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Four To Dawn [PDF / Epub] ★ Four To Dawn ✪ May J. Panayi – An office building is locked up for the bank holiday weekend Four characters all happen to have hidden inside for their own personal reasons They have lots of time to reflect on their life Is this a v An office building is locked up for the bank holiday weekend Four characters all happen to have hidden inside for their own personal reasons They have lots of time to reflect on their life Is this a voyage of personal discovery A psychological drama A journey into mental illness A collection of reminiscences Why are they there Does anyone notice lights in a building that should be deserted Or hear things Four To PDF or Who comes out An unusual psychological drama telling a strange story in a strange and extremely graphic way.

  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Four To Dawn
  • May J. Panayi
  • 11 February 2014
  • 9781500532666

About the Author: May J. Panayi

I'm a writer see website and a voracious reader I love to travel especially to the Greek islands and Cyprus where I have family but everywhere too I love to cook and invent recipes I maybe love to eat what I cook a bit too much I'm Greek Orthodox now but used to be a Witch and High Priestess and run a coven I've been writing since I was five and Four To PDF or have now written nine books and am working o.

10 thoughts on “Four To Dawn

  1. Grant Leishman Grant Leishman says:

    Four to Dawn seemed like it would be a fairly straightforward story of four women who over the course of a Bank Holiday weekend open up their lives to each other whilst secretly having hidden away on the top floor of an empty office building These four women all very different in their life experiences draw the reader into their stories and you are left with deep empathy sympathy and sadness at the trials and tribulations they each encountered Four to Dawn is not for the faint of heart The writing is raw painful and at times very explicit The author's intention to tell these women's stories as realistically as possible comes singing through the story Despite the nature of the material being covered Four to Dawn is a truly compelling read Perhaps a fraction slow to start it eventually grabs you shakes you about and spits you out It is impossible to put down and fascinating reading As a male I was intrigued and fascinated by the Author's revelations of the female psyche It made me realize just how little I really did know or understand about how that most mysterious of things the feminine mind actually worksThe end of the book was a wonderful way to sum up the story of these women's lives and although I am proud to say I guessed it I have to timidly admit I guessed it only one page before the Author's reveal If you like raw true to life gritty stories of loss loneliness pain and suffering with a hint of black humor with plenty of hope and celebration of what makes us human then Four to Dawn is an awesome readI loved this book and take my hat off to the Author Panayi is a talent Five stars without uestion

  2. Michael Kelly Michael Kelly says:

    It's an interesting set up four women conceal themselves in an office building over a bank holiday weekend find a cosy place to sit and think and reflect upon their lives telling their stories The book keeps interest high as it regularly switches between the different womens' stories and they are all compelling There are all manner of episodes discovered as the stories progress instances of loss and abuse and self destructive behaviour; the joys of travel and a grandparent's house Some of the women are harder than the others some are vulnerable Inevitably the characters' various relationships are recounted so the book is uite explicit in places though always in proper proporttion and not gratuitousAs the book progresses uestions start to arise why are they here in this locked office building? what will happen when their paths inevitably cross and they realise they are not in fact alone as each one believes herself to be? These uestions are all answered as the connecting threads are drawn together at the close of the book in a powerful and moving closure

  3. Rose Gluck Rose Gluck says:

    Four to Dawn is truly an amazing book The writing is so compelling and deep and I found myself absorbed into the inner worlds of the characters The story takes place in an empty office building during a bank holiday Four women recount their experiences each with a uniue and compelling story The writing was heartfelt and so well constructed The prose was simply beautiful I connected with the characters and the story so much I will not elaborate on the ending but will say it made the story all the fascinating This is a book that I will re read many times and I expect I will get from it each time I do

  4. Molly Molly says:

    This is definitely unlike any books I have read so far Cleverly plotted it gives insights into the lives and minds of several women locked in an office building There is suspense and an intimate urgency in the narratives mothers abandon children women suffer abusive fathers or husbands – the book is brutal in its honesty and breath taking in the way it drags the reader into the storiesIt is difficult to go further in the description of the plot without hinting at the denouement which may not be a total surprise but nevertheless has a lot of power This is a powerful drama psychologically fascinating and very accomplished

  5. Colin Griffiths Colin Griffiths says:

    This book was as unusual as it was brilliant the author has a uniue style of drawing you in She takes you to a place where few authors have the abilityI did wonder to start with what the book was going to be about then I got drawn in with the lives of four people in an office blocka definet twist which I didn't see comingIts explicit and disturbing it will have you hooked from the startThere is no messing about and unnecessary build upThis is a story different from anything I ever read and I literally could not put it downa dam good read that will have you thinking long after the book is finished

  6. S.J. Higgins S.J. Higgins says:

    This was a slow starter for me and at times I wasn't entirely sure where the story was going Four women lock themselves in an office building over a bank holiday weekend and reflect on their lives We learn their inner most secrets throughout the story but nothing could have prepared me for the ending It's been a while since I was completely blindsided like this Whilst a bit slow at times the story was well done A true psychological drama I think this story will be staying with me for a while

  7. Lucinda Clarke Lucinda Clarke says:

    HYPNOTIZEDI loved and loathed this book but either way it is very cleverly written and keeps your interest from the first page to the last I was blown away by some of the scenes almost like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car not knowing whether to be amazed shocked admiring puzzled or horrified I can only say read it for yourself and make up your own mind – but having said that I am really glad I’ve read this book it has certainly broadened my horizons and contributed to my education

  8. Johanna Craven Johanna Craven says:

    Four to Dawn is a very different kind of book Part novel part memoir the result is an intriguing portrait of four flawed and complex womenWhile reading this book I spent a lot of time wondering in a good way what was going on and how all the threads were going to be pulled together May Panayi does this with a very clever twist which manages to be both surprising and inevitableI have read enough of this author's work to know her books are always truly uniue Four to Dawn is no exception

  9. Peter Best Peter Best says:

    What a very interesting and fascinating book this has turned out to be This book is really about four women telling their stories about not just their childhood and growing up but a little bit beyond I must say it to me it did start a little slow but didn’t take long before it kicked off and once it did I was hooked I really wanted to know all about theses four different characters and how they were to develop Brilliantly written and like all great books there’s always a twist at the end This one did not disappoint

  10. Marie (UK) Marie (UK) says:

    I found this really hard going It may be that i missed something but i could not get into the characters or the situation and felt that it was leading nowhere There is an interesting twist to the story of these 4 women but it came too late in the book for me I believe other books written by this author are better but others may disagree

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