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Julia the Secret Keeper (Julias Secrets, #1) ❴Ebook❵ ➡ Julia the Secret Keeper (Julias Secrets, #1) Author Franky A. Brown – Thomashillier.co.uk Everyone has a secretand college junior Julia Fairfield knows them all She is the only one her family and friends tell all their secrets to She never expected the shocking secret her mother asks her t Everyone has a secretand college junior Julia Fairfield knows them all She is the only one her family and friends tell all their secrets to She never expected the shocking secret her mother asks her to keep and she isn't Julia the eBook å sure if she can keep it a secret for long She soon learns that on a rollercoaster ride through a world of hilarious secrets love can take you by surprise.

10 thoughts on “Julia the Secret Keeper (Julias Secrets, #1)

  1. Micki Sellers Micki Sellers says:

    This is a fun light read Definitely have snacks on hand As the mom of a kid who is gluten free plus other food allergies in the family it was nice to read a book that shows how central food is to our lives and how hard it can be emotionally to make those kind of changes Julia's family is a riot and some of these scenes had me laughing out loud

  2. Kim Kim says:

    This was a fun easy read that I read over the weekend It made me so thankful to not have celiacs but sad for the people who do

  3. Ines Bautista-yao Ines Bautista-yao says:

    A joy to read This book was so much fun I loved the whole family aspect the sisters of Julia and of course her mom and her awesome secret I wish I had a mom like that who could help me land a publishing deal too I also thought Julia's relationship with Nick was sweet though I felt it could have used a bit feels just to tug at your heartstrings It's clear the author wants to educate her readers about Celiac disease I saw at the end of the book that she has a blog about it and she was very successful in piuing my interest I'd heard of it before but I never knew how it could totally ruin one's life I also loved how each chapter was named after food and yummy food at that and I think the cover is a winner When I first laid eyes on it I wanted to read it right away Julia and the rest of her family even Stella whom I had doubts about at the start due to her self centeredness and melodrama all felt very real and I appreciated that so much but the rednecks felt like caricatures It felt like they were stereotyped and I felt Julia and her family were judgmental in that sense but then again that could also be part of who they are as charactersAll in all I truly enjoyed reading about Julia and her family The author was able to address each issue she brought up and she didn't leave any loopholes I also really loved how she was able to address poor Julia's love for food because I could truly relate to that I'd love to read the seuel

  4. Terry Terry says:

    I love this book A real treat for 'chic lit' lovers I love the beautiful descriptions of South Carolina especially the historical University of South Carolina campus The characters are fun lively and real The author has a uniue writing style It would be great seeing it made into a romantic comedy movie I'm looking forward to Franky A Brown's next book

  5. Katharine Stinton Katharine Stinton says:

    This is the best book ever I read it all the time It's a fantastic way to escape reality and feel like perhaps there is a family crazy than yours even if they ARE fictional I can really relate to Julia people tell me their life stories all the time I'm so happy that Franky has made a seuel she's my favorite author of all time I hope that there's a trilogy in our future

  6. Phyllis Phyllis says:

    Julia the Secret Keeper was an enjoyable story It was very a very clean chick lit story with slightly larger than life characters which made it fun Julie's sisters cracked me up especially Nattie the spoiled younger sister Because I've dealt with food allergies for my husband for years the

  7. Summer Kinard Summer Kinard says:

    Relatable well drawn characters populate this entertaining debut novel Without relying on ready made dramatic tropes there are no addicts or abusers here for instance Ms Brown has brought out tensions and triumphs of family life An affirming read for food allergy sufferers this book has the type of happy ending we all wish for

  8. Krysten Hager Krysten Hager says:

    This was a fun sweet clean read that I enjoyed Even though Julia is in college this book is definitely appropriate for young adults as well seeing as it is clean Liked the main character a lot and eager to read the seuel

  9. Ty Gubler Ty Gubler says:

    This is the best romantic comedy I have ever readIf you haven't had the chance to read it I highly recommend picking up a copy today

  10. Becky Littlefield Becky Littlefield says:

    Cute fun easy read It made it even fun to know that I'm personally acuainted with the author albeit just through the internet I'm amazed at the writing talents that people have

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