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Heavens Prey Redemptions Edge #1 [PDF / Epub] ☁ Heavens Prey Redemptions Edge #1 By Janet Sketchley – Thomashillier.co.uk Despite her husband's objections 40 something Ruth Warner finds healing through prayer for Harry Silver the car racing star turned serial killer who brutally raped and murdered her niece When a kidnap Despite her husband's objections something Ruth Redemptions Edge MOBI ó Warner finds healing through prayer for Harry Silver the car Heavens Prey PDF/EPUB ² racing star turned serial killer who brutally raped and murdered her niece When a kidnapping gone wrong pegs Prey Redemptions Edge Kindle Ó her as his next victim Harry claims that by destroying the one person who'd pray for him he proves God can't or won't look after His own Can Ruth's faith sustain her to the end whatever the costHeaven's Prey was a finalist in the Word Awards suspense category.

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  1. Paula Vince Paula Vince says:

    Ruth Warner accepts a challenge to pray for Harry Silver the man who viciously raped and murdered her beloved niece Susan While this helps ease her torturous fury and grief Ruth's husband Tony cannot understand why she would pray for such a monster One evening circumstances force Ruth face to face with Harry as his next intended victimWhoa as a fellow contemporary fiction author I like to think I write books that deal with challenging subjects but Janet Sketchley has raised the bar further than I thought it could possibly move I would never have dreamed of trying to get into the head of a character like Harry Silver a serial rapist and murderer Many people would nod their assent that God would willingly forgive the most depraved criminal yet this book shows it in a very powerful wayAny readers who feel that forgiveness will always elude them must surely come to the end of this book knowing that they may accept it as much as this main character for you certainly can't call him a hero Even when you consider the heartache in Harry's past which is revealed by flashbacks it's clear that many other young men with similar losses never choose his path Yet he is a man pursued by a loving God who doesn't want to lose him It's radical in your face forgivenessAnother thing we can take away from this book is the power of prayer Not only is God shown to move through our prayers but we need to be careful before we commit ourselves As Ruth's harrowing experience shows we have no idea how they may be answeredThanks to the author and ChooseNOW Publishing for giving me a copy in return for an honest review

  2. Sara Goff Sara Goff says:

    I have never read a profound message of forgiveness and God's unconditional love than in Heaven's Prey by Janet Sketchley Imagine God putting you face to face with a potentially psychopathic serial killer You have no idea where you are other than in some musty smelling cabin deep within unfamiliar woods You have one weapon prayer Can you look evil in the eyes and stay calm? Can you maintain faith as the days pass that God is hearing your cries for help?Harry Silver the man who brutally raped and murdered Ruth's niece Susan now accidentally has Ruth in his claws instead of the girl who was supposed to be his ninth young blond victim Only Ruth is middle aged and in Harry's estimation rather dumpy This infuriates him and rouses his demon possessed soul He vows to make Ruth suffer for the mix upBut Harry wasn't born this angry; in fact he had a mother who loved him deeply and who first introduced him to God as his Heavenly Father So what went wrong for Harry a champion race car driver by his early twenties who at one point even had the girl of his dreams? After we understand the events of his innocent childhood the one uestion remains can he accept God's love and forgiveness when everyone but his hostage Ruth tells him it's too lateSketchley's writing is on par with great literary fiction and her spot on pacing of the story never feels rushed or belabored Heaven's Prey is an outstanding read for the bravest of hearts I cannot recommend it enough as the ultimate story of hope

