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Girl 43 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Girl 43 Author Maree Giles – A powerful and shocking novel inspired by the author's time at the infamous Parramatta Girls' Home The graffiti on the holding room wall says it all 'Gunyah is hell on earth' And Ellen's about to find A powerful and shocking novel inspired by the author's time at the infamous Parramatta Girls' Home The graffiti on the holding room wall says it all 'Gunyah is hell on earth' And Ellen's about to find out why Ellen was never the daughter her mother wanted Patent leather shoes and frilly dresses just weren't her thing and at age fourteen she's ready to leave school and find her own way No one is going to stop her from going where she wants doing what she wants and hanging out with Robbie Or so she thinks But when the police turn up Ellen is deemed to be in 'moral danger' and is sentenced to the Gunyah Training School for Girls Suddenly she's no longer Ellen she's Girl and she has to follow the rules work hard and most importantly stay uiet When it's discovered that she's pregnant there's no respite from the staff Told she isn't capable of bringing up a child they twist the truth to make her cooperate But however hard they try they can't destroy the connection between a mother and her child or can they Drawn from experiences in Parramatta Girls' Home in the seventies Girl is a story that could have come straight from today's headlines about the shocking treatment of innocent children and teens by people in the very institutions that were supposed to protect them.

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  1. Sharon Sharon says:

    Ellen Russell began to feel hot from head to toe the day she was sentenced to six to nine months detention at the Gunyah Training School for Girls Ellen was considered by the courts as uncontrollable Ellen had no idea what she was in for but as soon as she arrived at Gunyah she knew things were about to get a whole lot worse for her All the girls at Gunyah were badly treated they were made to work hard and they were punished if they did not carry out the work that was assigned to them The girls would be mentally and physically abused as well as being locked up in isolation if they did anything out of turnNot wanting to give the whole story away so I won't go into any of the story line only to say this story may be hard for some to read due to the subject matter But in saying that I feel it is well worth reading To think of all the suffering and pain that these girls went through is unimaginable and still to this day those girls still bare the mental and physical scars is heartbreaking This would've been a hard story to write but one that needed to be told Highly recommended

  2. Brenda Brenda says:

    When fourteen year old Ellen Russell decided to leave school and move into a small flat with surfer boyfriend Robbie she could not have foreseen the disastrous turn her future would take Four months later after a happy carefree time together the police came and took Ellen to the police station There she was told she needed protection she was in moral danger; so she was sent to Gunyah Training School for Girls She was a naïve girl and had no idea what would happen to her It was just as well she didn’tEllen had seen the words Gunyah is hell on earth scratched into the wall in the holding cell at the police station; she had no idea what that meant but it wasn’t long before she found out exactly what it meant Girl 43 was her only form of identification – she was shorn her clothes were taken from her the rules of no talking AT ALL or the punishment was severe – all of it made her confused and afraid But she was sure it was a mistake – her mother would come and get her; Robbie would find her and take her awaywouldn’t she; wouldn’t he?But the conditions continued to worsen – she had to work hard or she was punished; she had to do as she was told or she was punished; she had to be perfect to achieve points – she cried until she thought she would be sick then she cried some Would she ever get out of that place?This was a heart wrenching story of such huge proportions – the totally sad part about it is that although this novel is fiction these things did happen I was a little disappointed in the plot though – my expectations of what the story would be about and what it WAS about were a little different I read The Inconvenient Child by Sharyn Killens some time back which is non fiction – I expected this one to be along those lines To be about the Parramatta Girls Home and Hay Correctional Centre and the atrocities that occurred in those places The suffering and pain that the young girls of that era who were deemed bad endured is something that has a dubious place in Australia’s history Thankfully those places are long ago closed though the memories of it all will linger in the minds of many for a long time to come

