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This House Is Haunted ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ This House Is Haunted ✐ Author John Boyne – Thomashillier.co.uk Després de la mort del seu pare l’Eliza Caine es troba sola al món Només té la companyia dels personatges de les novel·les de Dickens ue el pare tant estimava El 1867 a l’època victoriana un Després de la mort del seu pare l’Eliza Caine es troba sola al món Només té la companyia dels personatges de les novel·les de Dickens ue el pare tant estimava El a l’època victoriana una jove soltera tenia poues opcions al seu abast Per això un dia decideix contestar un anunci ue demana una institutriu a Gaudlin Hall A l’estació de tren unes mans invisibles l’empenyen per darrere cap a les vies d’un comboi ue s’acosta This House Epub / Afortunadament se salva uan arriba a la seva destinació tota espantada només la reben els dos nens ue no li donen explicacions Realment estan sols els nens En auesta història de fantasmes es fa difícil saber ui o uè ens trobarem a Gaudlin Hall una casa amb finestres tancades i cortines darrere de les uals xiula el vent Però l’Eliza es revolta contra la por i els misteris.

About the Author: John Boyne

John Boyne born April in Dublin is an Irish novelistHe was educated at Trinity College Dublin and studied Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia where he won the Curtis Brown prize In he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by UEAJohn Boyne is the author of ten novels for adults and five for young readers as well as a collection of short stories His novel.

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  1. Delee Delee says:

    There is something about fall and winter that puts me in the mood to read spooky books I soooooooooo love cuddling up with a good ghoststory1867 LondonAfter the loss of her father 21 year old plain Jane Eliza Caine accepts the position of governess at Gaudlin Hall in Norfolkbut no one is there to greet her upon her arrival which seems rather strange to Eliza The next morning her creepy little wards the Westerly children Isabella 12 and Eustace 8 are present and accounted forbut still no adults to be found anywhere and and this goes on for days and daysWhere are the children's parents??and why will no one tell her what is going on?Confused young heroine Eerie old mansion Lots o foggy nights Sinister staff Creepy children Angry ghost all the boxes are ticked to make THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED an enjoyable tale for ghost lovin' readers in the coming cold weather months

  2. Blair Blair says:

    What do you get if you mix Rebecca and The Turn of the Screw with a dash of Jane Eyre and a pinch of Dickens? The answer is This House is Haunted a gloriously gothic confection revolving around you'll never guess a haunted house This actually IS a haunted house too not some metaphorical type of haunting although there's also an element of humour to the proceedings which serves to set this story apart from the many historical ghost stories it could be compared toIn 1867 a young woman Eliza Caine is bereft after the death of her beloved father With no other family no friends to turn to and she believes no prospects of marriage Eliza replies to an advertisement for a governess position at Gaudlin Hall a grand country pile in Norfolk When she arrives there it uickly becomes apparent that something is very wrong the locals are hostile the children she's in charge of are left to fend for themselves and nobody will tell her where their parents are Worse still a series of inexplicable incidents force her to the conclusion that there is a malevolent spirit present in the house Unwilling to abandon the children Eliza sets out to get to the bottom of the mystery and fear surrounding Gaudlin Hall but to do so she must put her life at riskThe book both pokes fun at and pays homage to the classics it references I particularly liked the secrecy surrounding the Westerley family and how the village conspires to cover up the truth At times the behaviour of the characters Eliza's naivety in the face of extremely obvious indications that something supernatural is going on; the way everyone changes the subject whenever the topic of the children's parents comes up; Alfred Raisin's dismissal of the previous governesses' concerns despite the fact that almost all of them ended up dead verges on parody but not in a bad way I know this is a completely inappropriate comparison but the village in this book reminded me a lot of the comedy film Hot Fuzz a spoof of cop movies which I watched recently Sounds odd but there's the same sense that the story is joyfully sending up all the clichés habitually present in its source material in a very affectionate way Similarly Eliza's character is both genuinely admirable she constantly rails against the way women are sidelined by society and parodic her romantic daydreams about every attractive man she meets It's obvious that the author's tongue was lodged firmly in his cheek when writing this book and that sense of humour makes it all the enjoyable to readThe light touch to the narrative means that the predictable twists and silly bits inevitable components of a ghost story work well if you know you're reading something that's not entirely serious you're not likely to worry about how much you need to suspend your disbelief At the same time Eliza is likeable and believable enough that you do truly care what happens to her the book is engaging sometimes extremely creepy and definitely has substance to it than a mere pastiche Speaking as a big fan of ghost stories I really enjoyed This House is Haunted and if you share my passion for this type of book you need to get it on your to read list

