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Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King ❮PDF❯ ✭ Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King ✩ Author Philippe Auclair – 'An artist in my eyes is someone who can lighten up a dark room I have never and will never find difference between the pass from Pele to Carlos Alberto in the final of the World Cup in 1970 and the p 'An artist in my eyes is someone Rebel Who PDF/EPUB è who can lighten up a dark room I have never and will never find difference between the pass from Pele to Carlos Alberto in the final of the World Cup in and the poetry of the young Rimbaud' Eric Cantona Football and art Eric Cantona legend maverick troubled Cantona: The PDF \ artist or just plain trouble never saw a need to make a distinction between the two For all the heat and noise surrounding his infamous Crystal Palace 'kung fu kick' it is for the sheer exuberant beauty of his play that Eric Cantona is chiefly remembered by English football fans At Leeds United he transformed the team The Rebel Who Kindle Ð into title contenders but became a true talisman at Manchester United where to this day fans sing of 'King Eric' And yet the effortless style of Cantona's play could not hide a darker side to his temperament In his own words 'I play with passion and fire I have to accept that sometimes this fire does harm' The Rebel Who Would Be MOBI :↠ Leading French football journlist Philippe Auclair has interviewed over key protagonists in Cantona's career searching for the man behind the myth Marrying a deep knowledge of Cantona's impact on the pitch with soulful pin sharp insight into the heart and inner thoughts of this most complex of characters this is nothing less than the definitive biography of a one time rebel of the French game who rose to be the King of Old Trafford 'I'd give all The Rebel Who Would Be MOBI :↠ the champagne I've ever drunk to be playing alongside Cantona in a big European match at Old Trafford' George Best.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 480 pages
  • Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King
  • Philippe Auclair
  • English
  • 18 January 2016

10 thoughts on “Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King

  1. Richard Leeming Richard Leeming says:

    Curiously a much better book than Auclair's autobiography of Thierry Henry possibly because Cantona is a much interesting man than Henry and I speak as an Arsenal fan who loathes Manchester United with every fibre of my beingAuclair is even handed about Cantona's strengths and his accompanying weaknesses his skewering of the mob reaction to Cantona's attack on Matthew Simmonds at Selhurst Park is one of the stronger passages of the book as is a section towards the end when Auclair examines how carefully calibrated Cantona's rebel image given the commercial revenue it earned him But that passage serves as a useful marker for the book as a whole it's a short passage which doesn't do than raise an extremely interesting critical uestion Auclair is unable to get any answers Given the difficulties of the subject to criticise him for that is perhaps unfairSo you get an honest appraisal of Cantona's football career and some of his motivations but ultimately Auclair is unable to get through the protective wall that cantona set around him But I'm not sure that anyone else could have done

  2. Adam Whitemore Adam Whitemore says:

    So much depth than the typical football bio

  3. David Miller David Miller says:

    If you are a Manchester United fan born in 1975 then Eric Cantona is and always will be 'the King'This book is is no hagiography and uite uniue in many respects for a sports biography autobiography

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Well first of all Goodreads' page count for this hardback edition is out by nearly 200 as there are 469 pages rather than the 288 it tells me there areBut listing issues apart this is a very good book I think it helps that the author is a fellow Frenchman who can explain Cantona's Marseille background in cultural and social terms that most English biographers would not bother with And of course Auclair has been detailed and done actual research than most previous biographers again the English tendency had been to cobble together tabloid stories with a view to sales rather than accuracyWhat we get here is a thoroughly researched calm and sensitive look at the life of a man who remains adored in the red half of Manchester to this day As someone who knew little about Cantona's career prior to his arrival in England the sections dealing with his early career were particularly interesting and informative Achievements and controversies are reported eually and vitally with the context that sensationalist English reports often omitted An engrossing and high uality biography

