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Dragon's Rival [Download] ➾ Dragon's Rival By H.L. Burke – Having abandoned his friends and family and taken to the skies Ewan hides himself in the Wilderlands away from humans However an unexpected attempt on his life and a warning from another dragon lead h Having abandoned his friends and family and taken to the skies Ewan hides himself in the Wilderlands away from humans However an unexpected attempt on his life and a warning from another dragon lead him to suspect that not all is right in Regone Ewan returns to his homeland to attend his brother's wedding and discover the source of the bounty on his head Once there the dragon prince finds that Ryan of Westshire has been using his absence to court the Lady Shannon With unknown forces working to undermine his brother's throne and his own heart torn between his love for Shannon and the desire to see her happy Ewan must choose once and for all Is he a dragon or a man.

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  1. Pauline Ross Pauline Ross says:

    This is the third in the series The Dragon and the Scholar and the story is blossoming now It’s focused on the personal elements than the background plot but I found this interesting anyway The on again off again sort of romance between dragon prince Ewan and scholar Shannon has reached a critical point and Ewan’s rival Ryan another prince is there waiting for Shannon when things fall apart Everything depends on Ewan will he admit his love for Shannon or deny it all to give her a chance of happiness with Ryan?I’m not generally a big fan of characters who say and do things to protect another character ‘for their own good’ It’s presumptuous and disrespectful not to allow them to make their own decision But in this case Ewan has been enchanted or cursed perhaps by an evil sorceress now dead to take the form of a dragon permanently If Shannon chooses to be with Ewan she gives up all possibility of a sexual relationship and children There’s also the problem that dragons live longer lives than humans That’s a heavy price to pay and Ewan’s actions to push her towards Ryan are very understandable in that context The tragedy of Ewan’s situation adds a darker shade to an otherwise rather lighthearted storyThe background plot is nothing wildly original just the usual conspiracy to take over the kingdom One of the weaknesses of this series to my mind is that the characters fall too neatly into the good guybad guy boxes I really like a hero with foibles or a villain who has some redeeming ualities That’s how people are in real life and it makes the story so much realistic if the characters aren’t simple black or white but have at least some hint of grey about them But that’s a personal preference not a major criticismFortunately the background shenanigans never come close to overwhelming the story which focuses firmly on the two principle characters and their troubled romance A reader would have to have a heart of stone not to root for these two likable characters to get back together and the author elegantly contrives to ensure that Ryan isn’t left too broken hearted either Very nicely done Four stars

  2. Clarice Clarice says:

    The dragonprince Ewan may no longer be denying his feelings for Shannon to himself but he is to her And he refuses to really speak about them to any of his friends either He still feels like he is doing what's best for the both of them by staying out of the way After returning to Regone Ewan tells Shannon that he doesn't love her Shannon crushed and heartbroken falls into Prince Ryan's arms She agrees to marry him but they decide not to tell anyone besides King Riley Ryan's father until after King Edmond's marriage to Brighid Ryan's sister Meanwhile there have been strange goings on New servants and such have been appointed to the king in Regone A man named Donovan has been watching with interest and uestions what is going on Because of his uestions he loses his position in the palace guard and his life is in danger He must find someone who he can trust and someone who has influence with the king Ewan is that someone In Westshire King Riley has employed two alchemists who seem to be doing some shady work for him Whatever they are concocting is nothing good Will a stable boy has been closely watching the palace along with the king and his son There is an uprising in the making and he is gathering intel for his superiors What he doesn't count on is owing Prince Ryan his life Will wants nothing than to despise Riley and Ryan as well if he turns out to be anything like his father but can't seem to find it in himself to feel that way about the prince It will take all of them along with their friend Martin to keep Regone safe from King Riley's treachery He is always scheming and him playing nice only makes everyone nervous It wasn't that long ago that he wanted to kill King Edmond Shannon is in danger of marrying someone she doesn't love Ewan's very life is in danger by an unknown source Donovan and his wife are almost killed and Will too Even Regone itself is in danger The stakes are high This is another great novel in The Dragon and the Scholar series Yes the stakes are high Ewan must make his decision once and for all about Shannon who is in love with him Ryan wants a chance at making Shannon happy and is willing to make her his princess and one day ueen Although Shannon would be a fine ueen she isn't sure that kind of life is for her but she is very fond of Ryan The cards are laid on the table for them in this book and the end is fantastic but still very surprising Will is a new character we are introduced to and he has secrets of his own These secrets go deep and not all of them come to light yet but I have a feeling we will be seeing of him in the next book He is just a young man but a wild and somewhat troubled one Donovan is not a new character but he plays a much bigger part in this book He is an honorable man but uestions authority too much for the liking of his superiors and loses his job A watchful man that will end up being an unlikely hero Poor Martin is exhausting his resources and himself trying to find a cure for Ewan's curse There is a glimmer of hope This story had some very complex parts and separate happenings that all end up twining together nicely An easy 5 stars

