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Black Water ➹ Black Water Download ➾ Author Joyce Carol Oates – Die junge Kelly Kelleher trifft auf einer Party einen einflußreichen charismatischen Politiker ßder Senatorß Abends brechen beide gemeinsam auf um die Nacht miteinander zu verbringen Der Senator is Die junge Kelly Kelleher trifft auf einer Party einen einflußreichen charismatischen Politiker ßder Senatorß Abends brechen beide gemeinsam auf um die Nacht miteinander zu verbringen Der Senator ist angetrunken Er verliert die Kontrolle über seinen Wagen das Fahrzeug stürzt in sumpfiges Gewässer Nur der Mann kann sich retten Die Parallelen zu Edward Kennedys Unfall in Chappauiddick sind unübersehbar Joyce Carol Oates richtet aber ihr Hauptinteresse nicht auf den berühmten Politiker sondern auf das Opfer das damals in der Öffentlichkeit wenig Beachtung fand.

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  1. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Black Water Joyce Carol OatesKelly Kelleher is an idealistic twenty six year old “good girl” when she meets the Senator at a Fourth of July party In a brilliantly woven narrative we enter her past and her present her mind and her body as she is fatally attracted to this older man this hero this soon to be lover Kelly becomes the very embodiment of the vulnerable romantic dreams of bright and brave women drawn to the power that certain men command—at a party that takes on the uality of a surreal nightmare; in a tragic car ride that we hope against hope will not end as we know it must end One of the acknowledged masters of American fiction Joyce Carol Oates has written a bold tour de force that parts the black water to reveal the profoundest depths of human truth تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و ششم ماه می سال 2017 میلادیعنوان سیاهاب؛ نویسنده جویس کارول اوتس؛ مترجم مهدی غبرایی؛ تهران، افق، 1385، در 154 ص، شابک 9643692809؛ چاپ دوم 1387؛ چاپ سوم 1389، در 157 ص؛ فروست ادبیات امروز، رمان 33؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی سده 20 مجویس کرول اوتس؛ داستانی تکان دهنده را، که اسطوره ای آمریکایی شده، پیش روی خویش میگذارد، و از آن رمانی بهت انگیز درباره قدرت سیاسی میآفریند؛نقل از آغاز متن «بخش اول 1 تویوتای کرایه ای که سناتور آنقدر بیحوصله پشت فرمانش بود در جاده ی خاکی بینام سرعت گرفته بود و سرپیچها با لغزش و وِژوِژ سرگیجه آوری میپیچید و بعد، بی هیچ علامت اخطاری، معلوم نیست چه طور از جاده منحرف شد و در آبِ سیاهِ روان افتاد و یک بر از سمت بغل دست راننده به سرعت فرو رفت؛ دارم میمیرم؟ این جوری؟ 2 غروب چهارم جولای بود؛ جای دیگر در جزیره ی گریلینگ، به ویژه در کرانه ی شمالی، جشنهایی برپا بود، قطارهای اتومبیل کنار جاده های باریک شنی که به کرانه میانجامید پارک شده بودند؛ کمی بعد که شب میشد، آتشبازی راه میافتاد، نمایش آتشبازی باشکوه با رنگهای درخشان تِکنی کالُر مثل جنگ خلیج فارس در تلویزیون؛ آن دو در قسمت متروک و خالی از سکنه ی جزیره بودند و به احتمال قوی گم شده بودند؛ دختر لبهایش را جمع میکرد و میخواست جرئت کند و کلمه ی گم شده را بگوید؛ مدتها بود که کیف دستیش از هر جهت مجهز بود؛ کیف کودکانه اش و حالا کیف تابستانی قشنگ گلدار مارک لورا اَشلی؛ کیف قبلی ــ آن کیف حصیری جلف که حاشیه ی چرم قرمز داشت و بس که از آن استفاده کرده بود ترک برداشته بود ــ هم همین وضع را داشت؛ جایی بین تالابهای جزیره ی گریلینگ مین بودند که از لنگرگاه بوت بِیْ در شمال غربی با لنج بیست دقیقه راه بود؛ گرم گفت وگوی دوستانه بودند و مثل دوستان قدیم، مثل خودمانیترین دوستان دیرین، راحت به حرفهای یکدیگر میخندیدند و کلی با احتیاط میکوشید دستهای سناتور را راست نگه دارد تا باقیمانده ی ودکا و سودا که هنگام رانندگی در دست داشت از لیوان پلاستیکی نریزد و بعد ناگهان، مثل فیلمی که گیر کند و تصویرش بپرد، چنان ناگهانی که هرگز نخواهد فهمید چه قدر، جاده از زیر اتومبیلِ در حال سرعت جاخالی داد و آن دو داشتند در آبِ سیاه فرو میرفتند و برای جان به در بردن دست و پا میزدند و آب به شیشه ی جلو میپاشید و راهِ ورود میجست، انگار که رویاوار تالاب از همه سو جان گرفته و دست دراز کرده بود تا آنها را ببلعد؛ دارم میمیرم؟ این جوری؟ 3 بافی رنجیده بود، یا ظاهرا اینطور بود؛ بیشتر کارهایش نمایشی بود و هرگز درستش را نمیفهمیدی؛ داشت به کلی کلیهر میگفت، آره ولی چرا حالا میروی، نمیشود کمی دیرتر بروی؟ ــ و کلی کلیهر چیز مبهمی تته پته کرد و نتوانست بگوید چون مرا میخواهد اصرار میکند؛ نتوانست بگوید چون اگر کاری را که خواسته نکنم دیگر دیرتری در بین نخواهد بود؛ تو که میدانی»؛ پایان نقلتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 23051399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

