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The Isadora Interviews ❰Read❯ ➵ The Isadora Interviews Author Katie Cross – Isadora is an uiet old witch living alone in the fog strewn forest of Letum Wood Her magical power is great but her foresight is even greater As a Watcher Isadora has the ability to see into the heart Isadora is an uiet old witch living alone in the fog strewn forest of Letum Wood Her magical power is great but her foresight is even greater As a Watcher Isadora has the ability to see into the heart of every witch she meets a talent that makes her the perfect guardian of the prestigious Miss Mabel’s School for Girls Any witch that wants to enter the school must first pass an interview with Isadora No secret insecurity or sinister motivation can be hidden from a Watcher as four teenage The Isadora eBook ✓ girls will soon find out Join Leda Camille Michelle and Priscilla as they each encounter Isadora in their uest to join Miss Mabel’s School for Girls It’s a collection of short stories that fans of Miss Mabel’s School for Girls can’t afford to miss.

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  1. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    See my full review on wwwstacksandshelveswordpresscom My Review The Isadora Interviews is a companion novella to the Miss Mabel’s School for Girls series Definitely start with Miss Mabel’s but this novella is a must read for any fans Its very uick I finished the whole thing on my lunch break Interviews gives another perspective to the secondary friends and enemies characters Isadora reminds me of the witch in Brave She is incredibly perceptive and understands young witches than they understand themselvesI loved reading move about Leda and her desire to succeed It was nice to get an idea of where she came from Her poor background and the crazy amount of siblings provided a difficult environment to live in with her curseCamille is adorable I knew she was a sweetheart from the first book and this novella just reinforced that I loved her chattering to Isadora in her nervousness It was important to see her in the home of her aunts where her vibrant good nature was stifled Her longing for her passed mother made me feel for her even Priscilla is not a character I can claim to like but nasty personality traits often come from an insecure place inside Interviews displayed the origins of Priscilla’s perfection oriented mindset in her relationship with her mother One of the lasts lines of her chapter “you’d do well with transformations” is telling I see what you did there ;I didn’t latch on to Michelle as much in my first reading of Miss Mabel’s but after this novella I will be on the lookout for her She takes care of her family and siblings doing the cooking and taking care of the household Her strong love for her family was apparent in her reluctance to let them go and attend the Network school Her desires passions and fears make her relatableIn SummaryThe GoodMore background on great charactersSuper uick readA good fix to tide you over before the impending preuel Mildred’s Resistance coming July 15The Not So GoodI know it is a novella but I still wanted RecommendationA must for any fan of the Miss Mabel’s Series

  2. J.S. Bailey J.S. Bailey says:

    I enjoyed this short read by Katie Cross The Isadora Interviews is a collection of four short stories about some of the characters who appear in Miss Mabel's School for Girls Leda Camille Priscilla and Michelle I liked seeing into these character's backgrounds as they are interviewed to see whether or not they should attend Miss Mabel's school Cross's characters feel very real and have realistic fears and desires I thought it was funny how three of the characters couldn't wait to get out of their towns to attend the boarding school even though those three had very different backgrounds one rich one poor and one in the middle and the fourth was too afraid to leave her family I can't wait to read the next book in the series

  3. Kelsey Keating Kelsey Keating says:

    Seriously thrilled with this novella I loved having insight into four of the other characters in MMSFG not that I don't love Bianca I do This was just coolGetting inside Leda Camille Michelle and Priscilla's heads just expanded the characters for me Now I'm going to read Antebellum Awakening and just feel like I know them that much If you loved MMSFG or even if you only liked itliked Leda etc READ THIS NOVELLAIt's super uick and sweet and funGet some insightMerry meet