  3. Gypsy Madden Gypsy Madden says:

    I dearly love both Shannon and Ewan and Ryan has certainly grown into a strong personality in this installment and I loved newcomer Will HL Burke certainly knows how to make a fantasy world come to life and you can easily picture the kingdom from the castle to the peasant houses But why four stars and not five? Honestly I always tend to get bored by political intrigue and this certainly had a healthy supply of Ryan’s father trying to outmaneuver everyone And I always get irritated when people outright lie as Ewan did to Shannon repeatedly which just seemed cruel Then there’s the problem of everyone Ryan and Ewan deciding they knew what was best for Shannon without asking her and when she found out I expected her to hit the roof for trying to railroad her life I honestly expected her to turn on both of them and head back to the Academy until they got over themselves but instead it was like she had lost her previous strong backbone and just went along with everything they said not to mention weeping all over the place like a total basket case rather than standing up and fighting But in all it is well worth seeing Ryan grow into a stronger character and the ending on this installment is fantastic and worth the wait And of course this is a needed rung before the final installment

  4. Serena Serena says:

    This is another wonderful novel in the Dragon and the Scholar series I had a hard time putting it down Dragon's Rival has a captivating plot good pacing and well developed characters I would have given it a 55 if not for the many mentions of lovemaking no graphic scenes but that word crops up a lotIf you like fantasy dragons romance all of the above this is a very fun series to read Definitely start with book one which sets the stage for the rest of the books in the series and is my favorite of them so far

  5. Angela Castillo Angela Castillo says:

    Sometimes I have trouble with epic fantasies because the author gets so caught up in making their created world believable they forget about the story This is not the case with HL Burke She invites her reader to climb on the dragon's back and ride with her swooping over rich characters and plot details seamlessly Kingdom and country are secondary to intriguing interesting characters who pull you into their story Enough action to keep you breathless enough romance to bring a few tears without being too sappy Well written and engaging Can't wait to read number four

  6. K.M. Carroll K.M. Carroll says:

    This book is about Ewan's journey toward manning up and confessing his love to ShannonOr notThere's all kinds of political machinations poisonings backstabbings people of uestionable birth and all those other things that make life in a medieval court so much fun Plus so much dragon angst I read the whole thing in less than twelve hours counting a break for sleep in betweenParental warning While there is a bed scene it's the cut away to later kind If your kids can handle the final scene of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie they could handle this

  7. Bill Tillman Bill Tillman says:

    Well book three was a well turned out fantasy tomb The Girl got her man but this is not the end of the tale We still have a Dragon who wants to be a full time man and a prince with a four year old whom has never been seen So what happens next? Book four which happens to be the same size as the first three And yes I am already into it

  8. Carolynn Markey Carolynn Markey says:

    Wow I loved this story I was sad when it I ran out of pages I liked how the love story panned out Well written Eagerly awaiting the last installment I love how like a best friend the mc seams to me now much I care about her

  9. Allie May Allie May says:

    I don't have as much to say in this review as I did in the last two Still an amazing fantastical read H L Burke's writing is captivating and I can't wait to finish Ewan's and Shannon's story even though I spent most of this book yelling at the characters ;

  10. Katy Katy says:

    This third installment in The Dragon and the Scholar series was a non stop nail biting read as the author adds conflict and new characters to keep the plot fresh and twisty good I love Ewan and Shannon even and I even like Martin in this one Can't wait to read the finale

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