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Having Hope (Blow Hole Boys, #4) [BOOKS] ⚦ Having Hope (Blow Hole Boys, #4) Author Tabatha Vargo – Thomashillier.co.uk No one’s promised tomorrow And Chet Rhodes the drummer of Blow Hole is all about living for today Sex drugs and rock and roll—anything to help him forget his deadly secret and keep him detached Bu No one’s promised tomorrow And Chet Rhodes the drummer of Blow Hole is all about living for today Sex drugs and rock and roll—anything to help him forget his deadly secret and keep him detached But when he meets Hope a bitchy brunette with sarcastic wit and a deadly right hook his carefully constructed defenses break down For the first time ever he wants than a one night stand But one night might be all he has left Hope Iverson holds a secret that could potentially destroy everything she's built Hardened with a short fuse her past has left her emotionally unavailable That is until she meets the charismatic drummer for Blow Hole His smart mouth has the ability to make her smile and his inked body makes her feel things she’d rather notBut scars leave you changed and Hope isn’t sure there’s enough of herself left to give In the end promises will be broken Lives will be destroyed And Hope must decide what's most important to her—secrets love or life.

10 thoughts on “Having Hope (Blow Hole Boys, #4)

  1. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    375 Blackbird Stars

  2. littleM littleM says:

    pleeeeeeeeease I WORSHIP THESE BASTARDSmy teeth cannot take the grinding I'm doing waiting for this book

  3. Lina& Lina& says:

    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review45 StarsFull review to come

  4. HMS HMS says:

    Loved Hope and Chet but the storyline weaves many of the same themes present in the other books in this series Enjoyable if you like romances based around rock stars with a big dose of angst Enjoy

  5. Jan Jan says:

    5 Little bird stars Chet I'd never felt this way before but my Blackbird had somehow chained me to her during our night together and the thought of being a one woman man for a bit didn't scare the shit out of me A night Chet won't forget 5 years ago he met the woman who could change everything and in the morning she was gone but he couldn't remember what she looked like except for a Blackbird tattoo The manwhore returning with a vengeance Hope was a drummer with the Room Sirens and had toured and was going on tour again with The Blow Hole Boys A love hate relationship had formed between Hope and Chet and Chet professed Hopes anger turned him on it made Hope All the angry thus adding humour to the mixHope The blow hole boys meant a ton to usMinus ChetOf courseHe could go suck on a sweaty sack as far as I was concerned Hope had secrets Chet had secrets told in dual pov's the whole read was intense and unpredictable Tabatha Vargo did good it was brilliant a mixture of emotions throughout and all brilliantly balanced I have laughed along with this plot had a teary eyed moment and loved every minute of it The heartfelt moments were intense as well as the sexRecommended Rock Star SeriesArc gratefully received for honest review BBBf sizzlereads LABBFacebook Goodreads GroupshttpWWWBBBBf sizzlereads bestbook

  6. Elisabeth Cole Elisabeth Cole says:

    I really enjoyed the first 3 books in this series but Having Hope not so much It wasn't the writing or the storyline but Hope's character that I disliked She's the kind of character who makes bad choices that she knows she'll regret Once the repercussions of those choices affect her she blames others instead of taking ownership Not only does she take her frustration out on others but she never even tells them why she's punishing them I can see making a mistake getting angry and then maybe talking it out but Hope had a different agenda Hers was to make a mistake let it eat away at her for years until she's bitter but still never talk about it Chet was kind of annoying as well He's got a secret that he refuses to talk about He's made a decision about that secret that made absolutely no sense to me I think if Chet and Hope had been mature I would have enjoyed this book a lot

  7. Tracy Lundy-Munn Tracy Lundy-Munn says:

    Having Hope was the final full length novel in the Blow Hole Boys series by Tabatha Vargo I'm absolutely in love with this series The storyline was spot on and the twists and turns were fantastic The characters were well thought out and the chemistry was off the charts This series was one of the best that I have read in a while and I would highly recommend it

  8. Lillian♥ Lillian♥ says:

    Everytime I read one of your books you tear my heart right out of my chest and break it in to pieces But thank you for always putting it back together again for me

  9. Fiona Fiona says:

    Expected publication June 28th 2016

  10. Penny Penny says:

    45 stars I can't believe this is the last book I'm going to miss reading about the whole group of characters

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