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Walking on trampolines ✼ Walking on trampolines Epub ✿ Author Frances Whiting – Thomashillier.co.uk Praised as “a tender exploration of friendship families and first love” Liane Moriarty New York Times bestselling author of The Husband’s Secret this coming of age novel from bestselling author Praised as “a tender exploration of friendship families and first love” Liane Moriarty New York Times bestselling author of The Husband’s Secret this coming of age novel from bestselling author Frances Whiting is eual parts heartwarming accessible and thought provoking “Tallulah de Longland” she said slowly letting all the Ls in my name loll about lazily in her mouth before passing judgment “That” she announced “is a serious glamorgeous name”From the day Annabelle Andrews sashays into her classroom Tallulah ‘Lulu’ de Longland is bewitched by Annabelle by her family and by their sprawling crumbling house tumbling down to Walking on Epub / the riverTheir unlikely friendship intensifies through a secret language where they share confidences about their unusual mothers first loves and growing up in the small coastal town of Juniper Bay But the euphoria of youth rarely lasts and the implosion that destroys their friendship leaves lasting scars and a legacy of self doubt that haunts Lulu into adulthoodYears later Lulu is presented with a choice remain the perpetual good girl who misses out or finally step out from the shadows and do something extraordinary And possibly unforgivableIt’s not how far you fall but how high you bounce.

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Walking on trampolines
  • Frances Whiting
  • 07 May 2016
  • 9781476780016

10 thoughts on “Walking on trampolines

  1. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Update This book was just brought to my attention and I 'had' to smileEsil I bet you remember this book too?It was really enjoyable perfect for spring and summer coming up It starts out like a chick light or silly but as you get deeper into the story it gets much interesting I never understood why this book wasn't popular Maybe it is in Australia I'd love to read this author again Completely deeply enjoyable reading The story is constantly evolving in complexity and depth and full of subplots The characters become very 'alive' I had many favorites Tullalah Duncan Barneybut I especially felt Rose Henry were written absolutely beautiful Their love and not without challenges was humble inspiring and difference making for an entire community Lots of fun writing conversations between characters Here is one I liked between Tullalah and DuncanSome pimply faced adolescent walking around with a permanent erection broke your poor little small town heart by running off with your best friend and you didn't get to be king and ueen of the prom That's the terrible past that made you the most boring woman on earth when I first met you? Here is Duncan speaking againThe thing is Lulu growing up like that you can't help but become a crack slipper someone who slips through the cracks of other people's lives you know riding your pushbike around the neighborhood always looking for somewhere to park the bloody thing someone to let you inWonderful Australian author I can't wait to read books by Frances Whiting

  2. Dee Montoya Dee Montoya says:

    5 Lovely Stars Arc kindly provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I've been lucky enough to find myself getting lost in the words of a beautiful written novel where even though the story is indeed simple and about mundane things we all go through in life every word feels like a dear friend hugging you when you are in need of a loving embrace the most; that is what Walking On Trampolines felt like to me This is a coming of age story about two best friends going through the pain of dealing with less than ordinary parents and finding a place where they feel safe in each other's company a friendship so powerful and yet so complicated that can hurt them both so beautifully This is the story of Tallulah de Longland and her best friend Annabelle Andrews They come from two completely opposite backgrounds but from the moment they met their friendship was the ruler over everything and everyone else in their lives These two friends go on to grow up together and experience life school and first loves until one day a mistake or a someone to be exact brakes them apart Life goes on as they say and Tallulah continues her life in a haze fueled by heartache until one day she meets an incredible and maddening new friend Duncan He will go on to show her love is always there for her to help her come out of her shell and be selfish for once in order to be able to enjoy her life The shadow of that lost friendship from her past and the love they shared is always present in Tallulah's life shaping her character and her decisions at every turn Great pain and loss will take this tender soul woman to the beach in search of her destiny and is not long before she finds everything she's been looking for realizing that it has always been right there with herI simply adored this novel every single character was absolutely fantastic even the antagonists you couldn't help but love This book reminded me that great loves and firsts love doesn't necessary has to be romantic it could very well be a friend a especial person who understand you even better than you do yourself someone who makes you feel safe in those scary moments of life I can't recommend this book enough the writing style was soulful and this is just one of those books that stays with you forever; just lovely My Walking On Trampolines music playlistLying about Love by Bestfriends Make it Without You by Andrew BelleYou're My Best Friend by ueenThe Mother We Share by CHVRCHES