  3. karen karen says:

    this book is available for spooky monthpssst spoiler alert THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTEDi made the mistake of reading blair's review of this before trying to write my own one it is much better than anything i could attempt and two she saw something in this book that i did not and it has kind of clouded my impressions and judgments of the book and made me think that maybe i missed the point here is a link to hers so you can read how it should be done i read hers to my mind this was a perfectly serviceable gothic horror novel the plot is the same as about 900 other books in this vein a plain girl who is alone in the world takes a position as a governess in an unfamiliar place and finds herself in a big crumbling house full of secrets in a town full of people who seem uite inclined to gossip just not with her they stare at her with expressions both pitying and frightened and always seem to be on the verge of revealing the truuuuth the children she is meant to be watching although she seems to leave them alone in the house uite a lot while she goes off on her attempts at fact finding missions and such are well behaved but unusual with their knowing smirks and haunted eyes naturally the children's parents are not present for reasons no one seems willing to divulge and what happened to the five previous governesses within the year before she arrived is just as mysterious she begins to experience strange circumstances in the house which freuently imperil her and begins to think you got it this house is haunted this is gothic lit 101i thought it was very typical and traditional reminiscent of and referential to both jane eyre and turn of the screw the characters trot out all the expected behaviors you find in the gothic novel genre in the know characters who cut off their sentences right before they reveal too much as though alarmed to find themselves speaking at all and the governess whose response to this is well guess i just won't ask any uestions right now lalalaall the props of the classic gothic are also lined up for inspection secrets in the attic multiple mysterious deaths a cranky caretaker ominous and escalating accidents which befall characters secret passageways dropped teacups figures seen in windows who vanish without a trace paling as a response to upsetting turns of conversation spooky old beyond their years children spouting ominous proclamations and big closing seuencesthe outcome's pretty predictable but the book is well written enough to still be enjoyable even without the suspense you would likely feel if you had never read one of these before i myself have read far too many to be surprised but i thought it was a fine light entertainmentbut now NOW blair is making me rethink everything she read this as a tongue in cheek treatment of the very conventions i am calling textbook and perfunctory i think that is a very interesting reading of this book and it really gives me pause and her review makes me appreciate the book if that's what he was doing though it wasn't obvious enoughyou really gotta call attention to it to make that joke work because if that was indeed his intention then blair's the only one who got it after reading her review i decided to see if i was stupid or if blair was a genius and none of the other reviews i found professional or regular reader interpreted this as a humorous send up to the genreBUT IT IS SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU READ IT THAT WAYbecause i did notice the comical number of times she called herself plain and and the light fantasies she entertained about the menfolk she encountered but i wrote that off as a side effect of having been fairly sheltered and without prospectsand i thought this was actually inconsistent with the way her character handled herself in the other spookier situations someone with that much of a romantic turn of mind seems unlikely to be so unimaginative when confronted with the spooky goings on in the house and so slow to put things together so willing to shrug it off and continue as though nothing is amiss which is in itself another convention of the genre but as a humorous jab at genre it works and there are other situations miss blair pointed out where this reading holds up and makes the book original and worthy i kind of wish i had read this with blair's eyes so again blair is a genius and knows how to read books so they are way better than when i read them my ownself humbled bowingcome to my blog

