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Migloos Day [BOOKS] ✯ Migloos Day ✴ William Bee – Thomashillier.co.uk A search and find adventure follows a dog named Migloo on a day packed with excitementThis is the story of Migloo's day a day filled with food fun friends and adventure There are things to find and pu A search and find adventure follows a dog named Migloo on a day packed with excitementThis is the story of Migloo's day a day filled with food fun friends and adventure There are things to find and puzzles to solve on action filled spreads brimming with details From acclaimed author illustrator William Bee comes a search and find book with a fun loving dog leading the way.

About the Author: William Bee

William Bee was born in London but now lives in the English countryside In addition to writing children’s books he races a vintage sports car is an international skier and when at home tends his lawns and meadows.

10 thoughts on “Migloos Day

  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    Migloo an adorable dog with plenty of friends spends the day going to the market to the town suare to the factory the fire station to school and even to a garage At just about every place he is given something to eat or enlisted to help in some way Readers are asked to find certain objects or individuals in some very colorful illustrations that completely cover the large pages of the book Although this will have kid appeal there is simply too much to look at for my feeble eyes I guarantee that this one will keep many children very busy though

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    It's a bit of a cross between a seek and find and Where's Waldo There's a lot going on this book but the illustrations are not too overwhelming There is a key in the front of the book that explains who the townspeople are This is a nice little busy book

  3. Mrs Wilson Mrs Wilson says:

    Thank you to the publisher for my ARC Advance Review Copy which was sent to me free to read and provide a review if wishedThis is a great book which is very much in the style of Where's Wally but not so crammed that a younger child couldn't spot Migloo or any of the other characters etc that are on each page The illustrations are bright and colourful and there is absolutely tons of little searches and tasks to keep a child amused The book is a little bit too old for my daughter at the moment although she does like looking through the pages and spotting things alongside myself and my slightly older sonThere is an actual story to the book and not just a character search on each page which I really like and adds another element to the book itself The story follows a little dog called Migloo and his adventure packed day through the town of Sunnytow There are tons of characters throughout the book and these are also all individually introduced on the first few pages On each page there are little uestion time boxes that ask for your child to search for certain characters and items but there is also a further two pages of activites on William Bee's Busy Page at the back of the book so plenty to keep your child entertained and searching in this bookA great findingsearching book which is in the style of Where's Wally but also has an actual story to it too My son likes this book although I suspect he's still a little too young to completely benefit from the book but he keeps asking for the story to be read and we keep doing little searches too

  4. Teresa Edmunds Teresa Edmunds says:

    Migloo is a small dog that lives in Sunnytown This book follows Migloo as he goes about his day through town Dispersed through the search and find pages are story pages that describe Sunnytown and its citizens At the back of the book are search and find challenges The illustrations are cute and the items range from easy to hard to find I am still looking for Tiny Mouse on pages 4 and 5 A slight down point of this book is that you either have to be very familiar with the townspeople or you have to keep turning to the front of the book to see who you are supposed to be finding Other than that it will keep children busy with a fun activity

  5. Paula Paula says:

    A search and find adventure invites readers to spot hidden items as they follow fun loving dog Migloo throughout his day during which he visits the town suare the market school and other locations

  6. Karen Karen says:

    This book is a search and find book that follows Migloo a little dog Since this book relies heavily on the artwork and I wasn't especially crazy for the artwork this book didn't strike me as being anything special

  7. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    Busy busy busy

  8. Tara Tara says:

    Lots to look at but I am not fond of the story line

  9. Dawn Rutherford Dawn Rutherford says:

    A modern day Richard Scarry book As a kid I could have poured over this for days

  10. Michael Earp Michael Earp says:

    SO Much going on it's great

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