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Barra Brava ❰Reading❯ ➶ Barra Brava Author David Freeman – 'A journey through Latin America and its football clubs' A booze soaked account of 18 months living working and travelling through Central and South America Based around 67 football matches it is a st 'A journey through Latin America and its football clubs' A booze soaked account of months living working and travelling through Central and South America Based around football matches it is a story of a British lad's encounters with the Barra Brava Latin America's fanatical supporters It also documents the modern Gringo Trail from Mexico through Colombia to Argentina covering countries along the way This humorous backpacker's tale touches on the history politics and social issues encountered in the places visited From managing a hotel on a nudist beach on Christmas Day to attempting to get Nicaragua's socialists to admit they murdered their greatest sportsman this is not your average holiday diary Highlights video wwwyoutubecomwatchvPEkADDpaco For information https hispanosphericalcom a w Comments from Twitter MarkSalkeld Absolutely class book thoroughly recommended to anyone interested in football dce Just finished your book What a journey paulhill Just finished your book loved it rossmeikle just finished your book and was very impressed Great insight and beer stories robcrisp what a great read it is brilliant book Made some awful travelling enjoyable loved it twheeler the perfect way to spend a holiday uality read.

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  1. Jonny Bramley Jonny Bramley says:

    Jealous envious green with envy emulous are just a few of adjectives that immediately sprung to my mind whilst reading this book That was just the mental image of all of those Colombian womenFantastic account by Dave Freeman living any footballing hipster’s that’s the much maligned term for those like me take an interest in not just English football dream In the space of around 16 months the author manages to travel from the United States of America down to Brazil via stints in Mexico Guatemala and Nicaragua amongst many others Whilst doing this he manages to attend a staggering 60 football matches and chronicles not just his experiences at each match but also gives you a great flavour of the local culture in each countrycity he visitsRanging from being in attendance to gay orgies in the hotel he works in being held at knife point at a match in Colombia trying to navigate customs entering Paraguay and most importantly spending time with the original Barra Bravas in Argentina this book is a must for any fan of Latin American football or those that like a bit of an authentic footballing experience instead of the sanitised offerings English football currently has to offerThe story about accidentally antagonising the exiting Barra Brava when posting with his England flag is a faux pas I can totally imagine doing myselfI had often thought about learning Spanish or another foreign language My C for GCSE French excluding and this book has really give me the get up and go to start doing this as I want to experience what Latin America has to offer and Dave’s book gives an insight about how much rewarding a travel experience can be mixing it with the locals instead of just doing your typical gringo trailIf I do make the trip then this book will certainly have been a big part of how I’ve got there

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