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The Most Dangerous Animal of All ➿ [Download] ➽ The Most Dangerous Animal of All By Gary L. Stewart ➵ – An explosive and historic book of true crime and an emotionally powerful and revelatory memoir of a man whose ten year search for his biological father leads to a chilling discovery his father is one An explosive Dangerous Animal PDF º and historic book of true crime and an emotionally powerful and revelatory memoir of a man whose ten year search for his biological father leads to a chilling discovery his father is one of the most notorious and still at large serial killers.

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  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    The author although I feel for his plight wastes 40% or of the book filling you in on his background and his sad plight which have 0 nothing to do with the murders Yes you do eventually get to the background of his father but you are also given history lessons on everyone ever encountered along the way This may be a search for parentage novel but it bores you to death and only furthers the reader to believe this guy is desperate to make anyone his father figure even a murderer The evidence linking his father to the Zodiac murders are a stretch to even consider circumstantial And it is already a fact that than one persons' name appear backwards in the coded messages the zodiac left I found myself rolling my eyes at how flimsy his evidence is This man so desperate in his need for self identity annoyed and chased off people around him with his pursuit of information to the degree that he admits it but doesn't see it as a link as to maybe why the SFPD thought he was being an overzealous crackpot Even after the point in the book in which he thinks he has proven his fathers guilt he drones on and on about himself and his discoveries which are verbatim reiterations of previous chapters The icing on the cake is that a woman involved in the accuracy of documents helped co author the book Incentive for her much?? This book is a plea for attention and a horrible waste of reading time His connections to the Zodiac are laughable Glad it was a borrowed book I wouldn't waste my money

  2. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    This book is a little hard to rate and review Let me say something up front here I will put this under a spoiler warning for those who don't want to read it but this claims to be a nonfiction book and this bears on thatview spoiler The entire book rests on the premise that the writer is the son of the man discussed There is however ultimately no actual proof of that I'll discuss some other problems below but since the DNA test was never made or at least the results were never returned the bottom line is still in uestion hide spoiler

  3. Stacey Stacey says:

    This is a fascinating book The reviews are all over the place and I liked the parts that so many did not Like the backstory of everyone and I especially loved the descriptions of the time period It captured a time and placeGary Stewart was adopted as an infant and at the age of 39 his birth mother contacts him out of the blue He is elated to know about her As their friendship grows he becomes increasinly curious about his father Her memory is sketchy but Gary presses on looking up newspaper articles etc until he finally finds his father's name and ultimately suspects he had a part in many killings Trying to get DNA and handwriting analysys is an achingly long wait to prove that the Zodiac Killer is his father It was suspicious to me that all the files on the zodiac killer were destroyed because the case wasn't closed and reeked of a cover up in the SFPDin my opinion Anyway you have to read this yourself and come to your own conclusions It's a well written and great read

  4. Julie Julie says:

    I started reading this book with a lot of skepticism HarperCollins was secretive about the book as a marketing ploy which seems to have worked since it's on the cover of People Magazine But the book itself is extremely well written and compelling Even if Earl Van Best is not the Zodiac Killer there are a lot of eerie coincidences between the killings the Zodiac letters and ciphers and Earl Van Best's life Most of the reviews I have seen downplay Gary Stewart's faith in God but I think it's an essential part of the book Stewart realizes that no matter who his biological father was his Heavenly Father saved him from a life of tragedy when he was adopted by Loyd and Leona Stewart The Stewarts are the true heroes of this story loving hardworking ordinary people who raised their children to be loving and hardworking as well They are the kind of people about whom books should be written instead of serial killers but sadly that type of book would never end up on the cover of People Magazine

