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Sun Sea and Secrets ✅ Sun Sea and Secrets PDF / Epub ⚣ Author May J. Panayi – Set on a beautiful Greek island in the sun this is a tale of mystery and searching Ella is looking for someone whose name she does not even know The islanders are friendly and welcoming but everyone i Set on a beautiful Greek island in the sun this is a tale of mystery and searching Ella is looking for someone whose name she does not even know The islanders are friendly and welcoming but everyone it seems has a secret of their own The island is paradise but what secrets does paradise hide under stunning vistas and overwhelming scents Can Ella find who she is searching for Will she find the answers she needs Sun Sea eBook ð What else will she find along the way A story of Love in all its forms love of Greece love between past characters new love between friends cats nature and of food.

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  1. Bill Ward Bill Ward says:

    This book could have been written by the Greek Tourist Board as it is a wonderful advert for the culture food and lifestyle of the Greeks I have long been a fan of Greece and in particular the islands so loved every minute of this book The story is about a young woman Ella who sets out to discover about her mother who died when Ella was five leaving her to be brought up in a care home as she had no other family All that Ella has left of her mother is a photo taken one summer on an idyllic Greek island where dates suggest it seems likely Ella was conceived Ella sets out to discover about her mother and her time spent on the islandThe author proves it is possible to write a mystery without dead bodies sex or violence and still captivate the reader By the end of the book you will be thinking of moving to or at least visiting the island The descriptions are obviously very authentic and the author's love for the Greek culture permeates from every page A very enjoyable way to pass a winter's evening while looking forward to my next summer holiday

  2. Ellie Midwood Ellie Midwood says:

    Ella arrives in Greece to solve a mystery that bothered her for years All she has is a photo of her mother from 1961 and the knowledge that her mother used to work in a bar during that fateful summer before escaping back to England and giving birth to her Armed with determination to find her biological father Ella begins her investigation which soon starts to reveal and information surrounding her mother and her mother’s mysterious lover I thoroughly enjoyed not only the plot but the exotic setting as well Greece was described so vividly that I could easily picture walking through its picturesue streets tasting local food and feeling the sun on my skin I also found the ending perfectly befitting and I couldn’t be happier for Ella and the outcome of her investigation If you love well written mysteries this one is definitely for you Highly recommended

  3. Gordon Bickerstaff Gordon Bickerstaff says:

    Superb storyThis is a light contemporary holidaymystery story It is set on a Greek island that is richly described with local customs behaviour so that you can easily imagine being there The characters are interesting and the plot is not over demanding The narrative is peppered with Greek language immediately followed by English translation It interrupted my flow of reading because I paused and tried pronunciation I had to ignore the Greek and only read the English That said the story has mystery intrigue and grand description of scenery which kept me turning the pages

  4. Sarah Stuart Sarah Stuart says:

    A while ago I read Malbed Mews by May Panayi and I am not a fan of truly horrible horror This author hooked me from the start and dragged me kicking and screaming to the five star end so when I wanted something different to take on holiday and the title “Sun Sea and Sand” popped up in my search I decided to be brave Courage is not reuired this time Just admiration for the sheer versatility of a writer who can entertain to two such different ways I have as it happens been to Greece If you have too you’ll recognise it If you haven’t go courtesy of May Panayi and enjoy the country it’s food it’s people and an interesting mystery along the way

  5. Grant Leishman Grant Leishman says:

    I could best describe Sun Sea and Secrets with one word sumptuous In this novel Panayi has adopted a writing style that draws the reader in and caresses them with the warm breezes of the Greek Islands This is not the first book of Panayi's that I have read and what amazes me about her writing style is her ability to contour her works to suit the genre or subject she is writing about I have read a non fiction book by this author as well as a paranormal story and each was as totally different in their phrasing and style as they could be yet they were all wonderfully written stories I have called Panayi in the past the Eclectic Indie Author for a reason She is one of those rare authors who it appears can write about any topic and tailor it perfectly to their audienceSun Sea and Secrets is a perfect example of this rare talent The story is as simple as they come We follow Ella a British woman seeking her roots and her possible father amongst the Greek Islands He mother who died when Ella was just five had a brief stay on one island back in the early 1960's with Ella being the result of her summer vacation Ella now an attractive young woman returns to the island to try to discover about her mother's stay there and possibly to find her father This is a simple uncomplicated tale with minimal drama no conflict and also virtually no romance and yet in Panayi's skillful hands it became a compelling story that I couldn't wait to get to the end of Her rich descriptive language had me yearning to visit the Greek Islands I could smell the trees and the honeysuckle I could taste and smell the wonderful Greek food that she so beautifully described in such detailThis book truly ranks as one of my favorite reads of all time For such a simple tale it managed to grab and excite me totally through the written words of Panayi I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys rich fulsome descriptive language It was a joy to read and I am hanging out for the seuel to see where Ella's adventures lead next I hesitate to say anything negative about this book because I loved it so much but if I could give one piece of advice to Panayi it would be this A book this good deserves a cover with the name of the book and the author's name The cover photograph is beautiful but it's not a book cover I would suggest she remedy this but that is a VERY minor note This is a five star plus read It is simply exuisite