  3. Elma Schemenauer Elma Schemenauer says:

    This novel highlights the power of God over pornography abuse of women and evil in generalThe main character Ruth Warner is a somewhat boring forty something Christian who persistently prays that God will save Harry Silver a rapist and killer of young women including her niece One evening as Ruth returns from a prayer meeting she's mistakenly abducted by none other than Harry instead of his intended victim a dishy blond What follows is a long psychological physical and spiritual battle between Ruth and Harry He takes her to a remote cottage where he abuses her though not to the point of rape Ruth isn't his type too old wrong hair sheep like However he does plan to rape her eventually fueling his passion with the hard core pornography he's addicted toRuth prays that God will help her escape and also keeps praying that her captor will come to faith in Christ The first part of her prayer seems to be answered when Harry becomes so ill with an intestinal disorder that he no longer knows she's there She slips away from the cottage only to be caught and returned by Harry's accomplices drug dealers who have been watching the place with WebCamsBy this time Harry is regaining a shaky grip on reality Sometimes he knows who Ruth is and repeats his threats of rape and murder Sometimes he thinks she's a kind lady sent to take care of him perhaps his mother who died when he was a boyRuth now bolder than before tells Harry in no uncertain terms that he needs to ask God for deliverance and forgiveness and invite Jesus into his heartHarry protest that God either can't or won't help him just like God couldn't or wouldn't help his Christian mother when she suffered domestic abuse However Ruth and her Saviour finally get through to Harry He becomes a new creature in Christ turns himself in to police and goes to jail for his many crimesThe future looks dark for Harry Silver but now he has a divine Friend the Creator of the universe to help him An epilogue hints that other good things may be in store for himAuthor Janet Sketchley is an earnest and powerful writer She's sure of her message no wavering no inconsistencies Her story is crystal clear She stresses the main plot points even repeating them from time to time In some novels this might irritate readers but she does it in such a way that it's a plusSketchley is good at letting us in on her characters' thoughts and feelings Examples Ruth had only oneanchor against the rising tide of fear But even prayer took a conscious act of will Ruth's agnostic husband frantic with worry after she's abducted thinks Face this alone? How could he face it at all?The story's characters come across as real people with the occasional exception Example Ruth's niece seems too good to be true Also I'm not sure of the theology behind what she says as Harry is abusing her It's not me you're hurting It's JesusThe story includes several flashbacks all well written and well placed though some are too long for my taste; for example the account of how Harry began his career as a racing car driver On the other hand this account allows Sketchley to do one of the things she's best at write about action Throughout the novel her action scenes are exciting and authenticSketchley doesn't shy away from describing evil She's particularly strong when portraying the hold that pornography can have on a person In one flashback Harry is invited to spend three days on a yacht with friends He decides he can't go because he couldn't face three days cut off from his porn Sketchley is eually frank about domestic abuse as well as the effects of illegal drugsSome of what her characters think and say regarding their Christian faith is predictable But some of it is so fresh and moving it made me cry Examples Harry's mother talking to the boy Harry about the beatings she endures at the hands of her husband Jesus puts his arms around me If not I couldn't make it Ruth's pastor being interviewed on TV about the abducted Ruth He faced directly into the camera and raised his hand palm forward 'Harry Silver I command you in the power and the name of Jesus Christ to leave His servant Ruth alone You have no authority over her and you will not harm her in any way'I'm glad Harry didn't harm Ruth in any lasting way and glad he found redemption I look forward to Book Two in the author's planned series Redemption's EdgeHeaven’s Prey is available from the publisher Choose NOW Publishing or from and many other online book sellers