  5. Stuart Stuart says:

    This book reads like a fiction novel which isn't bad for a non fiction account The first thing I noticed was Stewart taking on an omniscient narrator's point of view AND a first person POV at the same time I don't know why but this narrative mixture threw me off How am I supposed to believe someone describing a story as if he was there when he wasn't even born yet?For example My father could not help but notice the Old State Capitol He was a baby and his father was alone How could he know what his father was thinkingdoing? Why did he choose to narrate that scene that way? It irked me to no end Speaking of his father he switched a lot between his fathergrandfatherVanEarl's sonhis mothermy mothermy grandmother's daughter With his complicated family tree I would've appreciate that he stuck to just namesThe next was the dialogue attribution Barely into the book at page 28 I realised there were dialogue attributions than necessary He insisted cajoled begged ordered whined reassured all on only two pagesWhile the writing was concise I did not appreciate the needless details that were irrelevant to the story When he went to the Hall of Justice he described his journey through the rich Italian floors pressing the elevator buttons and asking the receptionist for a lieutenant all which could have been told in one sentence alone It's exactly the type of stuff I'd do if I needed to pump the word count for my writing assignments I felt as if Stewart's story alone was insufficient which brought the need to insert these bogging detailsIt would hold the attention of a Zodiac newbie as a third of the book was a mere historical recount of the murders and victims but it would be nothing new to people already following the storyStewart also seems to have inherited some of his father's stalking tendencies causing the people around him to start avoiding him And while he's adamant that it's because the people around him are conspiring to a cover up I personally think it's because they're just tired of his incessant callingmailingbugging the hell out of them for answersSPOILER ALERT although there isn't much to be spoiledAnd finally after taking us on a whole through his childhood up to the climax he still hasn't gotten the most important piece of evidence the DNA tests I felt frustrated after reading this book that I just had to write this review and here it is

  6. Danusha Goska Danusha Goska says:

    The Most Dangerous Animal of All Searching for My Father and Finding the Zodiac Killer by Gary L Stewart and Susan Mustafa is a beautifully written gripping tale of family and murder It's not just a true crime book It's a memoir of an adopted man's reunion with his birth mother It's a snapshot of deviant life in hippie era San Francisco It's a bit of kitchen sink drama and film noir It's about cops what they do well and what they fail at It's certainly a morality tale As a writer myself I am in awe of Susan Mustafa's ability There is a heart wrenchingly poignant scene where Gary visits his biological father's grave There are chilling clinical scenes of senseless killings There is historical information concerning World War II and Jim Jones' People's Temple and legal points about adoption Mustafa handles every bit of information every type of scene with the same just the facts ma'am only the facts; moving right along literary style She trusts her reader to be able to master names dates and locations She never sensationalizes Gary L Stewart is a Louisiana businessman and electrical engineer He was approached by his biological mother who found him through a random search His birth mother had been married to a prominent police officer Police gave Stewart a mug shot of his birth father He looks like a serial killer Stewart's son said One day while watching TV Stewart noticed a resemblance between a police sketch of the 1960s San Francisco Zodiac Killer who was still at large and the mug shot of his biological father Stewart performed a great deal of research Stewart reached the horrifying conclusion that his biological father was the Zodiac Killer The Most Dangerous Animal didn't fit solely into the true crime genre for me I experienced it largely as a family tale Steward was raised by two lovely adoptive parents I felt frustrated by Steward's insistence that he had felt an emptiness inside and a fear of abandonment He had great parents parents I wish he had realized did fill that emptiness I was frustrated by Stewart's immediate and unconditional love expressed for Judy his birth mother after she showed up The first hundred pages of the book are noir tinged kitchen sink drama Serial murder is such a sensational crime that one wants to believe that vast Satanic forces create it In fact Earl Van Best Jr or Van Stewart's father and alleged Zodiac Killer did not experience melodramatic tortures before turning to crime His life seemed to be the result of small wrong choices Many of those choices were made by women who couldn't say no Van's father Earl was an honored military chaplain He rubbed shoulders with presidents and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery Earl made the mistake of marrying Gertrude a sexually promiscuous woman who humiliated her husband Van told his cousins how he hated hearing the bed springs as his mother cheated on his father Earl and Gertrude divorced Earl remarried and had little to do with his son Van leaving him with his mother Gertrude and her boyfriends Van at age 28 took up with fourteen year old Judy Judy's mother Verda was also unsuccessful in her relationships with men Verda's first husband spanked Judy so much sitting down was painful Verda was then raped She then married another man who abused her Most of the first hundred pages of the book recount this steady trickle of small wrong personal choices that result in miserable lives I didn't like any of the people described in the first hundred pages Judy Van's fourteen year old wife comes across as easy and lacking intelligence or character She repeatedly returns to Van and lies and connives to do so Van locks his and Judy's baby boy in a foot locker and closes the lid; the baby almost suffocates This happens than once Judy does nothing to protect her own infant son from Van Stewart argues that the Zodiac Killer's career was built around avenging the hurt Judy caused him Such agony over such small potatoes The mid portion of the book recounts the Zodiac Killer's career He killed young women and men in the San Francisco Area in the 1960s and sent coded messages to San Francisco newspapers bragging of his crimes In this portion of the book Stewart says my father or Van rather than The Zodiac The final portion of the book recounts Stewart's personal journey to becoming convinced that his father was the Zodiac Killer and presents the evidence that drew him to this conclusion Whether Van was the Zodiac Killer or not Van was certainly a reprehensible unattractive and pathetic human being He committed a series of petty crimes including check fraud and the selling of forged documents He associated with unsavory San Francisco counter culture figures including Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan and Bobbie Beausoleil of the Manson Family Those who knew him describe him as a socially awkward person who was desperate to prove his accomplishments and intellectual superiority He became an alcoholic and died in Mexico from choking on his own vomit Stewart's evidence includes the following the resemblance between Van's mug shot and the sketch of the Zodiac Killer similarity attested to by a handwriting expert between Van's handwriting and the Zodiac's Van's scar as seen in a fingerprint and the Zodiac's Van's fascination with the concept of killing people to accumulate slaves in the afterlife Van's familiarity with the operetta The Mikado Van's familiarity with codes what Stewart alleges is Van's name spelled out in Zodiac coded messages and the physical appearance of the victims who bear a resemblance to Judy The best evidence would no doubt be a comparison of DNA between Stewart and DNA that may have been the Zodiac's collected from stamps on Zodiac letters Stewart alleges that he pressed very hard for the San Francisco police department to test his DNA and while personnel there promised such a test years went by without the test ever taking place Stewart alleges that this is because his mother Judy married a prominent policeman It would be too uncomfortable for San Francisco police to acknowledge that one of their own was married to the same woman who had been married to the Zodiac Books like this invite the reader to contemplate evil If Stewart is correct Van killed innocents because he couldn't hold on to Judy because he was an unpopular kid and because his home life growing up was less than perfect Nobody ever tortured Van; he just had to deal with the same slings and arrows that we all have to deal with He used his misfortunes as an excuse to see himself as a big sad victim and very special person who had permission to do despicable things Books like this are object lessons in the banality of evil

