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The Law of Loving Others [BOOKS] ✯ The Law of Loving Others By Kate Axelrod – Terrified by the realization that she could lose her mother to schizophrenia Emma spirals out of control over the course of one winter breakThe car glows with that careless feeling before the freedom of Loving eBook ✓ Terrified by the realization that she could lose her mother to schizophrenia Emma spirals out of control over the course of one winter breakThe car glows with that careless feeling before the freedom of winter break as The Law MOBI :↠ Emma drives home from boarding school with her boyfriend Daniel But when Emma calls to tell her mom she’ll be home before dinner something is wrong Just hours after Emma returns home she realizes that her mom is Law of Loving Epub Û suffering from a schizophrenic break Emma’s entire childhood and identity is called into uestion How could the woman who sent huge care packages of candy to sleep away camp be the same woman duct taping their windows to keep out the voices in her head In her search for answers Emma lands on a terrible possibility schizophrenia is genetic Emma could have only a few years of sanity Emma could end up just like her momIn the span of just one winter break Emma’s life falls apart Her relationships alter forever and she is forced to see the hard reality in a line from Anna Karenina “The Law of Loving Others could not be discovered by reason because it is unreasonable”.

  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • The Law of Loving Others
  • Kate Axelrod
  • 25 July 2014
  • 9781595147899

About the Author: Kate Axelrod

of Loving eBook ✓ Kate Axelrod was born and raised in New York City She has a BA in Creative Writing from Oberlin College and a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University She has written for Nervecom Salon and various The Law MOBI :↠ other publications She lives in Brooklyn and works as an advocate in the criminal justice system This is her first novel.

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  1. Sab H. (YA Bliss) Sab H. (YA Bliss) says:

    NOTE Somewhat mature than the regular YA it includes routine use of drugs casual sex and constant f wordsVery well written this novel is a portrayal of mental illness and how it affects those around the mentally ill person Emma's fresh and honest voice was very powerful Her realization and feelings about her mother's illness was insightful and thought provoking There are very few YA books dealing with schizophrenia and its effects and this was a very powerful exploration from an outside perspective The only other book I had read about this specific illness was Schizo and it was told from the mentally ill's perspectiveI feel somewhat ambiguous toward the fact that some issues were left unresolved and were not really addressed further But I liked the open ending It was a uick read for a book with such depth Overall it will appeal to the older YA audience with an interest in psychology and it's effect of familiar bonds

  2. Christopher Stewart Christopher Stewart says:

    Do you know what I hate about teenagers besides their ability to eat everything in sight and not lose sight of their abs? The way they all act like they're the only ones who are running the emotional gauntlet they're on It would have been a God send to have a book like this when I was in high school coming to the realization that a pivotal adult in my life was mentally ill What an awful time in my life and what a great visceral story that lets someone in that situation know you're not alone other people are going through a hard time and making terrible choices too It was a jarring read Mental Illness makes ME feel stigmatized and isolated having a parent with a mental illness was also a very isolating experience in high school Everyone was awful why expose a vulnerability in the uest for compassion and understanding from peers? The characters in the book left me wanting but the I think about it the it occurs to me that the flaws that annoy me are what makes them teenagers They're doing teenage things treating each other poorly and looking for lovecomfort in the wrong places When people mention they didn't like the characters I wonder if it is because they lack compassion for someone in this situation or if the characters hit too close to home I know that I can say that I've been Emma and in other cases I've been Daniel It is so damn hard sometimes and know other people are on the same hard path making the same dumb mistakes is comforting in a way The book was well written and would fill the need of child enduring the conseuences of their parent's mental illness I feel better about a lot after reading this I wish it had been available to me sooner

  3. PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps says:

    GRADE B425 STARSAfter Emma returns from boarding school for winter holidays her mother is hospitalized Unbeknownst to Emma her mom has been on meds for schizophrenia for decades Emma's confusion and anger threaten her relationship with her boyfriend Daniel as she meets a new boy Phil who also has family in the psych hospitalTHE LAW OF LOVING OTHERS has so many positive attributes Kate Axelrod's writing voice and dialogue are raw and authentic Axelrod gave Emma a sex positive persona At times she used sex to deal with or forget problems and although she cheated sex was a healthy part Emma's life I never had a good feel for her relationship with Daniel; they seemed to be on different life paths Nothing about him felt special but I did adore his mom Emma seemed to connect better with Phil over mental illness in the family though it was hard to tell if they had anything in common except their families strugglesAxelrod could have done a better job portraying the mental illnesses Early on Emma recognizes her mother's symptoms as psychotic A teenager with no knowledge of schizophrenia would likely not be able to put a name to the very confusing behaviors Axekrod describes mania as euphoria but in reality the condition often manifests as severe anger anxiety frenetic unproductive energy and other negative states of being When Emma uestions what disorganized means in terms of schizophrenia that part of the diagnosis isn't answeredTHE LAW OF LOVING others provides no easy answers or ending tied in a perfect bow the reality of mental illness in the family I do with Emma had gotten some therapy for her self injury her mother's schizophrenia and Emma's own attitudes about relationships