  3. Esil Esil says:

    I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through Netgally Walking on Trampolines is a lovely book It is very much a familiar book of domestic fiction about family friends and relationships but it is particularly well done The writing is very good Some of the characters are very interesting and sympathetic despite their flaws the main character Lulu's mother and boss in particular And the evolution of Lulu's character although predictable is very engaging I must admit that I shed a few tears along the way and definitely had trouble keeping my nose out of this book It also made me think that this book falls within a genre that a few Australian authors seem to be particularly good at Liane Moriarty and Monica McInerney for example I would highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good cosy sometimes sad but heart warming story from time to time I would be happy to read the author's next book

  4. Brooke Brooke says:

    35 I was delightfully surprised by how much I enjoyed this especially considering I'd gone into this blind just picked it off the library shelf because of the cover 😳 My favorite thing about WALKING ON TRAMPOLINES was the uirkiness of the novel which in turn just makes me desperate for Aussie contemps Whiting does an awesome job of making each character 3 D can we talk about how lovely Duncan is? all the while penning a pose that layers each scene perfectly in your mindThe heart of this novel is friendship specifically the type that isn't in your everyday chick lit stories can't there be a better name for that now? While on the surface we start off by discovering Tallulah slept with her best friend Annabelle's husband Josh on their wedding night yikes TRAMPOLINES uickly dives into deeper topics such as mental illness sacrifice choices toxic relationships etc Throughout the novel readers are showcased Lulu's Annabelle's relationship with a series of flashback glimpses The timing is not always clear as it's immersed in the present which is why I felt the pacing was a bit disjointedThe book covers many years from Lulu's childhood all the way up to her thirties Readers are introduced into how Josh makes his way into her life as well as the significant role each female's families play into their development Eventually we even see why Lulu did what she did where her relationship with Annabelle stands now I do want to make a uick mention of Duncan though because I rarely find a supporting character who makes such a large impact on me Duncan who becomes Lulu's boss as she works for his radio show is loud eccentric but has the heart of a teddy bear He cares for Lulu becomes a father figure of sorts to her the interaction between them is gold until Duncan's outcome is revealed To be honest I'm still a bit bitter about it With all that said I still never felt like it was a book I had to consume all at once I'm not sure this is the greatest thing because I usually finish within a couple days if my health is up to it This took me 12 days I took multiple breaks in between Although the characters were great I never felt my hands glued to the page desperate to see what would happen next I never felt that fire so I can't rate this higher I also want to note that while the ending is not what I expected I really did appreciate that the uirkiness was not lost I do recommend if you're into novels about female friendship or just looking for an underrated fun read

  5. Tegan Ballinger Tegan Ballinger says:

    This book could be so much better A lot of the author's writing is very descriptive and in a style that could hook you into the story and it seemed like it was going to be a great read However although beginning with the scene on the wedding night at first seemed clever and sparked your interest as the story developed I thought it was a pity we already knew what was going to happen there I felt the story began to fall apart after Lulu left school there was no explanation of the sudden turn of events then Suddenly she's working for the Duncan character who I detested from the start there's no development of the story of their relationship and yet he ends up appearing to know every little detail of her life and familyeverything just becomes so predictable and convenient as it turns into a low grade romance novel I did not like how it reminded me of other books and tv shows thinking 'Sex and the City' which annoys me and Rosamunde Pilchers later books which all became variations of the same cutesy themes just different characters with backgrounds like an interior decorating magazine Maybe I expected too much but am I the only one who thought this book was perhaps a bitshallow?

