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  • At Ones Beast
  • Rachel Barnard
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  • 08 October 2016
  • 9781494744762

10 thoughts on “At Ones Beast

  1. TJ TJ says:

    THE REVIEWWhy this book?It seemed interestingWhat I thoughtI'm confused by this book I don't know if I liked it or not I have to think about it One things for sure I really hated the towns people and I don't understand why they considered Zos a beast What did he do to them? One thing I really like though is the relationship between Zos and Alcina Like others say there are some similarities to Beauty and the Beast which is my favorite fairytale so you would think I would love this Unfortunately though The strengths of this book are outweighed by its weaknesses Overall an ok read

  2. pearl. pearl. says:

    I received this book for a Read 4 ReviewThe cover artwork and blurb definitely intrigued me As I settled down to read the story I began to notice similarities between this dark fantasy and the traditional fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast That's not a bad thing I do enjoy fresh takes on old storiesHere are some examples of what I mean Oh and beware this is basically going to spoil the whole bookview spoiler There is a Beast living in the woods There are jackals living in the woods A jackal attacks Belle I mean Alcina Beast I mean Zos saves AlcinaZos holds Alcina hostage cause he can't tell if she's dangerous or not Zos and Alcina become friends Gaston I mean Aethon comes to save Alcina and slay Zos Alcina Zos fall in love and Zos' beastliness disappears hide spoiler

  3. Daphne Walker Daphne Walker says:

    I found this book to be very involved and fast paced It keeps the reader interested I definitely read nearly half the book the first night I received it Exciting and I liked the metaphors and messages within the story line Good character background and plot detail

  4. Elizabeth Krall Elizabeth Krall says:

    I was drawn to this story by an excerpt which I thought had a sense of darkness and ritual I was intrigued by the concept of a well that absorbed the bad thoughts and intentions of the town’s people and then the idea of what would happen to a good person who fell into that well and absorbed the badnessUnfortunately the concept and the idea were the highlights of “At One’s Beast” I do think there’s a story in here but the plot and the characters need work to bring it out Once Zos has fallen into the well and it collapses nothing seems to change in the town The people have no outlet for all those bad thoughts yet things go on as before Shouldn’t there have been an outpouring of evil? The townspeople seem far narrow minded selfish and weak than evilThen comes the beast Initially it seems that “the beast” is the dark evil force responsible for what happened to Zos “that poor boy who’d fallen into the well so many years ago and was killed by the beast” But then “the beast” takes a tangible form “The calamity that befalls us when we don’t adhere to the yearly sacrifice is devastating to the town He plunders and destroys” However if Zos is “the beast” as we are led to believe he did no than steal housing materials “It had taken Zos uite a few raids to gather enough materials to help build his little house in the middle of the woods and uite a few raids to find its meager furnishings” Yet the townspeople send a child into the forest each year to appease the beast They sacrifice their children to prevent the theft of timber and bedsheets? Yes Zos has sheets on the bed in his not so humble house in the forest The jackals puzzled me too Apparently their horns jackals with horns? have strange magical powers which are never explained “As he opened his mouth for breath a tiny particle of orange was pulled in and tickled his throat He coughed and some of the tension in his tendons was re directed He spat out the orange sliver” And? What was so great about the orange sliver? What effect did it have? Where was the tension redirected? I still have no idea why the jackals followed Zos and Aethon into the town other than to act as a plot device by which Zos saves a young girl and is forgiven and welcomed back From beast to hero in one simple step They forgive him he forgives them Alcina conjures up some hitherto non existent power to dispel the evil and anger and they all live happily ever afterThe three main characters Zos Alcina Aethon seem to drift through their interactions with each other They think a lot They veer from yes to no from liking to hating they wallow in angst and then instead of dealing with a situation they storm off in a huff or bound into the forestThe erratic plot and flat characters could be forgiven if the writing itself was a joy to read Alas it is not There are occasional evocative sentences but the telling of this fairy tale is sprinkled with jarringly modern Americanisms bop freak out guy critter product of his environment I had to reread a number of phrases because they made no sense were awkward or invented new meanings for words Here is a small sample verbatim she immediately thought to abandon her imprisonment as soon as she could it advanced with superior steps agony playing with his face the baby jackal trounced up a circus of flustering as soon as the deplorable sight of iron was in sight shagging off the dirt from himself watched her breath bow the particles down to her mighty wind an even layer of molars that craved jaggedness let his terrorizing out on the man made prison yelped a short reverse hiccupThis short YA fantasy novel may well appeal to young readers or to adults who don't tend to analyse what they read note I was given this novel in exchange for an honest and non reciprocal review