  4. Amalia Gavea Amalia Gavea says:

    ''Where are you?'' ''But answer came there none'' Eliza Caine may have found the answer to her uestion at some point but unfortunately I never found mine as to why I was expecting so much from this ‘’ghost’’ storyA story that tried too hard to include many Gothic tropes to appear scary and intellectual at the same time but eventually fell flat on all levels in my opinion But for the sympathetic protagonist the intriguing children and some scarce glimpses of a remotely creepy atmosphere I would have rated it with 1 sad little starEliza wants to start a new life away from London after the death of her father She abandons her occupation as a teacher for small girls as we were told so many times because we readers are practically stupid and we forget too easily and replies to a dubious advert for the position of the governess in an old estate When she reaches her destination she realises that there are certain strange forces at work and the previous women’s work ended under peculiar to put it mildly circumstancesThe basis of the story while not original by any means is very interesting and has a lot of potential When one is an avid lover of ghost stories two things happen One we can’t keep away from every single read about the subject and two there is very little that can impress us and truly catch our attention I expected and I wanted an old fashioned ghost story with an English foreboding estate a troubled governess and secrets of the past haunting everyone but not in a childish naive manner of writing Because in my opinion that is what I found here A kind of writing that was flat uninspiring pretentious and predictable Although the first 30% of the book was somewhat satisfying the rest went downhill all too uickly There was not a single thing that made me feel scared although Boyne tried too hard to force it out Excuse me but this wouldn’t scare a child So I treated it as a mystery rather than a ghost story and I still found it severely lacking Boyne’s notion of ‘’scary’’ is Eliza being thrown around on walls floors and grounds like a sack of potatoes with numerous parts of asphyxiation thrown for good measure Overdone unrealistic ridiculous There have been ghost stories I could actually believe in Stories that made me shiver stories that gave me nightmare This one made me roll my eyes in frustration and I was lucky they weren’t stuck on the back of my headThe characters are better constructed The children are a good combination of creepy and intriguing and I really liked Eliza I found her to be a reliable narrator and I admired her deep sense of duty and commitment to the children Her musings concerning her work as a teacher touched me deeply perhaps because I recognised many of her thoughts and feelings Now did I find her naive? No Some of us put our priorities on children come ghosts or vampires or bad parents and we stick to them This is what she did this is why she didn’t run away and I don’t think this was unrealisticI mean really We have a wrestling battle between spirits and humans and some consider her decision unbelievableI know this will sound absurd to many in our current artificial world where being ‘’comfortable’’ is all that matters but anywaySorry for the rant let us continueThe end was somewhat satisfying and by ‘’end’’ I actually mean the last page because the last chapters were eerily bad almost laughable I don’t know many reviewers seemed to like it so I’m clearly in the minority but I cannot lie For me Boyne tried to combine The Turn of the Screw Jane Eyre and The Woman In Black in a big ghost tale feast Even Rebecca if I take the resolution into consideration But he is not Henry James or Charlotte Bronte He is not Daphne Du Maurier or Susan Hill Although he pretended to be a contemporary Dickens he failed miserably in my books So pushing all the anachronisms and improbabilities aside this was mediocre at best and one of the biggest disappointments of my current reading year I don’t doubt that he can write I’m not ualified to judge but I won’t seek any of his books anytime soonMy reviews can also be found on

  5. Beverly Beverly says:

    My first book by John Boyne one of the most treasured authors on Goodreads This House is Haunted did not disappoint A Victorian era ghost story this novel tells the oft told tale of a governess who because of the death of her only living relative her beloved father must go out into the world and seek her living Unlike the heroines of most of these stories though Eliza Caine had a loving home and is a skilled teacher before she begins her adventure She is tenacious smart and loyal to her young charges and is not going to let them be harmed by a malign presence if she had anything to say about it I like how she stands up to conventional tropes of religion and a woman's place and seeks answers for the supernatural happenings she and the children are subjected to

  6. B the BookAddict B the BookAddict says:

    “I blame Charles Dickens for the death of my father”So begins John Boyne's gothic tale of a young woman Eliza Crane suddenly alone in mid 1800s London Orphaned at twenty one and forced to leave home she answers a rather cryptic advertisement for a governess position in a mansion Gaudlin Hall in NorfolkA brooding house a series of mishaps unanswered ueries and the non appearance of the parents make for a puzzling arrival for Eliza not to mention the two sweet but precocious children she is to educate This is always the good start to a gothic tale in my opinion; ie gothic as opposed to horror “A good gothic tale combines the uncanny and a pleasing sort of terror; melodrama and parody are other long standing features of Gothic literature” paraphrased from GoodreadsCould there be a malevolent presence that inhabits the house along with Eliza and the children Isabella and Eustace; something that seems want to be rid of Eliza? She’s stunned to discover that another someone is also living at the mansion a person about whom she has heard little Eliza is likewise horrified when she finally hears the fate of the five governesses who have preceded her The story gets deliciously creepy when she resolves to leave for London and take the children with herJohn Boyne appears to be able to turn his hand to writing about pretty much any subject in uite a few genres His excellence in storytelling and great literature is evident in This House is Haunted A satisfying gothic tale filled with uncanny moments dark mansions and mounting drama 4★

  7. Dem Dem says:

    In my opinion John Boyne is one of Ireland's most versertile writters I am rarly dispappointed when I pick up this author's novels and This House Is Haunted was a haunting and very satisfying readWhat makes a good Ghost stroy? For me it has to be set in Victorian times with an isolated country manor and unexplainable happenings and you have my interestThis house is haunted is set in Norfolk in a country house called Gaudin Hall Eliza Canine arrives to take up her position as Governess As she makes her way across the station platform a pair of invisible hands push her into the path of an approaching train She is only saved by vigilance of a passing doctor and so the stroy beginsI have had this book on my bookshelf for some time and was given a gentle push to read it after reading a review written by goodreads friend I am so glad I read this novel as it was just a really good back to basics old fashioned Ghost Stroy I dont read horror but love a good Ghost stroy every now and then and Boyne has created a beautiful athmospheric and unsettling novel that really entertained and chilled me at the same time