  6. Sue Sue says:

    Walking on Trampolines is a truly fabulous debut from an Australian writer Frances Whiting wonderfully written and characters that come to life This novel was a pleasure to read and is a real winner This novel is a coming of age story in part about the joys and sorrows of friendship first love and family It is sure to stir up old memories and feelings from your pastAnnabelle Andrews and Tallulah de Longland were the best of friends from the day they met in Grade Seven For the next six years they were inseparable one of teenage friendship and the devastation of the inevitable betrayal that destroyed it Then on the day of their high school graduation their friendship was destroyed and the future for Lulu was unsettlingFamily is an important theme in Walking on Trampolines but it is the complex relationship between mothers and daughters that Whiting captures particularly well Annabelle is the daughter of two artists both of them rather disturbed Annabelle's artistic mother doesn't make lunches and abandons her husband and daughter for a fling with her brother in law Lulu is the daughter of a plumber and a mother who is NOT Normal Rose names her dressesbakes a lotand has very sad and depressing days Duncan is an integral character too But Lulu’s father forces his daughter to take a chance on lifeshe too is capable of muchLulu and Annabelle have a very honest but complex relationship This is a story about what it means to appreciate what you have and how to come back from what you’ve lost Whiting also touches on the difficult things in life such as young romance depression suicide adultery etc I adored this story and I am looking forward to her next already I cannot wait to see what Frances Whiting has to offer readers nextMany thanks to the author publisher and Netgalley for the ARC Much appreciated

  7. ☮Karen ☮Karen says:

    35 stars The teenage friendship of Lulu and Annabelle is at first your typical girl stuff They make up their own words some clever some distracting They call their parents by their first names They have a tree house Then Lulu acuires a boyfriend and she and Josh do everything together before letting Annabelle into their folds and with that comes Trouble Of course Annabelle gets the guy; that's in Chapter 1 as is the fact that Lulu sleeps with him on the night of his marriage to Annabelle Oh my uite a way to introduce the characters; and later as we know Lulu better this act of betrayal just did not seem like something she would do But hey she was drunk and it does take two to tango so who can say? That love triangle is examined much closely several times later on; but luckily as Lulu comes of age she is able to move on with some help from DuncanDuncan is Lulu's boss talk radio jock extraordinaire who despite his abrasive personality becomes Lulu's great friend and confidante He makes you wish you had a boss like him His story is the best in the book and rather heartbreaking and Lulu helps him as much as he helps her the turning point of the plot The theme that continues throughout is that everyone has obstacles to overcome and problems to solve but friends and family can help Walking on a trampoline with your legs all wobbly and unsteady is like when you are first gaining a foothold into adulthood and some just have that feeling longer than othersSomewhat lacking in Parts One and Two the younger years was a sense of cohesion as Lulu's narrations flitted back and forth between present day and various times in the past with little or no transition Part Three was where I really started to care about the outcome of these uirky characters and very much enjoyed itAn ARC from NetGalley and the publisher

  8. Carol Brill Carol Brill says:

    A must read if like me you devour contemporary relationship stories This one has every conceivable relationship conventional and unconventional best friends Annabelle and Gordon first love Josh true love motherdaughter fatherdaughter caring big sister Mix in a wedding day betrayal depression cancer and plenty of hope and in my world you have a page turnerWell written with transparent language that finds the sweet spot where it is uietly poetic without calling attention to itself The author skillfully shows the story and reveals Lulu through the often tender interactions with a host of interesting characters There's a place near the end where it teetered on too fairy tale ish It's short lived and gets back on track with a satisfying ending

  9. Andrea Andrea says:

    45 This is why I read To find characters like these Oh Duncan crude outlandish big hearted Duncan Read this book if only to meet him Duncan 'So who cares? Who cares where Annabel and Josh have been climbing the Andes and sailing the Amalfi coast on some bloody boat Anyone can get on a boat Lulu you just buy a ticket There're thousands of us out there flailing about in the ocean but there's not many of you You're the one standing on the shore and shining the light guiding us all in safely' He picked up the newspaper and pretended to read it 'So fuck'em' he said

  10. Barbara Barbara says:

    I received this as an ARC from Net Galley and this is one of THE BEST books I've read in the past year Wonderfully comfortable uirky characters make this story pull you in There are many themes throughout that will resonate with you in some way female friendship mental illness first love family relationships and work relationships I was crying for the last 20 30 pages because I was so wrapped up in the lives of Tallalulah de Longland Annabelle Andrews and all the others We have all experienced at least one or of these themes and the author has done an excellent job of portraying all the feelings that we have with these situations I love the way Lulu's mom Rose's mental illness is handled by her husband Harry and Lulu and her brothersThey are so protective of her and supportive There are so many laugh out loud moments with Lulu's boss Duncan McAllister that I started to envision him as a taller Dudley Moore The twins Stella and Simone are just so different and you love them both for their differences and how they have been a constant in Lulu's life I love when I start rooting for the main character which I did for Lulu and that's when I know the author has been completely successful Bravo

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