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The Blizzard -The Football Quarterly: Issue Twelve ❴KINDLE❵ ✿ The Blizzard -The Football Quarterly: Issue Twelve Author Jonathan Wilson – The Blizzard is a uarterly football publication put together by a cooperative of journalists and authors its main aim to provide a platform for top class writers from across the globe to enjoy the spa The Blizzard is -The Football PDF/EPUB Á a uarterly football publication put together by a cooperative of journalists and authors its main aim to provide a platform for top class writers from across the globe to enjoy the space and the freedom to write what they like about the football stories that matter to themContents of Issue Twelve The Rivals Sid Lowe Power Play Carles Rexach and Jorge Valdano discuss the changing nature of the Real Madrid Barcelona rivalry Miguel Delaney Gamechanger Johan Cruyff on his role in The Blizzard Kindle - creating the style of Barcelona and modern football Graham Hunter An Honourable Man How Vicente del Bosue overcame rejection by Real Madrid to lead Spain to glory A Game of Chess Philippe Auclair Beyond the System Could the lessons of chess show football the way to an Blizzard -The Football Quarterly: Issue PDF \ exciting new future Scott Oliver Play Jazz not Chess Reflections on football order and the imagination and the need for improvisation Theory Steve Menary Maximum Opportunity Was Charles Hughes a long ball zealot or pragmatist reacting to necessity Blizzard -The Football Kindle × Sergio Levinsky The Cult of the Pibe Argentina’s love affair with scruffy urchins with feet of gold Defenders of the Faith Paul Brown The Birth of the Fan Why Victorians flocked to watch men kicking a pig’s bladder about James Montague Jerusalem Syndrome The mysterious disappearance of Guma Aguiar the saviour of Beitar Jerusalem Brian Homewood Identity Crisis Unpicking the convoluted threads of Mexico’s franchise system Bartosz Nowicki Dream Fulfilled Relief and glee as Cardiff City finally found their way into the Premier League Blizzard -The Football Quarterly: Issue PDF \ Against the Odds Robin Bairner Sleeping Giant In Jean Pierre Adams was given anaesthetic before knee surgery He hasn’t woken up Richard Jolly And Not to Yield Only one sportsman can match Ryan Giggs for longevity the New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter Javier Sauras and Felix Lill The Street Dogs of Manila The Philippines are rising through the rankings but are they Filipino enough Matthew Campelli Second City Syndrome Why has Birmingham struggled for football success for years Polemics Alex Keble Artist or Machine An investigation into the paradoxical relationship between sport and creativity Tim Vickery Alternate Title The lessons sports journalists can draw from the Monkees Fiction Iain Macintosh The uantum of Bobby After his exile in atar Bobby Manager returns to English football Or does he Greatest Games Rob Smyth England West Germany World Cup semi final July Stadio delle Alpi Turin Eight Bells Michael Yokhin Non identical twins A selection of twins who looked the same but played very differently.

5 thoughts on “The Blizzard -The Football Quarterly: Issue Twelve

  1. Barry Barry says:

    A bit of a mixed bag for me this issueThe early articles about Barca Real Madrid did little for meHowever the articles about the relationship between chess and football seemed to drag I felt Scott Oliver made a pretty obvious and basic point in the first paragraph suggesting football needs imagination and artistry and is not a chess match He then seemed to spend pages and pages expounding on this which I found uite difficult to get through a tad boring and not really going anywhere I did like the comparison between American Football and football and the oval ball's reliance on set plays and how movement etc is within predefined parameters unlike football where a centre half can dribble up the pitch if he or she chooses and is capableThe article about the 'birth of the fan' during the Victorian era was fascinating the grounds have changed and the profile is different but essentially the football experience is the same as 130 years ago men have a few beers put a bet on and watch the same game with partisan fervour As a Preston fan it's great to think that my ancestors were going to the same ground as I doing pretty much the same things Great articleThe article on Birmingham's decline in football was excellent also The second city definitely punches under it's weightI enjoyed the article on Mexico's franchise system and it is a startling reminder of how if we don't keep the integrity of football intact that of clubs being emotionally owned by the fans and the city of their birth just how redundant the sport could be Reading this article I think I dismissed Mexican club football as being irrelevant on the world stage uite a powerful article for meI enjoyed the 'Bobby Manager' fiction put a smile on my faceThe 'Greatest Games' article was amazing and the best thing in the issue It focused on England and West Germany's World Cup Semi final in 1990 What a fantastic article and what memories to relive I was only a young lad at the time but I remember the media in a frenzy about whether we would play a sweeper The history books rightly romanticise these heroes but I remember England being awful in the group stage and just scraping through the group with a 'just enough' 1 0 win over Egypt I remember us all thinking after the draws with Ireland and Holland we would tonk the Egyptians how wrong we were In those three games England were poorI remember the win against Belgium where David Platt became my 'top league' favourite player with his last minute of extra time screamer Everyone thought we would brush Cameroon aside and have an easy route into the semis but this was the Roger Milla World Cup what an amazing match It was real edge of the seat stuff England played well but struggled to cope with Cameroon who played with a real nothing to lose attitudeI never realised until reading this article just how dead on their feet the England team must have been three consecutive games going to extra timeMuch has been written about the Germany game and the discourse about Gazza's tears and THOSE misses by Waddle and Pearce didn't the nation share his joy in his penalty against Spain six years later I still love 'Psycho' What Rob Smyth captures in this article is all the drama of the game itself It was a classic match and one where the whole nation was glued to the set We were so very close at times to winning it's untrue Smyth picks up on a few other factors here that Waddle should have had a penalty and the sportsmanlike manner the game was played in What is really great about the article is the author exploring the relationship between Gazza and Robson Gazza's personality really comes through here he really was a great big kid and mentally vulnerable Just yesterday I saw he was in the news for all the wrong reasons it really is sad Fantastic article that captures the emotion spirit and drama of the timeAnd finally when reading about famous twins an Icelandic pair are mentioned and I thought 'who was that Icelandic striker we thought would be good and wasn't' and then I realised it was the same Bjarki Gunnlaugsson I was reading about Back in the day when any foreign international was still a big deal

  2. Rob Rob says:

    Another engrossing outing for The Blizzard which has now outlasted the publication it was inspired by a Sunderland based weekly newspaper from 1893 Highlights this time include Scott Oliver debunking the footballchess analogy and Javier Sauras and Felix Lill on Filipino soccer Pick of the crop however is Matthew Campelli on Birmingham's struggle to punch its weight as a football city

  3. Richard Bellis Richard Bellis says:

    As always a superb collection of essays and articles Along with When Saturday Comes and your club's fanzine is probably the only essential reading that a football fan needs

  4. Allen Allen says:

    As ever a good mix of articles some outstanding than others but variety to suit all footballing tastes I'd say

  5. Steven Pilling Steven Pilling says:

    close to a 5 star its the range of writing and that means its always high uality

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