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  1. Melinda Melinda says:

    I bought this for a bud who is feeling nervous about biking in the city for the first time It's a really good primer for buying your first bike road rules and very basic bike maintenance Really good

  2. Sara Sara says:

    The writer is trying to promote cycling wants to emphasize that it is safe etc then the biggest chunk of the book is all the dangers and accidents you can get into Minimal brief sections on maintenance choosing a bike etc

  3. says:

    by Kaitlin McNabbI consider myself an amateur bike rider I like biking as a fun and pragmatic activity I feel somewhat confident on the road and I can definitely see the health and environmental benefits of it However I don't know how to fix a flat tire and I still generally fear for my life on busy streetsIf this sounds familiar or if you're just a fresh faced beginner looking to get into biking then Yvonne Bambrick's The Urban Cycling Survival Guide Need to Know Skills and Strategies for Biking in the City is definitely for youBambrick the founding executive director of the Toronto Cyclists Union now Cycle Toronto has created an essential reference guide for urban cyclists It provides straightforward and digestible information about how to incorporate urban biking on any scale in any city into your lifeRead here

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    Thanks to ECW and Goodreads for a free copy of this bookThe Urban Cycling Survival Guide is a fantastic resource for anyone who's interested in biking in the city Covering everything from purchasing a bike to the rules of the road and basic repairs this book provides a lot of information and conveys it in a way that's fresh and conversationalOn a personal note I haven't ridden a bike in over 15 years; this book caught my eye because I've been thinking of starting up again And it was a great choice informational enthusiastic and encouraging

  5. Andrea W Andrea W says:

    35 stars I would rate it higher if I were a new cyclist and this was all new info to me An avid cyclist I was gifted this book Did not contain much information a regular cyclist wouldn't be aware of but still a great overview of what I should know A must read for anyone new to city riding Bike shops should encourage newbies to be purchasing this

  6. Vicky Vicky says:

    I really enjoyed this book I felt she had many details with visual I really appreciate that she had resources and not opions I feel I ride with confidence and knowledge I would recommend this to non confident riders that want to ride

  7. Derek Lawrence Derek Lawrence says:

    Super basic information but presented in a clear voice Good for beginning urban cyclists

  8. John John says:

    I checked out this book a long time ago on a recommendation It was so long ago that I forget who recommended it Whoever you are thank youThis is an excellent guide to urban bike cycling and I appreciate Yvonne's perspective on the challenges and joys of using a bike for transportation There is lots of advice for people thinking of taking the plunge with an overview of bike types and euipment recommendations There's solid rules and illustrations for common scenarios when interacting with cars intersection and pedestrians There's also advice for weather issues and crashesFor me bike commuting is often a solo activity when time and weather allows Yvonne gives advice for running errands transporting babies and children biking with a partner or a crowd planning for different weather conditions biking for commuting and recreation and everything in between There's also the practical perspective I just feel better when I get to and from work on a bike rather than a car One of the strengths of the book is that it expands on what you consider possibleThe perfect audience for this book would be someone thinking of taking up biking to read in the winter or early spring as they consider a purchase and plan their route It is also great as the other manual for a new rider with lots of practical advice It should be next to the energy bars at the counter of the bike shop so the curious will grab a copy I've been riding for a few years on and off and I learned a few things and I'm encouraged to bundle up and get back into the habit

  9. Trina Dubya Trina Dubya says:

    I found this book after seeing the author's TEDx Talk a few days ago I've spent the last several months working in the department that handles mobility and bike sharing programs among other things and my interest in all things bicycle has grown a lot in that time I might not have bought this before a near miss with a motorist while I was cycling last week but here I am and I'm glad I read itMany municipalities have their own laws about things like helmets and riding on sidewalks but some behaviors and signals are universal and this book covers that Defensive riding adverse weather conditions types of bikes basic maintenance and external resources are all available here I cycled in my youth started driving and didn't get on a bike again for 25 years Since I'm just re starting out I'm happy for the time being to use my city's bike share program Ifwhen I decide to purchase a bike of my own I will use this when I do my researchTL;DR Experienced cyclists will already know a lot or all of what's in this book If you're getting into cycling in urban areas for the first time or after a long gap it's worth a read

  10. Colby Moorberg Colby Moorberg says:

    This is a great book for the beginner As an experienced cyclists and biker commuter I thought I might learn a few things when I borrowed a copy of this book from the library I learned a few things but not uite as much as I hoped If I was just starting out though this book would have been much appreciated It was an easy read too I'd recommend it to new riders The illustrations are excellent as well

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The Urban Cycling Survival Guide ❴Read❵ ➲ The Urban Cycling Survival Guide Author Yvonne Bambrick – City cycling made simple North America’s cities have long been the domain of the car but thanks to the undeniable benefits of active transport bicycles have an increasing presence in the urban lands City cycling made simple North America’s cities have Cycling Survival MOBI · long been the domain of the car but thanks to the undeniable benefits of active transport bicycles have an increasing presence in the urban landscape Yet our cities weren’t designed for bicycles making The Urban MOBI :↠ for intimidating and sometimes dangerous environments for cyclists The Urban Cycling Survival Guide is an accessible straight forward pocket guide that helps cyclists new to the urban environment negotiate all the challenges obstacles and rules — spoken and unspoken — that come Urban Cycling Survival Epub µ with sharing the roads From picking the bike that’s right for you to smart riding strategies tips for drivers and bike maintenance Cycle Toronto founding executive director Yvonne Bambrick is your trusted guideWith illustrations to help clarify even the trickiest bike situation The Urban Cycling Survival Guide is an indispensable attractive set of training wheels that can make anyone a confident joyful city rider.