  3. Tony Tony says:

    This is a pretty bleak and grim view of events in Australia in the 1970's where basically young girls could be locked up for being underage and promiscuous While it is a novel in some parts it almost reads like a biography I liked the ending because it was believable and not the obvious happy ending it could have been I didn't like the Frank' character as he was not believable and I would have enjoyed if there had been character development of Iris Dawson We see her point of view for a few short pages bit then nothing after that Overall though a good read and once again I am left with the wonder of what human beings are capable of doing to each other

  4. Rania T Rania T says:

    There was once a time in this country when young girls were capable of being charged by the courts of being 'uncontrollable' and in 'moral danger' and locked away for their supposed own good Girl 43 is a novel based in this era What will resonate most with the reader are the sounds smells and situations the author describes that evoke feelings of fear desperation anger and helplessness when describing the situation Ellen finds herself in Girl 43 also touches on Australia's dark history of forced adoptions and the treatment women received at the hands of 'health' authorities punished for falling pregnant without being married Highly recommended

  5. Annie Milham Annie Milham says:

    Have to give up on this one 👎

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    At the very start of this book It is argued that Australia has had the highest rate of institutionalisation of children in the world And sadly a royal commission only came to light this year in 2014 Partly because of this book The girls who went to these homes would have heavy wounds that they must carry for the rest of there lives We can only hope that the abusers got there karma in the end I always wondered what the government and the era was like back then I thought it was full of young happy teenage hippies Like my uncle was in the 70's I was wrong Maybe the parents really didn't know how to handle the revolution and all that freedom And let the law handle there kids Thinking it is best Which led to kids been taken into these homes like Parramatta and suffered abuse Ellen has been lied to by the social workers the nurses the sisters even the nuns Bloody hypocrites About her baby Even been made to sign something that she thinks has to do with having her baby at a particular hospital When no It is to sign for giving permission to adopt her baby out Because of her age There is no way at all she is to be allowed to keep her baby That and been an unmarried person It is a forced adoption Ellen is treated like an idiot and a fool Abused mentally and physically The style of writing in this book are good With a lot of descriptions of different smells throughout the book And if your Aussie You'd know all the smells in a heartbeat This book is apart of Australia's history No matter how grim It's a book I believe that we all must read to make sure this kind of abuse never happens again

  7. Robin Robin says:

    This is the harrowing tale of Ellen a teenager deemed to be in 'moral danger and sent to a reform school for girls Shortly after her arrival she discovers she is pregnant and is tricked into giving up her baby for adoption The rest of the book revolves around her leaving the home and learning to fend for herself as she searches for her babyThe novel is based on the author's own experiences in the infamous Parramatta Girls' Home and if only half the story is fact it would be shocking enough This is as much a coming of age book as the story of Ellen's search for her daughter and it works well in this capacityas we witness her growth from an unworldly but headstrong teenager to a wiser responsible young woman attempting to repair her damaged relationships with her mother and stepfather The author creates deep empathy for Ellen right from the beginning due in no small part to her horrendous treatment at the Gunyah Training School for Girls I was so wanting her to find her baby that SPOILER when she hadn't found her by the end of the book it left me uite disappointed and frustrated though I acknowledge that was the only realistic ending the story could have hadI have one criticism of the writing style I thought it was repetitive and overwritten in places the emotions were too overwrought Although it is a story of extremes of emotion I think restraint in these parts of the book would have resulted in a deeper impact

  8. Janet Janet says:

    I very much enjoyed this book Ellen is a teenager going a little wayward after a few run ins with her mum and boyfriend She is living with a surfer type in the early 1970's and is put in a type of protective custody which is a shocking way to treat a child After having a baby she is released but the baby has been adopted out and she tries to beat the system to get her baby back Beautifully written with great insight into life in Sydney in the 1970's

  9. Katrina Katrina says:

    I found that the first part of the book written like a YA The second half of the book was a better part of the story Slow at times could be analysed further The characters could have depth hard to feel stronglyattached

  10. Tanya Boulter Tanya Boulter says:

    yawni was excited to read this but i tried i really did and i gave up around chapter 3

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