  4. Autumn Mishler Autumn Mishler says:

    A cute uick read for all Network fans

  5. Missie Missie says:

    I received a copy of the first book in The Network Series during a book tour and really enjoyed the first book I thought Katie did a great job with writing and it always is inspiring to see an author who has a full time job but keeps writing as a passion Although here in lies an issue for me I remembered that I enjoyed the first book in The Network Series Miss Mabel's School for Girls but I could not remember the actual plot of the book nor the storyline of the main characters I wanted to continue with the series but I really think I will have to go re read the first book because I really could not remember anything even after reading the novellaLikes Honestly it has been a while since I read the first book in The Network Series and I had forgotten a lot of the plot and characters I remembered that I enjoyed the first book Miss Mabel's School for Girls so I grabbed at the chance to read of the series The Isadora Interviews was a great way to be reintroduced to the characters because it takes place before the girls are in school In my review for Miss Mabel's School for Girls I noted that there was some similarity to Harry Potter I felt like the series really stood on it's own feet and came to life in this novella I loved learning the girls past and getting a detailed view into the lives of the girls who weren't such main characters in the first bookIsadora is a weird old bat but I loved her methods I would have to say that odd witches are my favorite characters Luna Lovegood is one of my all time favorite weirdos and I can definitely see a bit of her in myself GripesAs a novella there isn't a lot of time to develop a lot of action and climax so it was not the most exciting book but it read uickly and gave some great character backgroundFor reviews visit A Flurry of Ponderings

  6. Gina (My Precious Blog) Gina (My Precious Blog) says:

    If you haven't heard about the Network Series I suggest you hop on over to my blog and read my review on Miss Mabel's School for Girls Its a fabulous new series involving an all girl boarding school for witches It opens with the main character Bianca being interviewed for potential acceptance to the school but that is the only interview readers are privy to In this new book readers glean insightful information about four main players in the Network Series Michelle Leda Camille and Priscilla as we listen in on each of their interviewsThe Isadora Interviews is a uick read and moves at a brisk pace We are taken into each of the girl's home and get to see them in their home environment We find out a little background information on each of these characters spotlighted which will add depth to the story For me it was uite helpful because it totally helped me to feel a little sympathetic to Priscilla a character I didn't care for much in the first book My favorite interview was Leda's I knew she didn't come from a family of wealth I just didn't realize how grave her home situation truly was It was inspiring to see all that she went through to gain entrance into the school It also made me see how important it was to herI would recommend this book to anyone who is currently reading the Network Series This is a short uick read which is a valuable piece to the bigger story I enjoyed it and the writing very much and early anticipate the second book which was just released in October 2014

  7. Mike Mike says:

    35 starsIf you enjoyed Miss Mabel's School for Girls and its seuel Antebellum Awakening I feel pretty safe in saying you'll enjoy this tooThis short little snippet is a collection of admission interviews conducted by Isadora whom we met in MM1 with four of the side characters from the series It adds a little depth to some characters who frankly kind of needed it And it was short enough and to the point enough that the problems I had with the novels which I liked but didn't love enough to overlook the flaws didn't have time to surfaceEh I won't go so far as to say that it's an essential piece of the series but it did add another dimensionand it's a freebie that takes minutes to read so give it a whirl

  8. Kirstin Pulioff Kirstin Pulioff says:

    What a wonderful tale of four of the Network Series girls Leda Camille Priscilla and Michelle Each story focusing around their interviews for acceptance to Miss Mabel's showcased something deeper for each individual Stories of happy conseuences a reminder that school is about much than academics that perfection is unattainable even if you pretend to have it and that sometimes we have move through our fearThis novella is a wonderful addition to The Network series giving us insight into some of our favorite characters The thoughtfully chosen interviews expand upon each character investing us further into their world and exponentially increasing my impatience for the next book

  9. Natalie J. Pierson Natalie J. Pierson says:

    The Isadora Interviews is a charming book which leads you from Miss Mabel's School for Girls to the next book in the series If you haven't read MMSFG go get it now I actually read it once before MMSFG and once after In my first read I thought it to be four very well crafted detailed vignettes of some young ladies wanting to attend Miss Mabel's school It piued my interest in learning about the school and the girls My second reading was much meaningful since I knew much about the four girls I already cared about them well all of them except Priscilla and it was fascinating to learn about their home lives before they joined Bianca at Miss Mabel's School for Girls I can't wait for the next book in the series

  10. E.D.E. Bell E.D.E. Bell says:

    This delightful collection of short stories is a companion to The Network Series It is an excellent addition to the series providing additional depth and history to each character that enhances the reader's understanding of the girlsThe highlight of each story is definitely the interview with Isadora Isadora is a wonderful and mysterious character and I love everything she says and doesIf you have read The Network Series or have any thought of doing so you should I would definitely read this charming collection as well

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