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A Time to Overcome (The Abolitionist Chronicles #2) [Reading] ➸ A Time to Overcome (The Abolitionist Chronicles #2) ➮ J.M. Downey – Thomashillier.co.uk Big secrets never stay hidden and it’s the darkest ones that threaten us the most Michael and May Lynn Thompson have found their mission helping escaped slaves to freedom through the Underground Rai Big secrets never stay hidden and it’s the darkest ones that threaten us the most Michael and May Lynn Thompson have found their mission helping escaped slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad But an enemy from their past seeks revenge and vows to bring them to justice at the gallows for a crime they didn’t commit It is this plight that will bring a long ignored secret to light a revelation that will force Michael and May Lynn to realize the A Time MOBI :↠ life they love can evaporate like mist on the dawning of a new day Will Michael and May Lynn hold true to the Lord’s provisions Dive into the adventure which asks our characters to choose the Lord's way or man's.

5 thoughts on “A Time to Overcome (The Abolitionist Chronicles #2)

  1. Gloria Shunda Gloria Shunda says:

    ExcellentDowney makes mention of Africa its missionaries resources and oppression from colonists and the heart wrenching aspects of slavery that are sure to bring tears all while enveloping the reader in one of the most beautiful and heart grabbing love stories ever told A very flavorful story full of convictions history and romance I don’t think I will ever forget this book

  2. Hanna C Hanna C says:

    Awesome I couldn’t drop it Wish there could be a story on Elijah and Esther I would like to see them married

  3. Julia Julia says:

    A Time To Overcome by JM Downey continues the story of abolitionists Michael and May Lynn as they work to help free the black American slaves by Michael smuggling them across the border to Canada and then May Lynn helps to educate them in the small colony where they live Michael and May Lynn are also struggling to escape their past and have to flee to England with their children and Elijah a young negro when previous events threaten the stability of the colonyIt is in England that Michael introduces his wife and family to his parents And all is going well until Michael decides to uestion his mother about his maternal grandparents and he finds that there are also skeletons in his family Michael and May Lynn rely on God to guide them as they find their lives at a crossroadsin their hearts they are desperate to return to Canada and continue their abolitionist works but wrestle with staying in England and alerting people to the plight of the slaves Where will they work most effectively for God? The answer is found in prayer as God reveals that they will bloom where He plants them as long as they remain focused on HimThe story is fast paced as the past continually threatens the future and the reader often finds their heart racing and unable to put the story down God is very much the central character as Michael and May Lynn's lives revolve always around prayer and seeking God's will However this is not just a love story as there are times of menace and action to be faced I found myself reading far longer than I intended as I definitely got lost in this book I am eagerly awaiting book number 3 A Forbidden Love which is due out in 2015it is absolutely on my wish list

  4. Kim Kim says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the characters It contained a lot of twists in turns like everyday life It caused them to think about their faith and trust in God It was unusual that a southern belle marries a abolitionist preacher who work with the underground I highly recommend this series and look forward to book #3 coming in 2015 JM Downey is a great author and you will not be disappointed

  5. JoAnn JoAnn says:

    Book two in The Abolitionist Chronicles The story of an abolitionist preacher and his southern belle wife They work with the Underground Railroad to help runaway slaves Recommend reading book one first You need that background in order to enjoy A Time to Overcome I received a free copy of this book for my honest review

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