  6. Angela Lockwood Angela Lockwood says:

    It’s unusual to feel the sun on your back when you read a book indoors but this is exactly what I felt reading Sun Sea and Secrets I also felt very hungry as May Panayi described all the wonderful Greek food in great maybe a bit too muchdetail This is a story about a woman coming to a Greek island hoping to discover about her mother who died when she was only five She hopes to discover what happened during the summer when her English mother worked in a Greek tavern and find out who her father is Ella retraces her mother’s footsteps and in doing so falls in love with the island its people the cats and its wonderful food I particularly enjoyed the anecdotes about the cats; anyone who has visited Greece will have been affected by the legion of scrawny little cats desperate for food I don’t think I was the only sunburned tourist getting funny looks from the checkout girl when I went into the supermarket to buy cat food I could hear her think “do British people eat cat food?’This is a very warm portrait of a visit to Greece and would make an excellent travel companion as it teaches some basic Greek and introduces the many dishes on offer Feel good sunny read

  7. Michael Kelly Michael Kelly says:

    Primarily a travel novel introducing the reader to the culture cuisine and lifestyle of the Greek islands it weaves an interesting plot into the mix by telling the story of Ella a woman who visits the island of Aegos to learn something of her mother who had spent a long summer on the island in 1961The book has a pleasantly gentle pace taking care to introduce each of its characters properly Ella gradually meets many people who remember her mother and gradually the details of the summer long ago are fleshed out as Ella continues her own personal uestA very uplifting novel its pace perfectly emulates its setting and ensures that all of the characters come alive When the final page is read it's like finishing a holiday and saying farewell to the friends made there But Ella has a new plan on her mind at the last page so perhaps there's the potential for a second visit to Aegos?

  8. Colin Griffiths Colin Griffiths says:

    This book was like being on holiday it was such a rich wonderful tale that I simply could not put down It's about a young girl looking for her father in the Greek Islands but it is so wonderfully written you feel like you are actually there The style of writing is lovely and warming The descriptions are uite brilliant I only wished I was sat on some beach somewhere reading itIt really does make you went to set off to Greece Panayi seems to be able to write in ant genre and adapt her style of writing to suit This is the fifth book I have read by hers and I think in some ways this may be my favourite If you want a delightful and comforting read with a book you won't put down until you've turned the last page Get sun sea and secrets You won't be sorryThere are no negatives about this book whatsoever If it had a cover to suit the wonderful story it would fly off the shelves Loved every page

  9. Lynette Lynette says:

    An afternoon on a Greek IslandIf you are looking for a few hours of escapism then I suggest you grab a cool glass of wine a few olives and a comfy chair to travel through the footpaths and mountains of a Greek Island soaking up the vivid descriptions of the sights and smells that will surround you throughout this book Meet and chat with the locals and let your imagination savour the delicious foods and drinks at the same time as you join in Ella's search for her father

  10. Summer Summer says:

    An enjoyable odyssey in Greece Sun Sea and Secrets is a personal journey of discovery for Ella She's on the hunt for the secrets of her past including the identity of a father she has never met Ella's search is described in great detail bringing the Greek countryside and culture to life There's a sweet charming uality to Ellas's interactions with welcoming locals who help unlock the secrets that have brought her to Greece Friendly gossip and a chain of liaisons among the people she meets is testament to the interconnectedness of those who live in small intimate communities This 'six degrees of separation' strategy is a key to finding the answers she seeks Will it be enough to bring her closure; the peace and happiness that motivates her search? You'll have to read this novel of discovery for yourself to find out

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