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  1. Lisa Schultz Lisa Schultz says:

    Evangelpreneur is the best tool to renew your thinking about what it means to succeed in your career Josh takes the conventional wisdom of previous generations and stands it on its head You will never see things the same after reading this book It's an easy read yet it's hard It's very easy to understand It flows as easily as any radio or television interview you ever saw of Josh It's hard because he gores a lot of sacred cows some which likely belong to you If you are teachable this book will help you mature enough to let go of your previously held beliefs and goals which used to define your road to success Josh reveals God's will in many Biblical passages The scriptures demonstrate the values God would have us embrace Sometimes these can get lost by the traditions of our families and cultures The world's wisdom will only be an obstacle to God's will for your life So I challenge you to take a deep breath be humble then dare to read this book Pray about it then obey what He says It will be a turning point in your life and a great blessing to your family

  2. Joline Atkins Joline Atkins says:

    Extremely interesting take on entrepreneurship from a Christian perspective There a 4 specific takeaways I want to adopt after reading this book1 I was encouraged that I'm already aligned with how the author approaches paying children for chores and will tidy up the approach as I've gotten lazy2 I'd like to involve the kids in my BB business somehow 3 Choose one charitable organization to give an offering two every other TH I've given to many but would like to settle on one4 Brainstorm with some creative friends who also possess an entrepreneurial spirit about new venturesFor the length of the book this was a uick read And rather than the topics being the traditional pay off debt save money tithe it really got into the facts and the heart about one managing their time and their money

  3. Floyd Cryer Floyd Cryer says:

    Josh Tolley totally opens up his heart and soul while teaching biblical truth about money and finances I couldn't ask for a better teacher than this book I see things in a new light about money and how God wants us to use itJosh takes money one step further than just managing it he teaches you that God wants you to have than just a J O B Josh teaches you that God wants you to make a difference all the way around financially as a child of God In this book you will learn how it's doneI'm not going to try to explain very much ; you're just gonna have to buy the book and find out for yourself

  4. Thomas Miller Thomas Miller says:

    Well worth the readEver since I read Rich Dad Poor Dad the idea of employment vs being an entrepreneur has always fascinated me Josh does a great job of breaking down the biblical aspects of being an entrepreneur while still remaining steadfast in your Christian walk This book will be great for those who have always considered there to be to life than just punching a clock every work day I do wish there was information for people starting with very little I need some starter ideas

  5. Carol Carol says:

    This is a book that should be reuired reading for everyone before they graduate from high school The author shows how these concepts used to be taught in our schools This is the way to true financial freedom

  6. Kevin Cullis Kevin Cullis says:

    One of the better overall books regarding being a Christian and starting a business One of the first to read if you want to start a business as a Christian

  7. Tanner Tanner says:

    I liked some of the things this book had to say but at the same time I felt like I read a lot and only learned a little The book starts out discussing something that I already agree with money is not the root of all evil like many falsely claim The book goes on to say things that I think most people have already heard or know You don’t need to be special to be an entrepreneur you don’t need money to make money and debt is bad for your financial freedom After that the books talks about finding your vertical alignment This mean identifying and aligning your priorities I definitely think that this is an important point when talking about finances Just because you desire to be financially free does not mean you have to be greedy or even that you love money This is something that I feel the book covered well Finally the last major talking point covers finding your why Generally why you do what you do This is a fair enough uestion although a rather commonly asked oneIn conclusion this book was not a complete eye opener for me although I did like parts of it I will point out again however that I have already heard already agree with many of the things stated in the bookThe book is a uick read despite the page count and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the topic especially if they have not considered their financial situation using a biblical world view

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Evangelpreneur [Reading] ➶ Evangelpreneur By Josh Tolley – Thomashillier.co.uk The truth shall set you free Ignoring it will cost you a fortune It has become clear that we are living a lie and it has brought devastating results Bankruptcy among churchgoers is eually as high as t The truth shall set you free Ignoring it will cost you a fortune It has become clear that we are living a lie and it has brought devastating results Bankruptcy among churchgoers is eually as high as those who don’t attend Financial misconduct is destroying marriages families individuals and churches A record number of churches are in foreclosureThe church teaches us it’s normal to have student loans car payments mortgages and credit cards It calls poverty a curse but isn’t doing much to correct the problem and it focuses on tithing and the elimination of personal debt—but debt elimination is not enoughWouldn’t you rather thrive in your finances and live the life God has called you to Evangelpreneur will teach youHow to get your financial life to line up with your faith lifeHow to save your family and your church from financial ruinHow to recognize if God is calling you to entrepreneurshipHow to use entrepreneurism to do God’s work on EarthFor too long the faithful have been held hostage by false teaching bad teaching and the poor practice of good teaching It’s time to break free from the bondage tied to financial issues and become an Evangelpreneur.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Evangelpreneur
  • Josh Tolley
  • 11 September 2016
  • 9781940363776