  2. Fabian Fabian says:

    Impressive poignant At the top of her game THIS is Joyce Carol OatesThe entire novel is about one single awful AWFUL moment where everything that splinters from it before it takes place It's as short as her Blonde is long both hit you viscerally hard Crystallizing that dreadful moment impeccably

  3. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    I only set myself a few reading goals this year and one is to read the books I actually own This is the second of those I've read this author off and on she is so prolific I will probably never read all of her works This was a uick read a thinly veiled take on the Kennedy Kopeckni tragedy It was just okay for me a stream of consciousness style with much repetition Still I love how this writer always tackles new things her books are never the same at least those I have read

  4. Madeline Madeline says:

    The firs time I heard about the so called Chappauiddick incident was in college It was right after Ted Kennedy died and we were talking about it in one of my classes and we got around to the various Kennedy scandals and then my professor remarked you know everyone on the news keeps talking about all the good things that Ted Kennedy did during his life no one's mentioned how he was responsible for a woman's deathHere are the facts on the night of July 18th 1969 Ted Kennedy left a party held on Chappauiddick an island near Martha's Vineyard In the car with him was Mary Jo Kopechne a young woman who had worked on Robert Kennedy's campaign On their way to the ferry Ted Kennedy accidentally drove the car off the road and into Poucha Pond The car landed upside down underwater and although Kennedy was able to escape the car Kopechne was not Kennedy claimed he tried to swim to the car several times to help her but was unable to reach her After that he walked away from the accident site and the car was discovered the next morning by fishermen who then called the policeHere are the creepy facts and suspicious circumstances After trying unsuccessfully to reach the car Ted Kennedy went back to the party got several of his friends and they returned to the site and tried to reach the car When this didn't work Kennedy took the ferry to his hotel and went to sleep At no point during these events did he ever contact the police to tell them what had happened When Kopechne's body was finally retrieved from the car she was found in the backseat hanging onto the seat with her face tilted upwards suggesting that there was a pocket of air inside the car after the crash According to John Farrar the diver who retrieved her body It looked as if she were holding herself up to get a last breath of air It was a consciously assumed position She didn't drown She died of suffocation in her own air void It took her at least three or four hours to dieI had no idea that this happened much less that this woman was trapped in a car underwater for at least two hours Nightmare doesn't begin to describe it You can see how it would make a good subject for a novella what was going through this woman's head as she was trapped in the car dying slowly hoping to be rescued? And what better person to tackle this sensitive and terrifying subject than Joyce Men Are Bad and Will Hurt You Carol Oates?If you've read Blonde you have a good idea of how this story is going to go Oates goes for the obvious and most sinister explanations possible of course her Kopechne stand in Kelly is a wide eye and naive idealist with a hefty dose of daddy issues and little romantic experience Of course her sex life gets described like thisShe'd cried out short high pitched gasping cries she'd sobbed she'd heard her voice distant wild pleading reverberating out of the corners of the darkened room Oh I love you I love you I love love love you their bodies slapping and sucking hot clammy with sweat hair plastered to their heads with sweat you know you're somebody's little girl don't you? don't you?and thissince girlhood kissing and being kissed Kelly Kelleher had always felt not her own but the other's the male's desire uick and galvanizing as an electric shockFeeling too once she caught her breath that familiar wave of anxiety guilt I've made you want me now I can't refuse youJoyce Carol Oates you are exhaustingAnd of course Ted Kennedy aka the Senator is an aging predatory creep who takes full advantage of Kelly's daddy issues Of course he's not only drunk when he drives Kelly to the ferry but is actually drinking a cocktail as he crashed the car And of course he not only leaves Kelly behind in the car but actually kicks her away in his haste to escapeOates has this gift for inspiring outrage on behalf of the supposed villain of her historical retellings In my review of Blonde I was furious at her one sided portrayal of Tony Curtis who was by all accounts a total douchebag but something about Oates's version of him seemed so deliberately evil so patently unfair Black Water was like that Could we have a little ambiguity please? Some sliver of goodness in the Senator something about Kelly to suggest that she's than just some wide eyed innocent trapped in the older man's web? No we can't the Senator is a bad bad man and Kelly was a good good girl and that is that thank you In fact as I read I started to be interested in the Senator's side of the story There are so many uestions there when he tried to swim down to the car did he think Kelly was alive? How when he was walking back to the party did he not see any lights from nearby houses and try to call for help there? Why did he call his friend first and not the police? Why didn't he call the police at all? What was going through his mind after he had escaped the car?I wanted to read that story I realized Kelly's story was terrifying and sad of course but the Senator's was where the real mystery was All Kelly did was drown WELL that's the most horrible sentence I've ever typed in my life Alternating viewpoints going back and forth between Kelly and the Senator before during and after the accident would have been much interesting and would have meant a fuller experience and a longer bookUltimately this story succeeded because it made me really want to read about the actual Chappauiddick incident but not because I appreciated Oates's take on the event By now I've learned that when it comes to retelling historical events she can be extremely one sided and sensationalist