  5. Akhlaq Akhlaq says:

    The literary world is not overly filled with biographies of Eric Cantona despite his career and becoming the driving force and personality of the newly established Premier League in 1992 so Philippe Auclair’s contribution is definitely the most definitiveThe author has taken immense research to get a full picture of Cantona’s life and career with recounts of his professional career in France which is rarely told in this depth His journey from France his parallel career with his national team and ultimately his exit from France to Leeds United in 1991 There’s much needed context on his international career which sometimes gets lost because he wasn’t able to win a trophy yet he achieved success at a lower level and stayed on with the team after the failure to ualify for the 1994 World CupCantona’s disciplinary record is discussed and Auclair’s analysis that this was down to the style of football United played aggressive but to make a comparison with Don Revie’s Leeds I felt was a tad extreme Premier League football was played a certain way from 1991 1997 and that intensity was seen at other clubs also plus Cantona uickly became a target for opposition players so naturally would respond in some way if he felt the referee wasn’t helpingAuclair captures Cantona’s influence post suspension in 1996 wonderfully with words to paint the pictures of the Frenchman’s goals that saw United eclipse Newcastle United to the title One of the reasons of Cantona’s final season ended lacklustre for him as it did in my opinion was the summer malaise of seeing France perform in this country and he wasn’t there to his own decision as the author states plus also he must have felt some unhappiness with the lack of support from France’s FA incidentally he didn’t speak to journalists for a long time during his final few years at United yet this wasn’t mentioned at all as a reason to why he turned down Aime Jacuet’s reuest to play in the Euros of 1996Overall this is a definitive read on Eric Cantona Like many sports stars he has contradictions but also his moments of sincerity and generosity Auclair tells his story with the in depth research via newspaper cuttings videos to show how Cantona’s career was pivotal to the rise of the Premier League as a product There is much weight behind his sources such as Guy Roux Gerard Houillier his France Football colleagues Sir Alex Ferguson etc For a Manchester United fan this is a must read

  6. Thiago S. Thiago S. says:

    Cantona is a very interesting character but this book certainly isn't Couldnt finish it even containing less than 300 pages mainly because of the very long paragraphs which made the read boring and the story hard to follow I give it 25 stars and I was really fooled by the high av rating this title possessed here on goodreads Maybe hundreds of man utd fans have just voted without reading it Of the part I had the endurance to read got one or two good anedoctes the rest were endless sentences about who gives a shit characters coaches journalists fellow players of the average french football

  7. Abhinav Jb Abhinav Jb says:

    Ooh aah cantonaOne of the best football books I've ever read Objective in analysis but doesnt stop from acknowledging the genius anf enigma that was Cantona

  8. Darren Sheppard Darren Sheppard says:

    Loved it Phillipe Auclair has a wonderful vocabulary

  9. Ayushman Ayushman says:

    This book sparks joy and I haven't even gotten to Cantona's United years yet An added bonus has been populating Cantona's previously anemic Wikipedia page

  10. Mohd Farid Scott Mohd Farid Scott says:

    First off this book is my introduction to Philippe Auclair I wasn't familiar with his writings before but now I am a fanFor me Auclair's credibility which he maintains throughoutcomes from his detachment from Eric himself Yes both of them are French but that's about it No grandiose claims of being in the circle or unobstructed link to the man himself In this book Auclair intertwined the highs and the lows broadening the story right from the very beginning in a little household full of Cantonas in a small rustic village just off the coast of MarseilleWhat else do we need to know about Eric Cantona? Well definitive doesn't even begin to describe this book He can be imperviously imperturbable to impetuously impetus in a split second From the off you get the who's who of football punditry out and aloudCantona the book was gripping engaging and poignant at times with Auclair's masterful display of musings from former coaches teammates managers which incidentally made me scurry through the video archives of YouTube just to re live the moments narrated in the book Auclair also included with appeasing clarity all the moments of sheer brilliance for club and country There's one whole chapter dedicated to that infamous 'kung fu kick' with Auclair steadily pacing the moment of madness from previous chapters with an honest look at Eric's psyche Critically I'm sure that 'Cantona' will divide opinions on him than ever and might even surprise the most ardent fan of the Frenchman It is literally enthralling to know that at the heart of it Eric was a football journeyman who finally found his spiritual home in England

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