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Fade to Black (The Black Trilogy, #1) ❰Reading❯ ➸ Fade to Black (The Black Trilogy, #1) Author M.C. Webb – Thomashillier.co.uk A tale of unimaginable horror follows Piper Mitchell from adolescence to adulthood as she tries to escape the chains that hold her long after she is free A chance meeting with one of Hollywood's’ bi A tale of unimaginable horror follows Piper Mitchell from adolescence to adulthood as she tries to escape the chains that hold her long after she is free A chance meeting with one of Hollywood's’ biggest stars Ryan Knox will forever change both of their lives Venture the unknown with beauty and the daring actor as they both are Fade to PDF/EPUB ² forced to endure the devastating acts of evil yet continues fight the drowning current that threatens to pull them both under Full of hair pin turns you will not soon forget.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 273 pages
  • Fade to Black (The Black Trilogy, #1)
  • M.C. Webb
  • English
  • 20 April 2016

About the Author: M.C. Webb

MC Webb is a contemporary author of dark romance First published in high school the attention shy writer avoided publication for many years opting to limit her work locally Her now widely released bibliography includes the suspenseful The Black Trilogy a touch of second chance love in Second String and newest spellbinding novel Breaking the Girl out Valentines Fade to PDF/EPUB ² Day Born in Chatswo.

10 thoughts on “Fade to Black (The Black Trilogy, #1)

  1. Chelsey Parker Chelsey Parker says:

    I LOVED this book My heart broke too many times to count in this story It was a very real book that didn't seem far fetched like others It was a dark read with some rays of sunshine I put it down so many times and said I can't read this and 20 seconds later I picked it up and continued on The story pulls you in from the beginning and doesn't lose you once I can't wait to read the second and see stories from author I would highly recommend this book

  2. Becky Becky says:

    Autographed Goodreads Giveaway Loved it Page turner written in an almost old fashioned handwould recommend

  3. Linda M Linda M says:

    This is not normally the kind of book I would read because of the dark content but I devoured it in one sitting I really enjoyed Piper's story and her strength through all of the traumatic events that happened to her It is very real and deals with the dark aftermath of trauma in a believable way Despite feeling like she was forever broken she still was able to heal and find happiness in loved ones I can't wait to continue reading her story

  4. Sherrod Wall Sherrod Wall says:

    I was very impressed with Ms Webb's work She did a fantastic job weaving suspense and tension throughout while instilling empathy for her main character After Fade to Black took off I lost track of time focused only on the characterization and the plot My only real ualm with the work was the first 40 to 50 pages I felt like it could have been streamlined for greater fluidity without losing its essential introductory ualities Other than that Ms Webb's prose is solid her protagonist felt dyanmic and I definately felt dread and worry for her throughout the work As an author who attempts to employ suspense and drive characterization through terrible encounters and challenges; I was able to greatly appreciate the work Ms Webb has done here I will be looking foward to reading the next book in the series and will definately recommend this novel to fellow readers and writers

  5. Babus Ahmed Babus Ahmed says:

    This is a highly enjoyable read I loved the way this author knows how to stimulate emotions in her readers Piper suffers abuse at the hands of her mother who should have been protecting her Since then she tries to heal even though she feels diseased and unworthy Evil intervenes again in her life setting her on a course of abuse once again However life has a way of making its own miracles and she finds herself fighting for her loved ones can Piper survive the odds against her? A hugely gripping read and I would have awarded 5 stars if it had been proof read and typos and grammar corrected

  6. Tayba Aziz Tayba Aziz says:

    The book started out really great and fast paced I personally started to lose interest and half way through the book continuing to read felt like a chore I am not the romantic type so I did not find this book as interesting as many others Overall it was well written but not my type

  7. Kate Downs Kate Downs says:

    A standout in its genre Yes it's got all the tropes we love herds of gorgeous men obsession love lost and found but it's also got a lot depth than its contemporaries The beginning of the story is heart wrenching and lays a foundation Webb draws on throughout the rest of the series What follows is a series of events and decisions that horrify delight terrify and enrage By the end of the series I hated the main character but I understood why she did the things she did That's a high compliment There may be nothing worse than finishing a novel or series without ever having your own limits tested your sense of decency violated

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This book F'ed me up Can I say that on Goodreads? I just did It was really hard to get started none of it is easy subject matter and during the first 4 chapters I almost gave up but I'm glad I kept goingMy heart broke over and over reading it and once my heart mends a bit I'll head into Book 23

  9. Samara Samara says:

    Great bookThe story line is strong and kept me interested I really like the characters I recommend this read I look forward to reading the next in series

  10. L Cherry L Cherry says:

    45 stars

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