  4. Sarah (YA Love) Sarah (YA Love) says:

    Eh this was okay I didn't have any strong feelings for the main character or her conflict I had a hard time believing her reactions to her mother's illness especially the self mutilation It felt forced and over the top to come on so soon Maybe if I knew about Emma before this happened and there had been some kind of back story to rationalize this behavior but there isn't It seems like Emma was waiting for a reason to behave badly and went with it than her actions being the result of emotional trauma

  5. Katherine Katherine says:

    ”The law of loving others could not be considered by reason because it is unreasonable” Anna Karenina SettingWestchester New York and New York City New York; 2015Coverly Love?No; it doesn’t draw my attention and isn’t particularly interesting PlotEmma and her boyfriend Daniel have just finished finals and are on their winter break from boarding school Eager to see her friends and family Emma is looking forward to not only making up for lost time with her parents but to deepen her relationship with Daniel But as soon as Emma gets home she senses that something’s not right particularly when it comes to her mother She’s convinced that her clothes have been changed around and that deadly toxins are trying to come in through the windowsill and kill them all Frantic with worry Emma soon realizes that her parents have been keeping a dark secret from her her mother has schizophrenia and this isn’t the first time she’s had a mental breakdown With her world falling apart around her and fearful that she too might one day suffer from the same disease that her mother has Emma begins to spiral out of control Will the cycle of madness that runs in her family catch up with her? To me mental illnesses are just as if not terrifying than physical ailments You’re slowly losing your mind yet you’re powerless to stop it You’re fully conscience of the changes yet there’s nothing you can do about it Honestly most people with mental illnesses simply don’t recognize something’s wrong in their wiring They don’t recognize how truly terrifying their descent into potential madness is for them and everyone they love This novel fully captures the fear desperation and true terror that comes along with not only having a mental illness but what happens when someone you love has the disease And it comes into focus the serious uestion you might ask yourself if someone close to you has a mental disorder Am I next? Will I be the next victim to descend into madness?I thought the author tackled this subject with sensitivity and care though I thought that she didn’t really go deep enough when it came to actually capturing the disease itself and how it truly affects the subject Characters ”What I saw was that image of myself as a child my small feet perched on the edge of the stepladder in my grandmother’s home staring out the window ahead looking for my mother waiting for her to come back to me ” Emma has always lived a pretty typical life An adored only child she’s always relied on her mother to be her rock And now suddenly her mother’s gone mad and poor Emma is left to fend for herself Honestly Emma wasn’t the most likable character in the entire world Sure I understand she wants to forget all the chaos that’s been thrown upon her but she does it in a way that makes me entirely unsympathetic to her situation To be fair though I don’t know how I’d personally react if my mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia but I certainly wouldn’t engage in the reckless behavior she did Not to mention she was kind of hypocritical in most situations One minute she says that she doesn’t want to go to parties because it doesn’t feel right for her to be having fun while her mother’s in the mental hospital The next minute? She’s drunk as a skunk smoking joints and snorting a line of cocaine But there’s one thing that’s driving this overdrive of crazy behavior; Emma is absolutely terrified that she too will become just like her mother ”My thoughts ran like this; You’re crazy so crazy you’re losing it just like your mother” And it’s a true deep fear I wouldn’t be honest you if I said that if my mother was diagnosed with a mental disorder I would be afraid of getting it as well if it ran in the family So while I thought the characterization of Emma’s fear was beautifully fleshed out the character of Emma herself was not Emma’s mother has had schizophrenia ever since she was a young woman but she and her husband have managed to keep it a secret from Emma until now I thought Emma’s mother was a heartbreaking character to witness and read about and even heartbreaking when we got to see slivers of her old self occasionally emerge underneath all the crazy thoughts running through her mind ”Even there despite her madness she offered that warmth showed that instinct to be generous with her love And therein the terrace room I saw the briefest slightly heartbreaking flicker of her old self” Daniel is Emma’s boyfriend Kind of a deadbeat with no regard for taking his studies seriously he’d rather be hitting the bong or the bottle than focusing on his schoolwork But Emma likes him for his laidback personality probably caused by all the pot he’s smoking ”He was from Manhattan and had a certain laid back way about him he was confident and self possessed” Basically he’s great for a short term fun relationship but nothing too serious is to be expected He just came off as arrogant to me than anything else Phil is the twin brother of a boy Emma meets when she attends her friend Annie’s parties Moody and thoughtful his brother just recently had a bipolar breakdown and is checked into the same mental hospital as Emma’s mother He also has an underlying concern that he might end up like his brother s well ”And still every time I feel super excited or invigorated by something wonder is this mania? Is this what it’s like?” He and Emma embark on sort of a friends with benefits type of thing even though she’s dating Daniel I actually liked him a bit than Daniel; he had a sweeter personalityProsThe author tackled the subject of schizophrenia with great care and even though I have no knowledge firsthand on psychological disorders she seems to have done her research I also liked the portrayal of the fallout and aftermath of learning of the diagnosis ConsI wish Emma and Daniel were a bit likable since they were the main focuses of the story I also would have loved for the author to have delved a bit into the character of Emma’s mother and how the disease affected her personally as well Love Triangle?Yes; Daniel vs Emma vs Phil Instalove?Yeah; but what I would call between Emma and Phil probably doesn’t ualify as instalove since they never truly enter into a romantic relationship But since it did escalate kind of uickly I would have to call it a yes A Little Romance? ”How could I love Daniel feel sick with guilt and then suddenly desperately want Phil” Emma and Daniel have only been dating for four months when the novel starts but I wouldn’t call their relationship a great one I wouldn’t even call them a good couple together It just seems that all they’re good for when they’re together is getting drunk high or having sex Things only get worse after Emma’s mother’s diagnosis as she thinks he doesn’t truly understand what she’s going through Then she meets Phil at the mental hospital and a connection is sparked largely by the fact that he also has a family member with mental problems A friends with benefits relationship starts though it has the potential to be something ”I wanted him to rescue me from my perfectly good boyfriend who loved me who was than adeuate but somehow still wasn’t enough” Of course when Daniel finds out he’s not too happy about it The ending to their romantic dilemma is left for the reader to decide but I’m firmly Team Phil ;ConclusionA riveting portrayal of mental illness and how it affects the ones closest to that person And while I would have liked to see of how it also affected the one diagnosed I thought it was poignant debut Read ThisAs I mentioned earlier watching someone descend into the depths of a mental disease is a truly terrifying thing to witness If you’re interested in reading like this I would recommend Still Alice by Alice Genova Brutally heartbreaking in every way but such a riveting read

