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  1. WarpDrive WarpDrive says:

    This is an excellent textbook perfectly suitable for upper level undergraduates Very informative comprehensive and generally accurate this books starts with the basic conceptual apparatus of set theory which is then progressively developed into an array of ever sophisticated topics resolutely getting into post graduate territory in the final sections of the book when advanced topics such as inaccessible ordinals the relationship between the cumulative hierarchy V and the constructible universe L elements of model theory and issues of consistency and independence are all treated by the authorWell written clear and succinct not infested with too many typos will I ever find an advanced mathematics book that is completely typo free? this is one of the best books on this utterly fascinating subject that I have found so far The presentation of some critical concepts is also enriched with relevant historical background and interesting philosophical insightsI also appreciated that almost all theorems are provided with a comprehensive proof in some cases though some intermediate steps are not fully explained therefore some interpretation or further analysis is reuired and that the succession of topics is always logically coherent and it follows a very natural progressionThe way the ordinals are treated is absolutely first class a brilliant examples of conceptual lucidity and intelligibility I also particularly enjoyed the chapter where the conceptual euivalence Axiom of Choice Hausdorff's Maximal Principle Zorn's Lemma Well ordering Theorem Axiom of Choice is explained by the author An excellent choice for anybody who is interested in pursuing a good level of understanding at upper level undergraduate depth of this critically important subject that represents one of the conceptual foundations of modern mathematics Yes set theory can be a subtle slippery realm that can uickly becomes highly technical when sophisticated topics are studied but this is a fundamental subject matter representing an absolute must know if really you want to comprehend the ultimate conceptual underpinning of the beautiful world of mathematics no meaningful philosophy of mathematics can be discussed without a prior decent level of understanding of set theory 45 stars rounded up to 5 a must have book a very enjoyable read a very solid introduction to be also kept for future reference

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    Some good examples but not rigorous

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A Book of Set Theory ➸ A Book of Set Theory Free ➮ Author Charles C. Pinter – Thomashillier.co.uk Suitable for upper level undergraduates this accessible approach to set theory poses rigorous but simple arguments Each definition is accompanied by commentary that motivates and explains new concepts Suitable for upper level undergraduates this accessible approach of Set PDF/EPUB Ã to set theory poses A Book PDF \ rigorous but simple arguments Each definition is accompanied by commentary that motivates and Book of Set ePUB ↠ explains new concepts Starting with a repetition of the familiar arguments of elementary set theory the level of abstract thinking gradually rises for a progressive increase in complexityA historical introduction presents a brief account of the growth of set theory with special emphasis on problems that led to the development of the various systems of axiomatic set theory Subseuent chapters explore classes and sets functions relations partially ordered classes and the axiom of choice Other subjects include natural and cardinal numbers finite and infinite sets the arithmetic of ordinal numbers transfinite recursion and selected topics in the theory of ordinals and cardinals This updated edition features new material by author Charles C Pinter.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • A Book of Set Theory
  • Charles C. Pinter
  • English
  • 04 October 2016