  4. Janice Dick Janice Dick says:

    Ruth Warner a middle aged woman whose niece was brutally murdered has been praying for the murderer in an attempt to find peace The perpetrator a well known racecar driver named Harry Silver has become a serial killer and is about to claim another victim in a convenience store when Ruth unknowingly walks in In the chaos Ruth is mistakenly abducted During the harrowing hours that follow the characters face situations they hadn’t anticipated as the story of Harry’s past is revealed and God continues His work in their livesAuthor Janet Sketchley tells this story with grace and skill; this is an amazing debut novel Her characters grow and change in a realistic manner in fact at one point I found myself sending off a uick prayer for Ruth as she faced the darkest of times The characters’ dialogue is realistic and natural easy to follow and the point of view is clear and expertly handledThe plot offers unexpected twists and turns but moves smoothly and efficiently a success in cause and effect Sketchley uses strong action with all the right beats to make this story a movie in the mind of the reader Conflict appears on many levels from the very first page between characters and nature character against character character against God; and the tension escalates through to the final pageIn my opinion the research is stellar The world of the racing circuit comes alive as Harry learns the ropes and wins and races Also the police procedures seem valid and reasonable It is my belief that if the author takes such care to dig for background facts she can also be trusted to present credible spiritual truths and take awaysThe entire story of Heaven’s Prey is presented as a well formed unit The beginning offers all the necessary facts without telling the middle holds up well as tension increases and the ending brings the whole to satisfactory completion Technically speaking I had a general impression of the author’s expertise and commitment to excellenceThis is a story of faith in the face of darkness of trust in a God we don’t always understand It is a story of inhuman cruelty but also of forgiveness and peace beyond human understanding It’s not a comfortable story but one well worth reading with inspiring values Once you’ve finished reading the story check out the Author’s Comments at the end of the book

  5. Violet Violet says:

    The storm that 46 year old Ruth Warner braves to attend her weekly prayer meeting is a perfect opening to Heaven’s Prey a debut novel by Nova Scotia native Janet Sketchley Ruth’s husband Tony can’t understand why she would go out on such a night to pray for Harry Silver the serial killer who abducted then butchered their beautiful niece Susan But Ruth’s nightmares of Silver’s destiny without salvation drive her especially now that he has escaped from prison and other Susans may be in danger Little does Ruth guess when she stops at a convenience store on her way home who will soon be in Silver’s clutches Heaven’s Prey is suspense at its most gripping In it Sketchley makes us face our worst nightmares in the company of a depraved man with no compassion seemingly no conscience and a deep rooted hatred of God and everyone associated with Him At the same time we delve through flashbacks into Silver’s past following his rise to stardom on the NASCAR circuit even as his addiction to pornography spirals him into a world of obsession and lust Sketchley’s vigorous prose places us suarely in each scene whether it’s tied up in an isolated Nova Scotia cottage or careening around racetrack obstacles “Danger came from what he couldn’t see The tire rubber would delaminate in long strips and flail his chassis to bits” – Kindle Location 1702 Though the subject matter is edgy I appreciated Sketchley’s avoidance of gratuitous and disturbing description What comes through in this bite your nails tale is the possibility of redemption God the tireless pursuer intent on capturing even the worst of sinners is the real hero of this story Discussion uestions at the end of the book help readers debrief and make sense of what they’ve just lived through This review was first published in the JanuaryFebruary 2014 issue of Faith Today

  6. Valerie Comer Valerie Comer says:

    What if your niece had been brutally murdered by a serial killer? The only way Ruth Warner can get any peace at all is by praying for Harry Silver the famous race car driver turned killer At least he's behind barsuntil he escapesRuth stops at a convenience store on her way home from prayer meeting only to muddle into a robbery in progress Before she realizes what's happened she's kidnapped and in Harry Silver's grasp He's furious that she interrupted him—he'd pegging the young cashier as his next victim and had no intention of grabbing the plump middle aged woman When she admits she's been praying for him for several years he tells her calling on God now won't do her a bit of good It hadn't helped his last victim any Ruth's nieceCan Ruth's faith sustain her to the end whatever the cost?Heaven's Prey is not your usual suspense novel while at the same time it contains many heart pounding scenes While the reader is chewing nails worrying about Ruth's safety Sketchley takes us deep into Silver's mind How can a man who once knew the height of fame who was once a good man become a depraved killer? Does God's love pursue him? Is there any hope of restoration for one who stooped so low?

