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6 thoughts on “Firebird Alex The Sedumen Chronicles #1

  1. Norman Norman says:

    an ineresting humorous and emotional book Alex is a teenager who loses her mother She is also part demon or Sedu The local rabi taken her in to be a friend of his adoptive daughter RachaelAlex finally meets her father and stepbrother in another dimension and learns about her background It is almost overwhelming for her but she adjustes and wants to return to find out who has been killing people for their souls A very good read

  2. Scott Scott says:

    Wow this is one of the best reads I have read in several years You take a great story line and develop amazing characters and set it in neat parallel world what is not to love Seriously you must read this book I can not wait to find from this series Truly a top read that all will enjoy I don't give out many five star reviews only for an amazing read

  3. Victoria Simcox Victoria Simcox says:

    When tall and pretty Alex Gold was a young girl she nearly burned her house to the ground She always knew she was unlike other girls after all how many of them would erupt into a blazing fire when they became cross Her mom a poet who cares for Alex dearly couldn’t hide a secret any longer She finally admits to Alex that her dad is not of this world but from a darker realm; he is something unthinkable―an evil entity After her mom passes from cancer Alex finds out how to enter her father’s world Then one day danger passes through the gateway into her world and terrorizes her friends and family Alex can’t let this continue to happen; she must stop this danger and it will take learning to use her unusual power to overcome the powers of darkness Orren Merton has spun a tantalizing tale of intrigue action and suspense The characters Alex her friends Rachel and Jake are all well crafted and relatable to today’s teenager This imaginative fantasy is fast passed exciting and laced with Jewish mythology I give it five stars for creativity entertainment and well thought out characters

  4. Teri Miller Teri Miller says:

    Excellent character development and world buildingSlow starting don't expect to be gripped from page one Let this one build I got a little impatient for some action but was very happy I hung in for the long haul This is an incredible story in an amazing worldHad to take a star off due to some proofreading problems which were not bad enough to spoil the book for me I am already saving up for the next book I don't usually pay than 199 for an ebook

  5. Wheezy Hardin Wheezy Hardin says:

    Excellent ReadThis is an excellent story that will make you laugh and cry and fall in love with Alex and her extended family A good clean read with controlled violence is great for teens and enjoyable for adults

  6. Sandy Sandy says:

    I really enjoyed this Strong story line and I can't wait to see what else Orren Merton will release next Thanks Goodreads for the ARC

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Firebird Alex The Sedumen Chronicles #1 ❰Ebook❯ ➤ Firebird Alex The Sedumen Chronicles #1 Author Orren Merton – Alex knows she's different; other girls don't burst into flames when they get angry After she nearly burned the house down when she was twelve her mother confessed that her father was a demonNow eight Alex knows she's The Sedumen eBook ↠ different; other girls don't burst into flames when they get angry After she nearly burned the house down when she was twelve her mother confessed that her father was a demonNow eighteen and mourning the death of her mother Alex sinks inside herself Firebird Alex PDF/EPUB or until she discovers a dagger that can open a portal into her father's realm Although she yearns to meet her father nothing terrifies her When an unknown threat from across the portal menaces her friends and her loved ones Alex knows she must actAlex will do anything Alex The Sedumen eBook ¸ to save her friends—even risk appealing to her father in his strange universe of bizarre creatures unfamiliar alliances and unimagined power She knows that to face a tormentor from across the portal she'll need to learn to fight fire with fire.