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  1. Byron Edgington Byron Edgington says:

    Here we have a collection of stories that are as the subtitle suggests sprinkled hither and thither with various topics that will hopefully appeal to the taste of readers of all types With typical Brit humour note spelling which my spell check doesn’t like one little bit Ms Turley takes us on a romp As the author states in her opening note the stories fall into three categories sweet for lighter fare; salty for ‘perhaps not for kiddies’; and sweet and salty a mixture Readers may deduce that Turley’s inspiration for the breakdown came whilst note spelling she was ensconced at a film popcorn close by If so the effect works The tales are invariably peppered so to speak with imagery some uite graphic All stories conclude with an odd twist You may think that pork chops have nothing to do with promiscuity You would be mistaken Turley leaps from the gate here with a tale of lesbian lust fatherdaughter estrangement and office politics And stapled testicles Judith triumphs in the end and why would she not? Love does conuer all We move through the stories with office hi jinks including a ‘floater’ which enlivens things car park nudity a gravedigger’s delight at finally seducing his favoritenun? A husbandwife homicide plot bathtub suicide my favorite story and several that were uite frankly difficult to pry open for me at least In the Changing Room we are given Chapter One but nothing else ?The tales run the gamut from the truly raunchy to the ho hum to the predictable Some of the Britishisms truly did take me to Google Thermals? Tights? Knickers? Shorts and plimsolls? In any case this reader assumes that Turley’s audience is not primarily American despite American conceits that we’re the only readers out there so keep writing those JanerismsThe stories are written very well though some could do with a bit intrigue For example in White Lies Mr Baxter is perhaps a bit too monstrous to make his rapid change to white knight Some are a bit cutesy such as the recently defrosted Mr Disney’s demand to know ‘how’s my Pooh?’ Hospital workers of course misunderstand hearing ‘poo’ instead Overall a cute rambling imaginative collection of stories with almost nothing connecting them except for Turley’s spicy and irreverent humour note spelling If you enjoyed Fawlty Towers Boiling a Frog Jeeves or anything with Drew Carey in it you’ll enjoy these sweet and salty offerings Don’t bring a nappy along; bring a serviette And don’t get your plimsolls in a twistByron Edgington author of The Sky Behind Me A Memoir of Flying Life

  2. Manue Manue says:

    I really like some of the short stories there Probably Fantasia the most

  3. Kristine (The Writer& Kristine (The Writer& says:

    Originally posted on my blog The Writer's InkwellI really wanted to enjoy this book of short stories Especially when it promised to cover some of the sweet and salty moments of modern life The author really does make it a point to address issues such as homosexuality adultery and unreuited love A few of the short stories were interesting but they just end There's no real conclusion and the sudden stop is jarring Worst than that the ones marked as sweet really weren't all that sweetMy favorite of the group is probably the weirdest of all It's a tale of a gravedigger and a nun who are in love with one another After thirty years they finally have the opportunity to be together because she has decided to leave the convent This leads to an awkward makeout session in the bottom of a freshly dug grave which is nearly pushed to the point of no return The dialogue was cute but then to make matters worse the grave digger and former nun is discovered by his long lost and unknown twin brother and his wife It's an odd story about an extremely bizarre day But at least it was amusingI suppose this is just a case of a book not being a good match for me I can't fault anyone for that It happens But based on my experience I have to say this is a book I would not recommend to anyone though I'm sure there are plenty of people who would enjoy it Reviewer's note I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  4. Leah Moyse Leah Moyse says:

    This book packs a lot into every story Uniue uirky and original I enjoyed every one I don't usually read short stories generally I prefer novels as I can get absorbed into the plot and the characters There was plenty here to keep me entertained however in fact I might have even snorted out loud once or twice The author has a humour that shines through and this also can be evident in the serious 'salty' stories She has tackled such a wide range of important topics and condensed them down into these wonderful little nuggets of comedyI wished that some of the stories went on a little bit longer but I liken it to being a fly on the wall and getting a brief glimpse into another persons life I am always left with wanting to find out The diversity of the stories shows what a wonderful imagination the author hasIf I had to choose a favourite of all the stories it would be Fantasia Which is a story about Walt Disney and what happens when he wakes up from Cryogenic Suspension This one is a perfect example of how this author can blend the Sweet and the Salty and produce a story that I found uite funny but also moving I would also like to mention The Princess and the Thief which I also thought was really excellent and an example of how it is possible to write heartbreak and tension in approximately three pages Thoroughly entertaining and even if you didn't want to read all the stories in one go you could dip in and out of them

  5. Christina Christina says:

    This is a well written collection of ‘sweet and salty’ short stories across a range of genres and topics some light and some dark and seriousThe ‘sweet’ tales are filled with wit humour and originality The ‘salty’ tales are generally dark in natureFor me the shorter stories were actually the best ones The story that made the collection for me is the dark tale of The Princess and the Thief – it’s short but it packs a shocking punch No Returns makes for eually tough readingOverall as with most short story collections there is a mixture in terms of the uality of the stories But the uality of the writing doesn’t waver – it’s great throughout Well worth a readI received a free copy from the author in exchange for my honest review

  6. Elaine Tansley Elaine Tansley says:

    A collection of sweet and salty stories which are well written and full of varietyThe sweet ones are comedic some hilarious and real slapstick with completely unexpected outcomes In complete contrast the salty ones are serious often with a real touch of pathos The final selection are a mixture of both humour and brevityThese stories were a breath of fresh air contemporary entertaining irreverent and covering a multitude of unexpected themes

  7. Alyson Alyson says:

    A slightly uirky book of varied short stories although they all have a slightly comic tone just some are darker than the others the 'salty' ones as opposed to the 'sweet' ones but they're not dark dark comic darkI suspect it's hard to write in a humourous tone and keep the characters and plot real and engaging but Jane manages it Short stories are hard to get right but I would say pretty much all of these work well and it's a satisfying read

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    Just the sort of book I needed during the Christmas period as I had a short attention span and couldn't cope with my normal novels Was great to escape into these short uirky sincere bitesize stories

  9. Cathy Beyers Cathy Beyers says:

    I liked this but not as much as I liked her novel The Changing Room The stories are good uick reads but they don't uite have the scope of the novel Good if you have a little time and want some fast entertainment

  10. Kendra Kendra says:

    I enjoyed these short clever and very funny stories

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A Modern Life ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ A Modern Life Author Jane Turley – Thomashillier.co.uk A Modern Life is a collection of thirteen short stories for time pressed readers A reflection on the challenges of living in the twenty first century A Modern Life covers a multitude of contemporary t A Modern Life is a collection of thirteen short stories for time pressed readers A reflection on the challenges of living in the twenty first century A Modern Life covers a multitude of contemporary themes and styles and are categorised as sweet A Modern MOBI :↠ for the lighter stories salty for the serious ones and sweet and salty for those with a mixture of humour and pathos The collection opens with five humorous stories all featuring strong elements of slapstick comedy The introductory story Pork Chops and Promiscuity a tale of lesbian lust sets the precedent for the remaining four comedic tales of office life male striptease amateur sleuthing and graveyard frolics The following salty stories include tales of marriage murder suicide child abduction war corruption and death The collection ends with the sweet and salty story Fantasia set in the near future when Walt Disney awakes from cryogenic suspension to discover the world is not uite as he expected A Modern Life is a diverse compilation of stories for readers who like to be thoroughly entertained with original comedy and thought provoking contemporary drama.

  • Paperback
  • 150 pages
  • A Modern Life
  • Jane Turley
  • 10 October 2014
  • 9780992875435

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