  5. Kerri Kerri says:

    Compelling and desperately sad I read this in one sitting and am now left feeling suffocated and horrified It's an oppressive and repetitive book which I think will stay with me for a long while

  6. Frona Frona says:

    Cautious interwinement of different time modes and perspectives held a lot of promise Parts of the plot were carefully strung into a captivating fight for breath whole Along with the lack of misplaced words and clutter it was what made the flow neat and tidy but also what opened the possibility of its pitfall By definition stringing pieces in a seuence involves staying within the narrow line and connecting similar components The same happened to the story the auspicious start did not progress and evolve but only invoked a complementary platitudeThe purpose of books based on true stories is to give us a possible narrative behind the bare facts Instead of plausible interpretation and deeper understanding this one delivers only cliches and pompousness It felt as if the author had mistaken an image of an all American gal with unresolved daddy issues and girl power ambitions for a person The protagonist and her relations had no uniueness that would make them convincing but remained the manufactured products waving from the billboard that one sometimes wants to get to know but never can Yellow pages of an artsy journal would have as much effect Life can be but a series of coincidences and its end a peak of absurdity but at least it has some moments of significance which is a fact this book desperately tries to avoid

  7. Britta Böhler Britta Böhler says:

    A brilliant little book

  8. mark monday mark monday says:

    Oates inexplicably suanders her gifts in this dreamlike stream of conscious exploration of a young woman’s state of mind her attraction to a powerful older man and her eventual doom The writing is poetic evocative and certainly challenging – which is to be expected from a novelist of Oates’ caliber Unfortunately despite the attempt to give the characters an almost mythic stature the ideas on display are rather pedestrian – and are certainly not helped by the very basic near formulaic rendering of a Naïve Idealistic Young Woman and All Too Fallible Father Figure

  9. Romie Romie says:

    Although the Chappauiddick incident was before my time Kennedy hagiography wasn't Still isn't That myth of Camelot stuff I hate it If I'd moved up to Massachusetts any earlier than I did Ted Kennedy would have been my senator Although I am a Democrat and agreed with a lot of the work he did I don't know that I could have voted for him I reflexively vote against all Kennedys always Because of stuff like Chappauiddick and its aftermathIt's a case where there was probably never going to be justice and where I don't know what justice might have looked like The closest we're probably going to get is this book which is fiction and which echoes the central events But only echoes it's set in a different time with different peopleI have mixed feelings about Joyce Carol Oates I like the stories she chooses to tell and I like her dreamlike attacks on and explorations of the ways we socialize or suppress female sexuality At the same time I find her prose prosaic so when she's trying for poetry and think that her universal archetypes if we can call them that flatten and limit my experience of my own humanity That's not me in thereDo I like the recasting of the Chappauiddick story as an allegory for the power imbalances between older men in power and younger women out of power the ways in which the women are doomed sacrifices? Do I feel powerless after reading the book as though Oates is complicit in taking away the agency of a woman who in real life was clearly motivated? I don't know I do think the book is worth reading and talking aboutOne thing I can say is it made me aware of the way we tell crime stories and scandal stories through the eyes of the aggressor Yes the victim isn't there to tell their side but the perp usually isn't telling either I've thought before about whether we're re victimizing the victims by treating them as objects sometimes of veneration sometimes not to protect ourselves from existential angst who wants to self identify as dead? but this book brought home the emotional truth of it along with the possibility that as they're fighting for life some of them are already starting to absorb a sense of themselves as inherently passive yet still culpable

  10. Annie Annie says:

    Haunting rendition of a young woman's last terrifying moments Oates comes at those moments from a variety of angles and somehow it's enough to create an entire novella out of it in a way that seems naturalBlack Water is a bit like water how apropos circling around a drain getting faster and faster as it nears the inevitable end

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