  5. Cee (The Mistress Case) Cee (The Mistress Case) says:

    I received this book for a Read for ReviewAt One’s Beast is a fantasy read about sacrifice betrayal the thin line between losing yourself to good or evil family friendship and loveZosimos was tormented by his inner and outer self Consumed by revenge and bitterness for the village who betrayed him out of fear for the unknown and out of guilt for what they did to him Zos was only tamed when Alcina a brave and compassionate girl reappeared in his life ten years laterI’ll try to keep this short and simpleDespite this story being nicely written with beautiful phrases everything felt rushedAt the beginning I didn’t know how to feel about this story but as it progressed I began liking it— but then I kept losing interest and I simply didn’t know how to feel any “Do I like it? Or do I dislike it?” I didn’t knowTherefore I kept reading while procrastinating at the same time and this was what went through my mind What is happening? What is going on? Why do I feel like the author is being lazy and trying to rush everything into place just in order “to get it over with”?It all happened so fast when Alcina accepted her place in Zos’s home I found it hard to believe she wasn’t bursting with uestions What happened to her best friend Iris? What happened to the other sacrifices? Did Zos know about them? Did these sacrifices fall prey to vicious jackals? Did they fall victims to the forest?Honestly I’m not the sort of person to be rude and call writers “lazy” this is my first time saying something so insulting but this is too much frustration for one reader I want details explanations back stories depth I wanted so badly to sink into this book and get lostUnfortunately it didn’t happen for meAnd to top it off even though I had nothing against the characters I couldn’t find myself caring a whole lot about them or rooting for them Too many parts of this story left me feeling “That’s it? That’s all?” Towards the end I practically had to force myself to keep on reading and I didn’t even rejoice the happy ending which is strange because I always doThe one positive thing about the ending is that it sends a powerful message Let go Let go of all your anger Let go of the evil Let go of your haunting nightmares Be free from itNonetheless I enjoyed the story just enough not to hate it and no I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone I really wouldn’t However don’t let me stop you from reading it for yourself and forming your own opinionsBest of luck to RachaelUpdate It would have been nice to know how Zos reacted to his mother's death too Too many things in this story are left ignored Mistress

  6. Sofia Trindade Sofia Trindade says:

    I received this book for a Read for ReviewAt One’s Beast is an amazing well written book Rachel Barnard has a lovely away of writing Good points about this book I think that Miss Barnard got the part about the duplicity of the human nature uite well especially in the village people’s actions and Alcina when her friend is chosen Most of us say we will be there for everything and anything but then when the time comes we get cold feet and don’t do anything to help those we call friends The story is original and interesting It’s so well written The ending is very well thought and it’s message is striking My only problem with this book is that it needed backstory the story is incredible and so are the character but because we don’t have much information about the Well the village and its people specially the main characters it’s hard to enjoy this book to its fullestBut once you begin reading this book and pass the first chapter you get used to the story and it gets easier to keep going but you must finish it The ending is wonderful

  7. A.E. Albert A.E. Albert says:

    Set in a fairy tale forest At One's Beast tells the story of Alcina and a ferocious beast threatening the small village of Frey Through a cruel twist of fate she is chosen as the yearly sacrifice But the town of Frey's gift to this monster alters Alcina's life forever At One's Beast is about seeing people as they truly are Or perhaps importantly choosing to see past the physical and judging people by condition of their heart This book is beautifully written I was very impressed with Barnard's style and prose The author is at times almost poetic giving the story an otherworldly atmosphere However this doesn't effect the easy flow of words making it an wonderful readThe book contains the obvious conflict between the village of Frey and the Beast Yet there is also the personal conflict brewing between the main characters The author takes you into their minds so the reader can partake in their journey through self realization