  7. Jammin Jenny Jammin Jenny says:

    I wasn't sure I would like it but I really did like this man's search for his biological father who just happened to be the Zodiac Killer I haven't read much about that serial killer but I knew he preyed on women in the San Francisco era from the movie I saw I liked how the book told a bit of the back story on the person and then when he starts talking to family members he finds that his father wasn't well liked at school or at home this probably added to his serial rapistkiller urgesI'm glad that his biological mother gave him to a family that would love and raise him right I'm also glad that they both have been able to find each other and help each other process what it must be like being related to a serial killer

  8. Susan Susan says:

    I sort of regret reading this book The topic seemed intriguing but I spent the entire book waiting for the wow moment when the author would pull out the big guns and hit me with some hard evidence I'm not sure about a physical copy but the Kindle edition only had photos of the Zodiac letters and ciphers while the author mentions handwriting samples photos of the people involved geneological records that were not presented in Kindle edition Perhaps I'd be convinced if of the evidence the author used to draw his conclusion was actually includedUpdate 52114 I recieved an email from this morning with the following An updated version of your past Kindle purchase of The Most Dangerous Animal of All Searching for My Father and Finding the Zodiac Killer by Gary L Stewart is now availableThe updated version contains the following changes Missing images were addedI haven't had a chance to go look at them yet but good to know that issue has been solved S The author also draws some pretty big conclusions without ever examining and then refuting some plausible alternatives in the book I feel if he could have demonstrated that he thought about alternatives and point to the reasoning behind his final conclusion it would have helped reduce my currently sky high skepticismI can't in all honesty recommend this book it's ho hum at best Though I congratulate the author on finding his birth parents and do feel for the struggles he has so clearly been through in that search and with the idea that his father is the Zodiac

  9. D.L. D.L. says:

    I'm Joe Fridaying a big old noperino on this one Just the facts ma'am I don't want speculative nonsense about what was coursing through the cranium of a man who only maybe might be the zodiac The narrative is presumptive and fishy all at the same time The one thing I did like was the story of his father up until the point his son decided he was the zodiac Get in line bub you aren't the first to that claim

  10. G.H. Monroe G.H. Monroe says:

    Before I began to read I looked at the photos and immediately I found the handwriting comparisons to be VERY compelling So I was convinced before I began to read The I read the little things I found that pulled me closer to certainty I see motive I see opportunity I see Cheri Jo Bates is a dead ringer for Judy Chandler and Cecilia Shepard is danged close Then there's that eerie photograph of Earl Van Best Jr

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