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Change the Stars ➝ [Epub] ❦ Change the Stars By K.G. Stutts ➧ – Maggie Piper is the only daughter of a 1930s crime lord in west Texas Her father promises her hand in marriage to the son of a mobster in New Mexico in order to preserve his legacy and places his best Maggie Piper is the only daughter of a s crime lord in west Texas Her father promises her hand in marriage to the son of a Change the PDF/EPUB or mobster in New Mexico in order to preserve his legacy and places his best man Eric Cooper to protect her But before she can get safely down the aisle Dean Lawrence a henchman for a rival syndicate kidnaps her Now battle threatens to erupt over supremacy in west Texas but another battle is brewing too between Dean and Eric over Maggie's heart.

  • ebook
  • Change the Stars
  • K.G. Stutts
  • 11 May 2015

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  1. Don Weiss Don Weiss says:

    A battle for control of a west Texas territory run by crime boss Colton Piper is brewing To protect his interests Colton promises his daughter Maggie to one of his rivals Events uickly spiral out of control when Maggie becomes involved in a tug of war targeted by various hit men and syndicates all interested in getting a piece of Colton’s action and of his daughterKG Stutts’s main character undergoes a dramatic change from a naïve princess to a determined woman with the courage to fight overwhelming circumstances to attain freedom from a pre arranged destiny she wants no part of Treated as an object or property by everyone she knows including her own father Maggie is forced to grow up uickly if she is to cope with even survive the unwanted attentions of the men in her father’s profession The transformation of Maggie is a gradual one which also slowly begins to affect her two suitors Dean Lawrence and Eric Cooper Through her both men are presented with a rare opportunity to reform their characters Dean is presented originally as a brutal bad tempered thug with only one thing on his mind and he makes no excuses to her for the type of person he is It’s his time spent with Maggie that slowly wears away at his resolve reawakening the basic humanity in his heart he had long thought dormant from the demands of his job It’s no surprise that he should be drawn to Maggie the epitome of beauty and purity; as opposites they not only attract but they balance each other out In contrast to Dean Eric Cooper puts up a façade trying to convince Maggie that he is a good person from the beginning while eventually he’s unveiled as a weak willed coward who is afraid to fight for what’s important in life His attachment to Maggie builds up to a three fold change from a false noble front to the indifference and blind obedience of a henchman and finally to a genuinely heroic soul trying to find his own path and something worth fighting forThe pacing of the story is handled with precision the structure divided into chapters with distinctive titles similar to separate episodes of an ongoing TV series with an overarching plot with the overall effect one of fulfillment and satisfaction upon completing the book to its endA throwback to the days of serial dramas and chapter plays CHANGE THE STARS is a brisk tale of mob violence and corruption true love and sexual lust and one woman’s reclamation of her individuality

  2. Kathy Heare Watts Kathy Heare Watts says:

    This story is rather dark and suspenseful It deals with the 1930s with mobsters corruption violence and vengeance Maggie is a pawn in a crime lord war of drugs prostitution kidnapping and various other vices being waged in Texas Her father Colton Piper is dying and makes a deal with a mobster in New Mexico to marry her to his son giving him control over West Texas She has no say in this decision and is expected to just obey her father This story is full of various crime families murder kidnapping rape lies deceit and power plays At one point Maggie is abused severely by one crime lord Wade where he bites burns and sodomize her Eric who her father had placed to protect her ends up switching sides and takes her back to Wade But in the end Dean Lawrence the man who kidnaps her in the beginning is her true love After all that happens to them they do end up having a happy life and children together

  3. Marybeth Marybeth says:

    This is a well written romance It’s just not a spanking romance There is no spanking in this story There is violence lots of violence This is based in the 1930’s Maggie is the daughter of a crime boss She is going to be married to another crime boss so that a business deal can be made Of course things get screwed up and Maggie is stolen by Dean a henchman for a different crime boss Dean has been enad of Maggie for a long time Once he has kidnapped her his boss gives him permission to have sex with Maggie There are twists and turns in this story but it does have a HEA I liked the story but I really like spanking stories to have spanking I give this 4 stars for the story

  4. Kitty_ranma Kitty_ranma says:

    I didn't really care for this Mob books aren't my thing Thou it was very well written If you like 30's style mob I think you will find it a enjoyable read

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