  7. Renee Renee says:

    Janet Sketchley takes us where we don’t want to go only to shine the Light of Hope on a life without none Heaven’s Prey focuses on healing a woman’s heart and a man’s soulInstead of the criminal the author explores the man both the dark side and the bright She takes the reader down intricate paths of horror and elation One moment you’ll find yourself inside the mind of a madman the next? A charming friend Be careful you may just like HarryOn the other side a woman’s grief’s all consuming Where else to find solace but in prayer? But life isn’t that easy for Ruth She’s not just fighting herself but her husband as well When she’s kidnapped her very faith is put to the test She finds those prayers aren’t uite enough and digs a little deeper The result is amazingMs Sketchley tells an astounding story of healing and redemption in a way that makes you sit back and take a look I rarely give a book five stars but Heaven’s Prey deserves this rating So five stars it is and I pray you’re willing to do than peek

  8. Eric Wright Eric Wright says:

    Sketchley writes with rare power the kind of book that I dislike reading a book about horror and serial killing And yet her plot her characterization the skill of her writing pulled me on to the finish Don't read this before you go to bed

  9. Mary Hosmar Mary Hosmar says:

    Ruth Warner is on her way home from a prayer meeting her husband Tony did not want her to attend These prayer meetings and especially praying for convicted serial killer Harry Silver where threatening the harmony of their marriage and as far as Tony was concerned not in the least necessary Now Ruth wants to bring a peace offering and stops at the local variety store to pick up some chips What could possibly be less threatening than that?Janet Sketchley soon lets us know Heaven’s Prey begins with a scenario to which many of us can relate We’ve experienced the conflicts that arise when one person in a marriage a team an office or anywhere there are groups involved steps out in faith What we have not experienced is what happened to Ruth Her prayers are being answered in a way she never would have believed possible and definitely did not have in mind when she prayedThe story takes us from the depth of man’s depravity to the depth of God’s forgiveness and love Only through that love would anything such as is recounted in the novel be possibleHaving said that I must confess that at times I found the story somewhat difficult to believe – so many near escapes and miracles in such a short period of time How can one person Ruth experience all those events during and come out of it relatively unscathed? But then just because I haven’t experienced them doesn’t mean God can’t do them With Him all things are possibleI enjoyed the book despite these misgivings I suppose my reaction is the same reaction I have when I see movies or read books which in my opinion seem too overdone Chalk it up to my inexperience of life that way – and thank God for itThis is the first book of the Redemption’s Edge series and the redemption comes through loud and clear I look forward to reading the next oneI won this book no strings attached during the author’s on line book launch party and offered to review it

  10. Snitchcat Snitchcat says:

    A good story and good writing trump all What would you do if you were kidnapped by your niece's rapist and murderer?Ruth Warner soon finds herself asking the same uestion Her niece was raped and murdered She finds peace in prayer asking God to help this criminal Then she learns that he has escaped prison and is on the run Every prayer she has asked God to help him And His answer is to deliver Ruth as hostage to this rapistmurderer This is a story from two viewpoints Two characters struggle to face and accept their past and present This inner conflict manifests in their physical emotional and mental interactions with those directly involved in their lives Told in limited third person the story follows Ruth's harrowing experience and the criminal's internal turmoil The heroine and the villain are painted in 3D detail Real people filled with flaws and perfection light and darkness Their journeys draw you in and do not release their grip until the final wordPacing is a little slow to start but after a few sentences the story finds its stride and races towards the finale Descriptions are sprinkled adeuately throughout the narrative But it is the emotions and psychological descriptions that truly bring the story alive However my one disappointment with the story is its ending It was too implausible for me due to the religious element I found that heavy handedBut I am not the original intended audience However this story's premise caught my interest Even after I learned Heaven's Prey was Christian fiction I read it anyway Regarding the Christianity side of this narrative I skipped almost all direct reports of prayers and mentions of God There was too much of it to suit meOn the other hand if you want a good story that pulls you in so much you can just about ignore the prayers and mentions of God this is that storyGood story and good writing trump all Worth the read

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