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A 21st Century Coven ❰Read❯ ➱ A 21st Century Coven Author May J. Panayi – Thomashillier.co.uk The author aka Moggie was a practicing Witch for twenty six years She started out as a solo hedge witch and later trained with a Coven in Essex UK to third degree High Priestess She ran the Cthulhu Ri The author aka Moggie was a practicing Witch for twenty six years She A 21st PDF \ started out as a solo hedge witch and later trained with a Coven in Essex UK to third degree High Priestess She ran the Cthulhu Rising Coven in Brighton from to She now walks a different path but has put her experiences and knowledge down in this book Here you will find an extensive collection of Spells Rituals Path workings and Workshops amongst other things This is an invaluable tool for Witches and Covens everywhere.

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  1. Grant Leishman Grant Leishman says:

    Well as someone who is not a witch A 21st Century Coven was an eye opener for me The author an experienced High Priestess has written a book that in fairly plain language explains many of the inner working of the Wicca world Although her detail in some parts is a bit overwhelming for someone not privy to the coven I nevertheless found it very interesting There are some parts of this book that really resonated with me It is much clearer in my wind now that Wicca is very much up there on a par with any and all of the established spiritual ways of thought There were many references to things I personally have had contact with over the past year or soespecially the idea of Neuro Linguistic Programming and other new age techniues I half expected her to talk about the Law of Attraction and the Universe There are definite tie ins to many parts of this ancient art to modern day new age thought and writings which I found fascinating There is a large section of the book dedicated to pathworks which I also found interesting as a parallel to the modern day meditation techniues If you are a practicing witch then this book has much practical advice and instruction on how to conduict yourself and how to hold meetings and rituals but if you are an outsider there is still much in here to fascinate and interest you One of the real benefits of being a voracious and wide reader is to be exposed to alternative thinking and practices I'm not planning on become a witch anytime soon but I still appreciated May Panayi's excellent instruction book There are a few minor issues with layout and highlighting that could be ironed out but all in all I would say this was an interesting and VERY different read for me and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that

  2. Ronesa Aveela Ronesa Aveela says:

    This book would come in handy for anyone wishing to write fiction or any type of document that included modern day witches It identifies the holidays and provides examples of the rituals celebrated on those days Not only that but it includes all the bells and whistles you'd need to paint an accurate picture of coven practices from tools to cast spells to attireWitchcraft was not at all what I expected it to be In many ways it's a method for gaining a better understanding of one's self But the spells are not to be taken lightly The author gives you warnings about making wishes as they may not grant you exactly what you had expectedMy favorite part of the book was the discussion on Psychic Vampires those people who drain your energy with their constant need for counsel I'm sure we've all run across a few of these in our lives witches or not

  3. C.N. C.N. says:

    I loved this book about wicca written from the perspective of a wiccan high priestess The information was well presented and interesting Just reading it gave insights into the behavior of some difficult people For example there is a section devoted to psychic vampires I found fascinating as the description of how such people feed off others led me straight to a former friend who was such a person The relief I felt when the friendship ended is now uite clearAnother section I particularly enjoyed was that devoted to describing the wiccan special dates and what they were really about I will look upon a snowdrop with new eyes now as not only a harbinger of spring and a thing of beauty but also for its other ualities Well worth a read

  4. Colin Griffiths Colin Griffiths says:

    I know I am going to sound very ignorant here I downloaded this for a bit of research and for that it proved invaluable Then I found this was actually written by a witch Come again Weren't they all burnt at the stake? It's a wonderful insight and education it to what actually being a witch means It really got me enthused of what? I'm not really sure Maybe it is because I've been educated It's not something you need to read page by page I did find myself skipping forward and occasionally going back And I dare say there might still be bits I haven't read But I was absorbed in it A wonderful read by what appears to be a wonderful person

  5. T.E. T.E. says:

    A delightful and informative introduction to modern witchcraft that cuts through many of the myths and misconceptions Well written very much in the style of a favourite aunt discussing the topic over a cup of tea this is a personal memoir as well as a beginners guide to an intriguing faith that chooses to explain to an outsider without preaching or attempting to convertA charming little book highly recommended to anybody with a passing interest in the subject

  6. Michael Kelly Michael Kelly says:

    A very practical book offering not only a large selection of rituals and pathworkings but perhaps importantly many of the interpersonal and problem solving skills that the leader of a coven or small practicing group will need to know Written by an experienced priestess whose wisdom and hard earned insights into the smooth running of a group are here shared so that others may benefit

  7. Sharon Brownlie Sharon Brownlie says:

    21st Century Coven may be an invaluable tool for Witches and Covens but for a reader like me I found it very interesting Not only does the author bring her research into this book but also her personal experiences I loved the rituals and her explanations and considerations There is so much in this book to interest readers from the ritukas carol songs to relaxation techniues

  8. May Panayi May Panayi says:

    Everything you always wanted to know about running a coven What goes on and why Also a collection of spells rituals and pathworkings

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