  6. Kiersi Kiersi says:

    I received an advance copy of THE LAW OF LOVING OTHERS to read for an interview I was preparing with Kate Axelrod I wasn't asked to review this book but I enjoyed it uite a bit and decided I'd like toJust recently we learned that an immediate family member suffers from a severe mental illness It caused a big upset in our lives and I've now seen someone I love deal with a swift jarring and disturbing change not unlike Emma's mother does As expected a lot of the issues Emma deals with in THE LAW OF LOVING OTHERS hit home for meOn winter break from boarding school Emma starts to see odd changes in her mother's demeanor—until she and her father finally have to seek psychological treatment for her And suddenly Emma learns about a history of schizophrenia as she watches her mother's mental state disintegrate In the process she is trying to manage a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend Daniel who feels distant and not uite up to Emma's expectations for a boyfriend during a crisisThe novel has a slow build—it was a little slow to start the reason for my 4 stars instead of a complete 5 but picks up a huge amount of steam once the crisis is underway Many of the uestions Emma asks herself I've asked myself Wondered helplessly why I didn't see it before Picked apart hundreds of individual encounters looking for an answer Felt like the world was crumbling around you even if it wasn't you having the breakdown and taking it out on the people you care aboutEmma's uncomfortably honest as a narrator and I saw so many flashbacks to my own high school experience in how she handles her relationships with Daniel and Phil Wanting from Daniel but not sure what that something is; dissatisfied with whatever she does get; looking for problems so she can play the victim; this was certainly my reality as a teen girlI think we so often see sanitized lifestyles in YA that it's refreshing to see one that's not that can speak to than just the median sheltered teen Emma smokes weed oh NO save the children and drinks booze She's off at boarding school where parents are less able to helicopter and shelter their kids It doesn't surprise me that she and her boyfriend under the leniency of Daniel's wealthy and liberal New York parents have fairly free reign with their relationshipI had plenty of friends in high school who did all of these things and They're clearly not necessary to portray an authentic teen experience obviously all teens are different and to call one authentic than another is laughable but they allow teens struggling with mental illness to feel camaraderie with Emma to see themselves in her She's finding ways to cope with this upset in her life and certainly substances are one place she turns for safetyNot that it should have to be said but even teens with extreme privilege like Emma who drink and smoke weed and have sex with their boyfriends and even people who are not their boyfriend—which is pretty darn messy have to cope with mothers and fathers sisters and brothers falling victim to mental illness We all end up dealing with the same shit when mental illness finds us and our families Emma's struggle to dis attach from her mother's plight while still remaining loving and caring is a universal struggle and one that I have found myself wrestling with oftenTHE LAW OF LOVING OTHERS is a slice of life story that entertains while also delving into the reality that having a parent with schizophrenia deeply upsets a child's life and psychological stability

