a moment lined up just right you could stand in a crowded room with them and feel only their presence This book is beautifully written and I found myself highlighting like crazy throughout I highly recommend this book but I must warn you it's one that will make you cry Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review455 FangsMrsLeif's Two Fangs About It

  5. Jan Jan says:

    I bought this book because I loved Me Before You that was a big mistake it invited comparison Up against books like One Day The Fault in Our Stars and Me Before you this book falls flat The story was so long winded at the beginning it was bland but as it progressed it did get better I could not get any feeling for the characters at all and that was sad With all the shades of Love Story I wonder what went wrong I wanted to like it than I did and believe me it's not a bad bookit just lacked that essential something I lacked understanding as to why 'such love' was not truthful and maybe that was what would have made the difference I wanted If you haven't read the books I mentioned then go for this you may enjoy it if you have then this book will disappoint That said I think there is potential for future books whether I would but them or not remains to be seen

  6. Elaine Elaine says:

    Warning You WILL need the tissues for this bookI absolutely completely and utterly fell in love with Callum and Lilah I just adored them from the start They are both successful career people and neither are looking for love but when they meet they just click and are just so right together Their story is told mostly from Callum’s perspective interspersed with entries from Lilah’s journal Right from the beginning we learn from her journal that Lilah has very good reasons for not wanting a relationship and that if she does then it can only end in heartbreak Her head tells her not to get involved but her heart says it is too late As for Callum he is just hooked on LilahTheir story is told very slowly just as they decide to take their relationship one day at a time I loved this and never felt bored at all just felt that it helped me get to know them better By the time Lilah’s secret emerged in the story I really felt that they were a real couple and wanted them to have a happy ever after That is not to be though from there on in you just know that it is going to be a real weepy of an ending No matter how hard I braced myself I had tears rolling down my cheeks at the end If you like a story that will break your heart then you will absolutely adore this readMany thanks to the publisher for the ARC

  7. Annie Brewer Annie Brewer says:

    Arc kindly provided by the publisher for reviewI absolutely loved this book I stumbled upon this book on netgalley and had no expectations or reservations I loved the cover and was just curious about the story Once I got into this book I was pleasantly surprised by how much this story kept me hooked The writing was amazing The characters were easily relateable and real My heart broke for both Lilah and Cal I cried plenty I laughed I swooned Callum was definitely a charmer and sexy But he was also a sensitive soul when it came to his love for Lilah And it was so sweet to see their love blossom Even when they tried to fight it I didn't realize at first what heartache this story would bring So I just went along for the ride of adventure and fun But once shit hit the fan and we learned the truth about what Lilah was hiding I felt so helpless Like Cal And it was horrible to see the pain he suffered along with the love of his life But they both taught me so much about life and it was a wonderful experience Definitely have some tissues if you're a cryer You'll need them But you'll also smile alot and laugh plenty I was so glad I read this and would recommend it to all my book friends I hope this author writes because she's got a great writing style that is easy to follow and characters that you'll fall in love with and root for a happy ending But just so you know it doesn't exactly end with an HEA Still I loved everything this book has to offer And I hope readers will give this gem a chance

  8. Drita Drita says:

    ARC kindly provided by publisher at NetGalleyI can not begin to explain how i can't wait for you all to meet Callum and Lilah it's not going to be all prettybut it's a pretty incredible written storyIn a long time i haven't read something so beautifully written I was hung on every word the story's strong theme the fascinating plot the fitting structure and mostly the unforgettable characters They touched my soul This is one strong heartbreaking love story so touching so uniue so authentic so beautifully toldit felt as if i was there having the story unfold right in front of my eyes It knocked me on my ass emotionallyit came at me like a wrecking ball it broke my heart it made me laugh it evoked feelings from deep within I didn't expect to be touched by this story to such a degree “She could be barefoot for the rest of our lives and I'd love her disgustingly filthy feet with every bit of strength I had” Callum Inspiring uote There is so much to this story that I just can't go into without giving it away I LOVED this authors signature ability she captured my heart with every turn of the page Thus far definitely my favorite book of the year

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    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Many Thanks

  10. Jamie Rosenblit Jamie Rosenblit says:

    Excuse me while I sob my eyes out real uick

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