  8. Collin Collin says:

    Eliza Caine is terribly disappointed when Charles Dickens announces to the gathered crowd that he is going to read them a ghost story It is 1867 and Charles Dickens is giving a reading in a speaker’s hall at Knightsbridge Not fond of ghost stories Eliza spends a restless night dreaming of graveyards populated by spirits and ghosts Given the name of this novel a portent perhaps?Upon waking she finds her father in a terrible fever He had been gravely ill before last night in which they had to walk in the rain to get to Knightsbridge Eliza runs for the doctor but unfortunately her father passes away leaving her an orphan at 21After her father has passed Eliza who is a school teacher finds herself slowly sinking into a state of melancholy and stagnation that she fears could turn into full on depression So she decides to answer an advertisement in the paper for the position of a governess at Gaudlin Hall taking care of two recently orphaned children a brother and sister in the county of Norfolk She had only been outside of London once before and although the advertisement is a little vague she feels it may be just the thing she needs at this point in her lifeWhen she finds out that the house that her and her father have been living in does not belong to her and that she must continue to pay the rent that she cannot afford than the decision to apply for the governess position at Gaudlin Hall becomes a necessity rather than an optionShe sends a letter of application and her ualifications to Gaudlin Hall and is than surprised when a couple of days later she receives a letter informing her that she has the job An interview is not needed Perhaps warning bells should have begun to chime at this pointOn the trip to Gaudlin Hall in an open carriage even the weather seems malignant as the rains starts a slow but steadily building assault on Eliza and the driverWhen Eliza asks the driver about Mr Bennet the man who posted the advertisement and replied to her application he claims to have never heard of the man Eliza’s sense of unease increases with the rainShe finds out that Mr Bennet is indeed Miss Bennet the former governess and she seems to have left in uite a rush The alarm bells are chiming nowUpon arriving at the country house Eliza experiences real fear and must suppress the urge to ask the driver to turn around and take her straight back to the stationStrange things start to happen immediately Eliza finds that she cannot open the door to the carriage and could almost swear it was is if somebody was holding the handle on the other side barring her exit Eventually the cantankerous old driver opens the door for her with no problems at allFrom the point where Eliza enters the Hall an eerie feeling pervades the narrative It is always there never far from Eliza There is no subtlety with this ghost story there is a ghostly presence haunting Gaudlin Hall and it is obvious that it intends Eliza harm Eliza find out just how much danger she is in when she discovers that three previous governesses have met with ghastly terrible accidents One unlucky two macabre coincidence but three Will Eliza be able to find out what is going on before she meets the same fate as the other governesses?This novel has all the trademarks of a great Victorian age ghost story The large almost empty mansion the protagonist alone in her plight The two young orphans who must be protected The villagers who turn away and refuse to talk to Eliza when they find out she is the new governess Oh yes it’s all hereThere is nothing new to this ghost story but Boyne does not try to add any new elements he just writes it for what it is a good old fashioned Victorian ghost story with the added benefit of Boyne’s superlative writing 4 Stars

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    No update reuired on 2nd reading 5stars just a fab ghost story with a brilliant protagonistOriginal review This is what I would call a good old traditional ghost story;Large austere house checkTragic circumstances checkMoody weather checkFrightening children checkMystery surrounding what the hell is happening here checkAnd it is brilliantly doneI absolutely LOVE the main character Eliza Caine who has a good amount of wit about her and doesn't do 'damsel in distress' She is the best thing about the book a woman beyond her years in wisdom and for the time period in which the book is set She is a fighter and a survivor I just love herThe story itself is simple but gripping I love the grumpy characters Heckling and Mrs Liver they are so funny and offer some light relief from the threat of the situation Eliza has found herself inIf you like a traditional read that is fairly modest and not very scary but totally awesome within those parameters then you will love this one

  10. Char Char says:

    This was a haunted house story so Dickensian in style Dickens himself is a catalyst within I listened to the audio version narrated by Alison Larkin I enjoyed this story of Eliza Caine attempting to fulfill her position as governess to two children in a house almost falling down due to disrepair How she got there and her attempt to keep the children safe I will leave for you to discover I liked the style of the storytelling and I enjoyed the character of Eliza though at times she seemed too wily and too naive both at once Where the story lost me was at the very end which is usually where these types of books fall apart in my opinion In this case I didn't mind it because I enjoyed the journey towards the end so much The narrator Alison Larkin is new to me but I loved her performance She brought the characters alive and I will actively seek out of her audio narrations in the future Overall this was a decent haunted house story and I recommend it to fans of such

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