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Mirror Shattered (Mirror Series, #2) [BOOKS] ✫ Mirror Shattered (Mirror Series, #2) By K.G. Stutts – Thomashillier.co.uk Two years after the events in Mirror Image the team learn news which breaks one of their own Before they could recover they are on a mission to negotiate peace on another world On their way back to Ea Two years after the events in Mirror Image the team learn news which breaks one of their own Before they could recover they are on a mission to negotiate peace on another world On their way back to Earth the group learns the ISC is no In fact it never existed An alien species long thought dead the Synth has gone back in time to kill Charlie Westlake before he would create the Intergalactic Security Commission With the help of the Isgurds the team travels back to to save CharlieIf you had the power to change the past knowing it will alter your future would you take the risk.

  • Mirror Shattered (Mirror Series, #2)
  • K.G. Stutts
  • English
  • 12 July 2016

4 thoughts on “Mirror Shattered (Mirror Series, #2)

  1. Derek White Derek White says:

    This is not just a follow up to Mirror Image; it’s and better The characters from the first book are there but developed especially Maddie and Mack and it has a believable plot The action seuences are just as good and the one or two new characters fit in well I usually can anticipate plot surprizes but this had two I didn’t see coming and no I won’t give them away just say that they work well I assure you that you will still be turning pages to see what happens next right up to the last one I will be very surprized if anyone reads both ‘Mirror Image’ and ‘Mirror Shattered’ and doesn’t go on to read the last in the trilogy ‘Mirror Reformed’ This is due to be published early in 2015 and I will be amongst the first to read it

  2. Heather Kirchhoff Heather Kirchhoff says:

    This book is as amazing as the first I loved it A few of the events made me sad though but the ending made up for that I'm definitely looking forward to starting the next book

  3. Don Weiss Don Weiss says:

    KG Stutts’ highly anticipated seuel to her epic sci fi romance takes Maddie Mack and their friends on another adventure loaded with time spanning actionThe two years that have passed since the conclusion of MIRROR IMAGE have been kind to Maddie She seems seasoned comfortable and in place with her new role in the Intergalactic Security Commission Her relationship with John Brooks has continued to grow and she’s earned the respect and admiration of her teammates The contrast between Maddie and Mack continues to entertain and their relationship is pushed to its limit in this installment which continues to explore what it means to be an individual and what it means to be that individual’s clone In spite of her accomplishments Maddie’s status as a clone continues to be an impediment in certain circles of the ISC The idea of adding time travel to the storyline works effectively and serves a two fold purpose For one it gives Maddie access to a level of control she’s never had before to not only restore the future she knows but also to improve upon it to set right certain events that may have been better off not happening For another the team’s journey to the past helps them to rediscover the roots of the ISC and realize just how pivotal they are to its existence There’s a sense of destiny built around Maddie and the others which infuses the characters with an even greater resonanceReplete with internal conflicts and philosophical ueries MIRROR SHATTERED is a worthy successor to MIRROR IMAGE that broadens the scope of the universe KG Stutts has created to an infinite degree Anything is possible and it will be interesting to see how things are resolved in the next book

  4. Sassy Southern Sassy Southern says:

    Mirror Shattered picks up where Mirror Image left of but 2 years later The team is together minus Mac and LoganThe ISC is still struggling to keep peace in the universe but a major threat has arisen which puts the ISC and Earth in jeopardy Maddie is the lead for the team nowThe struggle against new aliens and are taken back in timeThe action is ok in book 2 but I just felt there was something lacking this time Book 1 just seemed to have angst to itI also think the battle between Maddie and Mac made the story interestingNot too bad a book overall I did enjoy the ending

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