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A Gift of Fire [PDF] ✩ A Gift of Fire ❤ Stephen B5 Jones – Thomashillier.co.uk Perma is a cold dry world where the descendants of space colonists who were stranded live far from their goal They have been divided by a series of god wars and have turned away from their past A lowl Perma is a cold dry world where the descendants of space colonists who were stranded live far from their goal They have been divided by a series of god wars and have turned away from their past A lowly keeper from Cityscape is abandoned on the far edge of the desert by uncaring House Lords and is expected to die in the oncoming winter yet she holds a secret A city hidden in the ruins is discovered by the most unlikely person and help is sent in A Gift Kindle - a person less likely A young girl is lost among the large trees In the midst of it all hidden away from the world of Perma an ancient robot knows the truth.

  • Paperback
  • 398 pages
  • A Gift of Fire
  • Stephen B5 Jones
  • English
  • 13 July 2014
  • 9781500311650

5 thoughts on “A Gift of Fire

  1. Debbie Debbie says:

    I enjoyed A Gift of Fire The Last God War Book One by Stephen B5 Jones The story is well told with a complexity to some of the characters that I enjoyed The picture parallel with the dystopian society of Cityscape and many societies of today that have only two castes is drawn well Jones made an interesting move when separating the ‘middle class’ of the Shanties to a hidden and distant region of Perma The creation of a new yet visual world is well done The characters were like people I know so I related well with all of them even the ‘villians’ Jones threw in some twists that make the plot interesting Some of the twists were not a surprise but some I did not see coming which I enjoyed very much I had a little confusion with one of the time jumps but can see how the jump between time is necessary to understand some characters and actions in the story and in some of the historical references made by characters Changes in the characters of Angla Jenna Awyna and even Rafe to resolve conflict and point the way to closing the gaps between the three castes and cultures of Perma was smooth and well done I must say however that Gabri was my favorite change and my favorite surprise Well done Stephen B5 Jones This is a story I will read than once over the course of time just to enjoy it

  2. Diana Diana says:

    For someone who is not a fan of sci fi this book drew me right in You feel immediately for certain characters as you watch the caste system between houselords and keepers The jumps back to the beginning were slightly confusing but I see that they are necessary to explain how they got to where they are The original people left the place they were in search of a place to worship the way they believed was right When their spaceship was tampered with and they ended up in a place they didn't belong The residents and the scientists had different views on what is needed to survive This leads to the godwars A robot holds the Holy Word and beliefs waiting to be found and is found by the least likely person I loved this book It was so easy to relate to the characters and the story line just kept you looking for how each person was going to deal with what is thrown in their path I was given a copy of this book for my honest review

  3. Aria Wolfe Aria Wolfe says:

    Wow This was a book that kept me focussed for long periods of time It took me some time to get used to going back and forth in time and to keep all the characters straight but once I was drawn in to the uniue characters I wanted to discover what would happen next The character's use of language made the story even authentic I applaud Jones for keeping it credibleThis book is very well written and uniue Right from the moment I met Sharo and her brother I wanted to know the rest of their story and how everything was connected Jones did a fantastic job with characterization and keeping the plot alive and pumping with twists and turns until the end The Christian Sci fi aspect was my favorite part of the book since I enjoy parallels and allegoriesI recommend this thoroughly enjoyable readThis book was given to me in exchange for an honest review

  4. Nancy Bandusky Nancy Bandusky says:

    I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest reviewThis futuristic novel set on a far off planet is engaging from the start While the story starts in the present day of this future there are flashbacks to provide the reader with the history necessary to understand how and why things are as they are There are several delightful characters which interrelate as the story progresses allowing the reader to learn about the two different culturesA good story provides enough information to enjoy while at the same time creating a little spark of desire for this novel succeedsHowever there were too many minor characters given names which added to an already full cast to keep straight Also the author does make constant grammatical errors but because of their consistency once the reader accepts them the errors do not distract from the story

  5. Louisa Black Louisa Black says:

    This author has done really well drawing you into another world so vividly and the overall feel for me was other worldly it was so different than I expected The characters voices are strong and uniue and drawn really well you instantly are drawn to them and need to keep reading to see how everything between the time frames workedIt took a bit of effort to keep up and the change in the style of writing both were really good but you get use to the old fashioned wording to a present day feel of writing it all carried off really well

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