  8. Sheri J. Sheri J. says:

    I put off reviewing because I love this book and I want to do it justiceAT ONE'S BEAST is billed as a fairy tale twist and a low fantasy I think it elevates both sub genres by taking the basics of a moral tale and adding rich psychological complexity and atmosphereFirst let me say I was 'in' immediately and was driven to keep reading to the end always key to a great read It starts with fairly traditional basics of Zos absorbing all the hate and evil of the town and Alcina moving from fear and wanting to take him down to seeing that he is something But the way the journey unfolds is uniuely modern from my perspective For one there's a tricky twining of three characters that create from my perspective a love triangle with Aethon He is supposedly a friend but has a fierce or even controlling streak that is a definite character flaw Zos while supposedly dangerous shows gentleness and encourages Alcina's strength He is fearsome but magnetic in his caring and vulnerability Alcina while having fears and showing her impetuous youthfulness comes from a general stance of strength and independence that makes the reader believe she will conuer the beast But as she spends time with Zos and on her own away from her family and community she shows a vulnerability to love of nature adventure and love in general Instead of making her seem weaker her genuine emotion and new experiences develop her into her own woman not Zos' That's not trite or typically fairy tale black and white When she then comes to appreciate Zos it makes her even stronger in my eyes and she lives and breathes instead of being a one dimensional fairy tale 'princess type' heroineThe only weakness to the tale I thought was the townsfolk especially families seem a little too hostile toward Alcina This is chalked up to the evil influence like a spell on them so I can let it go It's just that all the other emotion in the story is so realistically supported that this actual fairy tale simplification of that point seems out of place in comparison Kind of a back handed compliment There is a lovely mix of grey tones throughout this story There is a well crafted atmospheric uality to the world kind of an abstraction that allows complex contemplation while the clear action proceeds without dropping the reader for a single momentAfter reading Barnard's debut novel ATAXIA AND THE RAVINE OF LOST DREAMS I was interested to see where this promising young author would go next AT ONE'S BEAST exceeded my expectations and is very well developed It's a solid work that I would highly recommend

  9. D.r. Howey D.r. Howey says:

    A relaxing fantasy getaway I found “At One’s Beast” right after I posted a review of the same author's previous novel “Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams” Having enjoyed what I describe as “a refreshing modern writing style and techniue” I was happy to find work by the same author Rachel Barnard “At One’s Beast” is not similar to previous novels that I generally migrate to but I was intrigued by the summary of the story printed on the rear Jacket Cover On the surface it appeared that the story would be a modern rendition of a classic tale However the plot vaguely shares some similarities and is probably not intentional by the author but might be due to my own assumptions by judging the cover The author's imagination and writing skills successfully takes the audience away from this expectation while keeping the reader anxious to get to the next page and finish the book I found it to stimulate my inner senses yes some tears I’m human and I could really get into the main characters In an effort to not spoil the plot or ending I’ll classify this as a modern type of fairy tale that is hard to “not finish in one sitting” Warning Don’t start the book too late at night It contains subtle hints within the story that assists the reader in subseuent chapters challenging your own comprehension skills making it fun to follow and reflect upon as the story unfolds I’d recommend it for those that enjoy an easy reading young adult fiction novel one that needs to be read from front to back without speed reading techniues or skipping portions

  10. David Rose David Rose says:

    Substantial immersive short fantasyThis is an immersive fantasy for young adults but with broader appeal and deeper purpose It is a relatively uick read what I would call a long novella or a short novel The setting is the isolated pastoral village of Frey which is surrounded by a wild and largely unknown forestThe key physical feature in the story is a mysterious well in the forest which the villagers use in an annual cleansing ceremony as a receptacle of all their ill will from the past year The well no longer contains water but exudes an accumulated dark menace; however No one has ever fallen into the wellThe three main human characters are Zosimos 'Zos' Alcina and Aethon who are very well depicted Barnard's writing style is good easy to read and a comfortable fit with the content The village is strangely isolated perhaps intentionally and the Jackal is oddly enormous at least in my impression But this is a fantasyIt's a great story There is drama there is a mysterious beast of the forest which the villagers perceive as a destructive enemy and which they try to appease by offering an annual sacrifice There is romance and tension There is love there is uick judgement and rejection there is the eternal struggle of conflicting human emotions The characters are endearing particularly Zos and Alcina There is the sway of influence between the chaotic forest and civilized village life The story grips the characters struggle with themselves and with one another and with the revelation of buried truths

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At Ones Beast❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ At Ones Beast ✩ Author Rachel Barnard – Every girl and boy in the village of Frey fears the beast who lives in the forest Ten years ago the beast was formed from the town’s rage and the evil that lurks inside all people in moments of weak Every girl and boy in the village of Frey fears the beast who lives in the forest Ten years ago the beast was formed from the town’s rage and the evil that lurks inside all people in moments of weakness Every year since the townspeople have sacrificed At Ones eBook Í one of their own to appease his anger This year the sacrifice does not go as planned A young man saves the chosen girl from fate She is torn between doing her duty and untangling the identity of her savior and captor The young man grew up with thoughts of revenge on the town that turned their backs on him but when he is close to the girl he is reminded of who he used to be From once upon a time to happily ever after the people of Frey will have to rally together to rid the town of evil once and for all but in the process will they destroy everything that is good in their world.

About the Author: Rachel Barnard

Rachel Barnard is a Pacific Northwester from Florida who is always looking to work the changes in her life into a story plot or character.