  7. Trista Trista says:

    Emma is all set for a great winter break from school She has all these plans of getting together with her boyfriend her friends and spending time with her parents But when she gets home she finds her mom is acting strangely and soon finds out that her mother is having a schizophrenic break She struggles to accept this new information and to reconcile this woman who hears voices in her head with the same woman who sent her care packages during camp that were the envy of everyone At the care facility her mother is sent to Emma meets a boy who understands her and what she's going through better than her boyfriend ever could Emma wants answers but she's terrified of getting them What happens if she ends up just like her mother?The concept of this book was what drew me to it A young woman struggling with the sudden news that her mother has a mental illness and her parents kept it from her and the realization that she could end up with it too It sounded like it would be a great emotional and deep read Unfortunately it ended up pretty flat for meI had a really hard time with the main character I wanted to empathize with her and to some extent I did but I never felt any depth to her character I felt like I was told she was scared that she was struggling that she was alone instead of being shown through her actions Her fear seemed based around whether her boyfriend would still love her if she 'turned out crazy' than actually inheriting the disease She did research about the illness when she learned her mother had it to find out her chances of getting it but apparently didn't do much research because she never mentioned anything about being concerned about the fact that she smoked uite a bit of pot and it's linked with the illnessAnother thing I couldn't get behind was the romance Daniel her boyfriend was in no way perfect Really he was a typical seventeen year old boy not wanting to think too much about the future wanting to be supportive but having no idea how to be And then there was Phil the boy she met at the facility who she felt an instant connection with which she used as her excuse to hook up with him Phil never felt like a real character just a prop that was constantly used to show how inadeuate Daniel was as a boyfriend She did feel guilty at least but it still made it impossible for me to get behind either pairingThe book was short under 250 pages but that didn't make it an easy read The parts with Emma visiting her mother and seeing her so unlike the person she was used to were hard to read because they were so true I also liked the responsibility Emma felt toward her mother to visit her wanting to take care of her and having to face the reality that she was seventeen and in school and that there were people better euipped to help than her

  8. Kelly Kelly says:

    Longer review to come of this one but it's not particularly memorable nor outstanding Emma as a main character has so many outs in almost every tough situation that she never has to hit the brick wall There's always a parachute of some kind waiting for her She didn't really make me feel anything for her good nor bad as she's sort of a sanitized maybe even romanticized version of what a teen is This is a YA novel for adults rather than a YA novel authentic to the teen voice and teen experience Even the sex in this book is super sanitized uncomplicated adult sex if there's such a thing rather than messy awkward imperfect teen sex Not bad but also not great

  9. Ellen Allen Ellen Allen says:

    The title of The Law of Loving Others is a uote taken from Anna Karenina by Tolstoy “But the law of loving others could not be discovered by reason because it is unreasonable” It’s a lovely uote and an apt title for a book that discusses the relationships we have with different people; how we behave in our closest relationships and how the problems our friends and families deal with are the mirror we put up to ourselves the way we assess our own lives And so it is with Emma and how she deals with her mother’s breakdown over one winter break from schoolThere seem to be a ton of YA books dealing with depression and mental illness that I’ve read lately All The Bright Places is one example good in every way but this book is definitely at the older end of the YA spectrum It was refreshing to read a frank account of how this teenager deals with something she has no idea how to cope with the drugs the fooling around with boys the self harming it’s heavy stuff but frank and a bit representative of some eighteen year olds and not uite so evasive about major issuesThat said I found the language a little off at times and sometimes the book cuts off at interesting points and at other points it seems to go into too much detail about things I don’t need to know It can be a little plodding then he went there then we got out of the car etc and could use a little better pacing and editing I would rate this 3 stars from a novelist at the beginning of her writing career because I liked it Not highly recommended but I might check out the author’s next work to give it a shotThis is taken from my blog wwwellenallenco

  10. Ashlyn Curry Ashlyn Curry says:

    This book is about a girl named Emma who went home from boarding school for Christmas break and found out that her mother had schizophrenia Her mom was going through a very bad out break and was admitted into the Psych ward of a hospital Emma her dad her mom and her boyfriend Daniel are trying to figure it out day by day At first when I started reading the book was slow It picked up a little bit then went back down As of right now I am bored with the book I dread picking it up and am always ready to read If I were to recommend this book to someone else I would recommend it to someone who likes romance books and someone who wants to learn a little bit about schizophrenia I think I would have been able to continue this book if I would have picked it up to learn about schizophrenia and how to deal with it

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